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Does anyone have a pattern for velvet ribbon and pop can tab belts? Thank you.

Jane from Otis, OR



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Do you have instructions for a soda can tab belt?

Phlip Ro from Tucson, AZ

RE: Soda Pop Tab Belts
Post by My_Dog_Tip
My family doesn't drink a lot of soda either. So I went around collecting them. The site that someone told me about was:

Maybe that can help you. When I made my first belt. i didn't do it exactly that way... but it was a start.

RE: Soda Pop Tab Belts
dse77 (Guest Post)
Thanks, Tip. That one is a good start. TIA to anyone else who responds.
Pop Tab Bracelet Tutorial
Inner Synergy (Guest Post)
Pop Tab Bracelet Tutorial

Several people have asked me how to make the pop tab bracelets, so here are the instructions.

1. first you take about 35'' (about 4 loose wrist lengths) of string. i use hemp but any kind of string would work, i think. fold it in half and make a loop as shown below.

2. now, take your first pop tab and put one side of the string through the top hole and the other through the bottom hole.

3. put the top string down through the bottom hole and the bottom string down through the top hole so it makes an x. this will hold the first tab in place.

4. next take your second tab and hold it half way under the first as shown below.

5. put the string that's now on top up through the overlapped holes. do the same with the bottom.

6. stack the next tab halfway on top of the under one. put the top string through the overlapped top holes. do the same with the bottom string on the bottom holes.

7. continue repeating steps 4, 5 and 6 until your bracelet is long enough. 20 tabs is about 7 1/2'' including the closure.

8. now put the top string down through the top hole (or up if the last tab is on top) and the bottom string through the bottom hole.

9. tie a slip knot.

10. add your bead or button or whatever you're using to close the bracelet.

and you're done!

RE: Soda Pop Tab Belts
Post by lovethosehounds
Just thought you all should know. You can take your pop tabs to the nearest McDonald's . They collect them and turn them in at the recycling places. They get money for them which goes towards the Ronald McDonald houses. I think that is a far worthier cause than wearing them, don't you think so?

Archive: Soda Pop Tab Belts

How do you make belts out of pop tabs?

Jade from Chicago, IL

RE: Soda Pop Tab Belts 04/10/2006
You can go to these links

soda/pop can tab charms

tutorial for soda tab purse

By Michele (Guest Post)

Archive: Pop Tab Belt

Make a fashion statement with some pop tabs, beads and twine!

<img src="/images/articles10/poptabbelt300x193.jpg" width="300" height="193" alt="Pop Tab Belt">

Items Needed:

  • A lot of pop tabs
  • thin twine (any color) or craft cord (nylon blend)*
  • beads

<img src="/images/articles10/poptabbelt300x225.jpg" width="300" height="225" alt="Pop Tab Belt">


1. Take one pop tab and place it on a piece of twine that is big enough to surround your child's waist + 12 inches.

2. Tie it in a knot at the end, leaving at least 6 inches of twine loose.

3. Place another pop tab under the first with the "bottoms" (which is the side that would be down on your can of pop) facing each other.

4. Slide the 2nd pop tab slightly to the right. You should see an opening in the two pop tabs that is oval in shape. Feed the twine up through that hole.

5. Place another pop tab next to the first pop tab. You should see another oval of space when you look at the 2nd and 3rd pop tabs. Feed the twine down through that hole.

6. Keep repeating the "add pop tab, feed twine" until you have a long enough string of tabs to encircle your child's waist.

7. Tie the loose end of the twine in a knot around the last pop tab. There should be 6 inches of twine loose after knotting.

8. Repeat the entire process a second time using the other hole on the pop tab. (This time is a bit easier, as the tabs are already in place.)

9. String beads up near the pop tabs, then again down at the end of the twine. Leave twine open between the beads for tying around the waist.

This belt can be adapted to be longer and used as a belt for an adult.

* I learned the hard way that twine may not be the best thing to use on this craft. It unravels some, which gives the belt a unique look, but it is a bit thick to try to feed through the beads. In another set of instructions, it says to use craft cord (nylon blend). That may be a much better choice.

You can use two different colored cords, too.

Be careful that all sharp edges on the pop tabs are filed down before adding them to your belt or throw those particular tabs away.

This craft is rather difficult and time consuming. It would work wonderfully as a project for a crafter's workshop. Nice project when you are working with teens.

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