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Fire Department Symbol With Perler Beads

Perler Beads Fire Department Symbol

Perler Beads Fire Department Symbol

The Maltese Cross is the Fire Departments symbol. There was no description or directions on how to make it. So I took a large circle peg board for the Perler beads and started to make one on my own. I made the circle for the middle of the Maltese Cross. Then I made the cross part. Then I made the 3D ax, ladder, fire hydrant. Finally I made the F. D. and the 22 for Fire Department and what number it was.

By Susan from Towanda, PA


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By suzanne [240]03/03/2008

what an adorable idea. you did a great job making this. I love it

By Nancy Collins [6]02/27/2008

That turned out nice!

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