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Preventing Root Growth in Drain Pipes


How can you prevent root growth in drain pipes?

By RJP from Alice, TX


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By kathleen williams 76 1,661 07/05/2009 Flag

I use to pour some root or stump killer down the drain. Got it from hardware store, maybe Lowe's has it. It really helped, good luck.

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By Karen Kwaak 3 12 07/07/2009 Flag

We had to have out septic tank drained due to roots of the dollar weeds. The guy called them spider roots. He told us to flush a cup of salt down our toilet. He said to do it once a week for a month then every few months flush another cup of salt. He said that the roots soak up the salt and die. This doesn't hurt our pipes or septic system.

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By Leslie Textor 9 65 07/07/2009 Flag

I have questioned the wisdom of planting trees to shade a house knowing that you may end up with a plumbing repair bill that will wipe out your energy savings. When we bought trees for the front of our house (where the pipes run to the public lines) we asked at the nursery for the least root invasive trees. They recommended peach trees. Their roots are fibrous and will wrap around pipes, but should not break into them. You won't be able to pull the roots out if you have to remove the tree because you may dislodge the pipes the roots are wrapped around. We lost our peach trees in Katrina, and haven't replanted. I'm thinking of bamboo instead of trees next time.

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By Pam 7 27 07/08/2009 Flag

This is a recommendation my Husband received from the 'Rent All' Store when he was renting a snake to clear our root clogged sewer pipes. Pour a gallon of bleach down the drain once a month. We have been doing this for probably 2 years now and have had no more root clogged drains! Saves us from calling the Plumber every 6 months or so to pay him to roto the sewer line.

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