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Calcium Deposits on Glass

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How do you clean calcium deposits on glass shower doors?

T.Craig from Savannah, GA



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By Richard04/20/2009

My patio doors had hard water stains on them from a fountain my wife purchased sitting to close to them and splashing water on them all summer. Two applications of Scrubbing Bubbles bathroom cleaner (spray on, leave set for 5 mins, scrub with wet cloth then rinse with clean water) completely removed it.

By Vickie (Guest Post)05/17/2008

Once you have your glass shower doors clean, use Rain X on this just like your car windshield and your doors will repel water and soap will not build up.

By bill. (Guest Post)01/20/2008

I have used tilex, clr scrubed with a brush. It has remove some but not all.

By (Guest Post)03/06/2007

Glass shower doors are in a track. You can lift up on the door, pull it to you and lift it out of the track. You can then take it outside, lay it down and clean it with a long handled stiff brush. Just spray it with any soap scum cleaning product, allow it to set a few minutes and brush off. You can then rinse it with a garden hose and dry with a towel. To place back in the track, place first in the upper track, push up, and snap back in the lower track. While it is out of the track, you can also clean the track with a brush.

By (Guest Post)03/05/2007

There is a product called Kaboom and it is magic. Spray it on, let it sit and rinse it off. No scrubbing at all. I love it.

By sara minor [1]03/05/2007

Try vinegar if you want to avoid the harsh fumes from clr or tilex. spray it on full strength from a spray bottle, let sit a few minutes and wipe down with one of those wonderful microfiber cloths.

By Adele [4]03/05/2007

There is a product called "CLR" put it in a spray bottle and spray away calcium built up. Make sure your wear some sort of face mask when using the smell is pretty strong but it does a great job. I use it all the time!

By denise warner (Guest Post)03/02/2007

lime away or clr and then wipe them down with lemon oil or furniture polish to stop the build up

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