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Donating Unused Medication


I would like the name of the organization that you can send unused or leftover good medicine. They send in overseas to people who need them. Hope somebody can help me.



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03/11/2009 Flag

Try calling your local Red Cross. If they can't take them, they would most likely know who would possibly be able to.

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By susan 8 1,368 03/12/2009 Flag

My parent's physician takes in unused meds from patients he trusts and gives them to patients who have financial difficulties buying their meds. It may seem like a small thing, but my parents have already come home with 1-2 months of free meds, plus more samples. And when they buy meds from their mail order pharmacy that do not work for them (3 month supply), they turn them over to him so someone else can benefit from their loss. Most of his patients are elderly and live on SS, so this really helps them out.

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By Barbara Snyder 13 98 03/13/2009 Flag

Try the local church and see if they have any missionaries or just church folk going over seas and give them the meds also try word of mouth that might work too. Good luck

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By Tricia 4 27 04/28/2009 Flag

Thought this link might help:

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By Aidforaids 1 01/20/2010 Flag

For anyone looking to donate unused prescription medication-- Please contact Aid for Aids International. We take medication, specifically medicine related to the treatment of HIV and AIDS, and donate it to people living with HIV and Aids in developing countries.

Make sure your medication is unexpired.

Your donation could save a life. Please contact us:
Aid for Aids International
Medicine Recycling

Visit our website:

Medicine can be sent to:
Aid for Aids International
120 Wall St. 26th Floor,
New York, NY 10005

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