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Borax for Ticks?

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I've been reading in Thrifty Tips about using borax in the wash instead of bleach (works great) and on the carpet to kill fleas. Can anyone tell me if it will kill ticks on the carpet and outside on the ground?

Ellen from Maricopa, CA



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By Victoria (Guest Post)11/24/2008

OH my God, I am going through this terrible tick thing. I have had my dog for seven years, he has never had this happen before. He is treated monthly with frontline, without fail. He gets heartworm pills monthly, without fail. He is bathed once-twice a month and brushed daily. Even if taken out for a short walk he is brushed before going inside just in case anything jumped on him.

NOW...U have a bloody tick infestation! How did this happen? I first noticed a tick here and there on him. I was shocked as he is treated for that but they were there! Then I started noticing him scratching more and more but could never find anything on him. Then, I noticed some little seed looking things in my bed.

Confused by this, I did a search and was horrified to think I might have bed bugs. I then saw these little black bugs crawling over my bed. Oh Lord...thinking bed bugs, I ditched my mattress and bought a new one but these things were still there. I finally realized what I was dealing with when I found tiny little ticks on my dog..many of them. I ran him to the vet immediately and he gave my boy a full body treatment of spray on frontline..then I went home and flea bombed the house. After several hours we came home and noticed some dead critters on the floor.

The next morning I saw some on the bedding but were not moving. I was still freaked out by this though. I also put some diatomaceous earth on my dog and around the house. I hope this aids in getting rid of these things. I am just horrified!

By Ellie may (Guest Post)11/02/2007

I am also going to lose my mind with this house crawling with ticks. THEY ARE EVERYWHERE! there are little black ones and some as large as raisins that crawl. They have started crawling up the walls and At night I have found some crawling one me!

I love any dog and am afraid to treat the yard with borax for fear that it might kill her. But I must do something. It is obvious that they are in my front and back yard, and now infesting my home. I don't know where to start. Ive had my dog three years and never had this happen till me moved here. HELP!

By Carolyn (Guest Post)09/07/2007

Heidi, how did you get rid of the ticks in your carpet. I too am at my wits end. I had Orkin out and they said they were carpet beetles, but my vet today said they are baby ticks. They look like small black dots to the naked eye, but a magnifying glass shows they are bugs. I looked at them under the vet's microscope...ugly.

By Heidi (Guest Post)05/12/2007

Have you found out if Borax does indeed kill ticks in the carpet? I'm at my wits end, and will try ANYTHING to get rid of them!

Editor's Note: I haven't found anything about it killing ticks. It's worth a try. Put all the animals in another room, sprinkle it on the carpets, let it sit an hour or so, then vacuum it up. From what I've read, pyretherin is the most effective insecticide to use on ticks. That would probably require using a spray or flea bomb.

By lynda [12]10/08/2006

Sounds like a good idea, possibly, but what about the fact that Boric Acid, from Borax?, is poisonous
with LARGE warnings ALL OVER IT? I wonder....Since most soaps leave a slight residue on clothes,
I might try it ONLY on things that don't contact the face, not on pillowcases/sheets, or even before washing those items. Otherwise, I hope you've been
given good advice that WORKS and doesn't HARM
you. God bless and keep you safe. : )

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