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Calling 911 on a Land Line Without Home Phone Service

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I don't have a home phone line, I just use my cell phone. I was told in case of an emergency, I can take a home phone and plug it into a non working phone jack to call 911. Is this true?

By Michele


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By hara marcuse10/27/2010

This is one great advantage of having a land line.

By Margaret Grant [1]07/18/2010

I know here in Scotland you can do that, or if your in trouble you pull the jack plug out of the phone and the police will be at your door in 5 mins.

By roxi [4]07/15/2010

Yes it is true. If it does not work take the jack out make sure wires are connected up.

By Stephanie [4]07/15/2010

I use to work for the phone company. In most areas of the country if you do not have land line service then you usually can not call 911. In some areas based on income you can get a lifeline which will allow local calls and of course 911. There are still places in extremely rural parts of the US that do not have any 911 service at all. Now when it comes to cell phones you do not have to have a service provider old cellphones can call 911 as long as they can get signal from a tower.

By judy [14]07/14/2010

If you have a computer, buy a Magic jack. Plug it into computer and make free calls to anywhere in the world. It's $40 for the Magic Jack (one-time charge) Service is $20 a tear.
Can purchase 5 yrs of service for $60. I've had mine three yrs and i swear by it. It saves me from burning my anytime minutes on my cell phone.

By LisaH07/14/2010

When we moved to the country and only used cell phones I thought the same thing. One day I plugged in a phone just to see, and the phone was dead. I called the phone company and asked them about it and they said there was no 911 availability in our area. So, it may depend on where you live, but normally if you have a dial tone, you'll be able to dial 911.

By Vicki [21]07/14/2010

I don't know that you can't do this, but generally if you don't have phone service you don't have a ring tone, etc....line is very dead.

By Tapestry Lady [2]07/14/2010

I think local phone companies are required to give you a line, even if you don't have service with them. I used to live in a house-share where we didn't have regular phone service but you could still get a dial tone. I used a calling card to make calls. If in doubt you could always plug in a phone and see, though don't call 911 just to check! ;-)

By Beatrice [4]07/14/2010

You can always try, but I believe it is true. Just plug a working phone in, then call 911 and explain to the operator what you are doing, also, if you live in an area where you have to use basement for emergency protection, such as from a tornado, it is a good Idea to have a land line connected down there, make sure your phones are not the portable ones though!

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