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Homemade Chinchilla Food

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How to make chinchilla food from scratch?

Alisia from Seattle, WA


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By Kathy [1]12/25/2006

personally, i'm not too sure i would trust homemade chinchilla food to be nutritionally balanced, especially since chinchillas have sensitive tummys. I am definitely curious to hear if anyone has made their own chinchilla food though.

okay, that's not much help. i will say that i try my hardest not to feed my chinchilla food typically bought from pet stores. i instead order him Mazuri pellets online. Then it's a question of freshness- not fresh means most of the pellets end up on the floor of his cage! I've tried several different vendors and recently found a gal who must be sending super fresh pellets because my chinchilla has eaten every one of them! Her website is and she has some fun treats on there as well.

RE: Homemade Chinchilla Food

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