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Strong Odor From New Rubber Floor Mats

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I have just bought a box of vehicle rubber floor mats with the intention of cutting them in half to use as stair treads. Unfortunately they have a strong smell, probably due to the vulcanizing process. Does anyone have cure to get rid of this smell?

Alan from The Potteries, UK



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By Nancy Wall [1]02/14/2007

Put an open can of fresh coffee in the car for as long as you can. I have removed many different kinds of odors this way.

By Michawn [16]02/14/2007

Leave them outside in the sun (cold or not) for a while, the smell is actually dangerous for you, it's the plastic vapors. I know there is a more technical term for them, but I did find out about them when I couldn't stand the smell of new plastic shower curtains.

P.S. Ikea has the chemical (no smelly) free ones!


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Archive: Odor From New Rubber Floor Matting

Does anyone have any suggestions how to remove the odor of new industrial rubber floor matting?

Hurner from New York, NY

RE: Odor From New Rubber Floor Matting

Try "NilOdor" it's a commercial product usually found only at a Janitorial or Commericial cleaning supply company; ck. the yellowpages or google it " " online. Used to be a slight bubblegum scent left behind for about 3 hrs. but now there are 4-6 scents to choose from. And it can be diluted for whatever your needs are. We used it on our Father's dresser, chair, bedding after he chain-smoked constantly 20hrs. day for the last 3-4 years they were married. (01/01/2006)

By bikemannc

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