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We have recently moved into an new house. The previous owners were smokers. We don't have the money to replace the carpets at this time. What would be the best and cheapest way to get the smoke smell out of the carpets?

Thank you,
Jennifer from Texas



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By Cheryl from Missouri (Guest Post) 02/20/2005

Couldn't you sprinkle baking soda liberly all over the carpet? Let it set for a few hours and then vacuum. I would think it would absorb any smoky smell.

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By Melissa (Guest Post) 02/20/2005

If you can't get a wet vac to clean the carpets, have you tried various carpet cleaners to no avail? Febreeze seems to work pretty well. Smoke smell might also linger on the walls- before you paint, put a sealer to lock in odors... I think it is called kilzit.

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By Marylin (Guest Post) 02/20/2005

We had that in our house. The whole house smelled awful. We washed all the walls down, then Servicemaster came in a fogged the house. This was about 9 years ago and it cost $150 and it's guaranteed forever. We had it done twice and no more smoke smell.

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By Sabrina. (Guest Post) 02/20/2005

Use baking soda, boxes and boxes, cover thoroughly, on the carpet;let it sink in for days. Sweep or rake the baking soda in the carpet, then vacuum thoroughly.
For the odor around you, set out open bowls of cheap white vinegar, not where you can spill them, and leave around to freshen the air.

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By Barbie (Guest Post) 02/21/2005

I use vinegar for all kinds of odors......even on my dogs fur when he gets into things or just has that wet dog smell......of course wet dog smell also gets in carpet, and we are also smokers.....I got new carpet 2 years ago and we have 3 labs and two smokers in the house.....when I steam clean I put vinegar in the rinse water......it may smell a little like a pickle factory til it dries but then it should just smell clean, you may have to repeat the process for strong stubborn built up odors but it should work..and you don't get much cheaper than vinegar when it comes to odor neutralizers..you can also put some vinegar straight or diluted with water in a spray bottle and spray the carpet down if you already shampooed and know the carpet is basically clean....Good Luck

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By Carrie (Guest Post) 03/07/2005

My friends all smoked when we were in high school and I never wanted my parents to find out, so , I took old new papers and waded them up and stuffed them behind the set of my truck. This works in a home as well, just stuff them under the bed, sofa, chairs and anywhere they will not be seen. Change them about onece a week for the first few months! You can smell the smoke on the paper but it will get less and less in your home!!! ( I know, My in-laws smoke) good luck in your new home and God bless!!

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By Miguel (Guest Post) 02/08/2006

Hi Jennifer,

We are considering buying a house from a smoker, and we would love to hear what you have to say about your house. Whether you were able to remove all smoking odor or it is still around. thanks. (migelito @ hotmail . com)

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By JenJen (Guest Post) 02/28/2006

My fiance and I just bought a house with awful smoke odor. We have tried everything, shampooing, baking soda, cleaning the air vents, airing it out. We have a professional guy working on it now and should be coming back again tomorrow, but still when you walk in the door the smell is overpowering. Which is really sad...it's a very nice house. Not only did they smoke, they had large dogs in the back room who they let urinate. If I had it to do over again, I would have to think twice.

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By Keri (Guest Post) 05/03/2006

Hey my brother had the same problem he used snuggle fabric softner mixed with something i don't know yet. dipped in a sock hung it up in every room over night. took it out completely. I am trying to find the other ingredient, because i to am now in the same situation. if i find it ill let you know. good luck!

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By Nancy Hutchens (Guest Post) 05/21/2007

I once had a family of skunks living under my house. The babies play by spraying each other. Once critter control removed the skunks, I spent days trying to get the skunk smell out. ODOBAN (bought at Sams club) worked the best for me. I used it in a carpet cleaner insted of the solution. It got out all the skunk odor.
This stuff works great for everything! Also, natures Miracle (found at petstores) is pretty good.

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By Pauline (Guest Post) 10/30/2007

Use Nature's AIR SPONGE, available on line and at Ace, True Value and Do it Best Hardware stores. It will remove all traces of odor

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By Joyce (Guest Post) 03/30/2008

My husband just quit smoking (38 years). Until then he was smoking in the recreation room in the basement. I steam cleaned this week adding a product (can be any brand) that says 'pet deodorizer'. When I ran out of that I added 1/4 cup of bleach per gallon of water plus the normal cleaner. It worked!! Don't forget to clean the walls and windows. Those have smoke on them too!

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By Rob (Guest Post) 10/01/2008

The smoke smell in most likely in more than just the carpets. You have to clean all the surfaces including cabinets inside and out. Change the HVAC filters. There are many smoke neutralizers that will take care of the smell. Janitorial supply places will have the same type of stuff that Stanley Steemer used in the above post - for alot less then $150. The one that has worked for me, I'm a carpet cleaner is Get the Smoke Out.

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By galey (Guest Post) 10/18/2008

I've been in a apartment for a month. The smoke smell is still there, even when you walk in you can smell a "hint" of smoke. I'm sick of my clothes smelling like that too! So I complained to the property manager, and they told me to wait and see if i can air it out. I'm just concerned it's a health issue since my son has asthma. I find myself spraying Febreeze everyday on my walls, carpet, etc.

I guess TIME is of essence. the walls/ceilings i believe were not deodorized but painted over. so, what should I do? I guess I should invest money that I feel the property management should have taken care of in the first place and hire a professional cleaner?

Lesson learned, the minute you smell smoke in a place you want to buy or rent, I would think twice before moving in! It will cost you in the long run.

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