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Clean Mildew Off Grout


How do I clean the what used to be white grouting on my bathroom tiles? There is mildew on the grouting and I can't get it white again. I have tried using bleach with not much success.

By June from Cape Town, South Africa


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Archive: Clean Mildew Off Grout

To clean mildew off the grout around bathtub, mix shaving cream with bleach and put it on the mildew with a toothbrush. Leave on overnight. It takes all the mildew off.

By Geri in KY


RE: Clean Mildew Off Grout

Skip the shaving cream. Spray bleach directly on mildew, wait a few minutes (depends on how bad it is) and the mildew will disappear. (05/13/2004)

By Joanne

RE: Clean Mildew Off Grout

I wouldn't imagine that the amounts really mattered. Seems like the shaving cream is there only to hold the bleach onto vertical surfaces. I'm going to give it a try, wish me luck! (10/10/2005)

By Anna

RE: Clean Mildew Off Grout

JUST did the bleach thing and sure enough the mildew has gone off the grout!!brilliant (02/24/2007)

By Bel xx

Archive: Clean Mildew Off Grout

What can you use to take mildew stain off tile grout?

Sally from Olathe, KS


RE: Clean Mildew Off Grout

It is best to use bleach with water, usually 1 part bleach with 2 parts water. Just spray it on and the mold will dissolve. You may have to do it 2 or 3 times, but it only takes a few minutes. Nothing else is needed. The best way to keep the area mold free is to wipe down the shower after every use. I do and haven't had mold or any soap scum to clean in years. (04/28/2008)

By Harry

RE: Clean Mildew Off Grout

Krud Kutter works overnight! Water comes into my garage and I just soak the wallboard til it drips on cement floor and leave it. Next morning it's gone, and though the wallboard has gotten wet several times, no mold/mildew has come back. I now do this every 5-6 months. (04/29/2008)

By JoanDogs

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RE: Clean Mildew Off Grout

My brother-in-law taught me to clean grout by making a paste of baking soda and hydrogen peroxide. Leave it on the grout for a few minutes while it bubbles, then scrub off using an old toothbrush. (04/30/2008)

By Gayle

RE: Clean Mildew Off Grout

Try a liquid dishwasher soap that has bleach in it (most of them do). The consistency of the liquid dish washer soap holds it on the vertical surfaces. Kind of like the shaving cream thing, but no mixing. It has worked very well for me. (06/19/2008)

By tetd22

RE: Clean Mildew Off Grout

Some great ideas. Thanks. I cut old sock cuffs into thin strips, saturate in Clorox, and leave on overnite. This is only good for around the tub or kitchen sink on a flat surface. I tried cotton balls, but they absorb too quickly, but you could try. (07/20/2008)

By Jean

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