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Removing Static from Sofa

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I need advice for getting rid of static from my new sofa. Please help.

By Joe from Houston, TX


Recent Answers

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By Lily [11]01/13/2010

You can put dryer sheets under and in between the cushions.

By RoxanneStMarc [1]01/13/2010

Combination of very fine misting with water and fabric softener works very well. You can try rubbing the whole sofa with dry dryer sheet or anti-static dryer sheet. Anti- static spray also works. Good luck, Roxanne

By LizO01/10/2010

In an office I used to work in, the carpeting in the winter would give us enough shocks we could practically run the copier with the build-up...he he. Anyhow, my boss came in one day with a spray bottle of water and a bit of fabric softener. We sprayed that every morning when we came in and it eliminated the static for the majority of the day.

By kathleen williams [76]01/10/2010

Try spraying it with static spray, good luck.

By james01/10/2010

To remove static from the sofa is really hard. The first thing that you do is to get a magnet and put it to the place that you fill the static.

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