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Bleaching a Black Dress

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I want to bleach my black dress white. But it is satin and lace. Do you think bleach would work on those materials. How do I even begin with how to bleach it, in the washer. in the tub (someone said) and what kind of bleach? I don't even mind if the dress went grey. Just not sure of where to begin. Any help would be much appreciated.

Mercedes from SF, CA


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By sandybabe196507/29/2013

I have a lace dress. It's black and I would like to dye it red. How do I do it?

By mimiyu07/11/2013

I may be late getting to the party, here, but- I've got 3 dresses bleaching in stages as we speak. I've had black t shirts go to a pleasant cream in the past but it depends on the fab, for sure- one of the dresses I'm working on now is black, polyester/rayon, its down to a dense dark grey (think wool slacks) and beautiful but I'm working to get it lighter. That's why I came here. If you fill the tub and add your bleach and be certain to fully submerge and wash about your material, nothing will turn up a 'tie-dyed disaster'. Be brave. Use your head. Do what you do carefully. Good luck.

By heatherfg08/11/2009

Ya, probably not a good idea. You could always buy a new one.

By Karen07/30/2009

Agree with all the other comments don't bleach a black dress. That's a nightmare waiting to happen. Unless you want to get creative and do a tie dye look but that also sounds like a nightmare.

By Brandie07/14/2007

If you want to dye it because it's faded then just redye with black RIT. If you want a white one take it to a seamstress and ask for a duplicate white dress. Try to bleach it and it's toast.

By Claudia-MD (Guest Post)10/30/2006

I agree that this would likely be a disaster. Even Rit Dye remover would not get this black dress to any attractive shade and would probably ruin the fabric. I wouldn't waste the time, money or aggrevation on trying this.

By GrammySheila (Guest Post)10/26/2006

I dyed a cream colored satin, lace & pearls dress a beautiful burgandy for my sister's wedding and had no problems with holes or anything. The dress was worn by my Granddaughter as the flower girl in my wedding 6 years ago. My sister's wedding was a year after mine. The only thing that didn't actually dye well was the lace was just a bit lighter than the rest of the dress. It was beautiful, though. I used Rit dye on it and what I did was put the dye in the kitchen (stainless steel) sink full of water. I used regular bleach to clean up the sink afterwards.

If I remember correctly, my daughter went from black satin to white one time using Rit color remover on a satin didn't go white, but rather a really pretty silvery gray.

I say, if you don't like the dress (for whatever reason) and don't care what other color it will go, why not try it?

By utahyogini (Guest Post)10/26/2006

I have to agree with the other posts.

The type of fabric matters when doing a home dye.

Cotton is usally best. Synthenic fabrics are tricker if not impossible to dye.

Hope this helps.

By (Guest Post)10/26/2006

Sorry - you can't do anything with a black dress - unless you want to apply bleach in a tie dye fashion and make a pattern - but doesn't sound like it will go with a satin/lace dress

By txcatlover (Guest Post)10/26/2006

I honestly don't think it's possible to get good results with such an extreme color change. Just can't go from black to white.

By Sherry Hampton [31]10/26/2006

I'm not really for sure, but if it were mine I'd leave
leave the dress as it is.
You might be disapointed in your end result. It seems that (BLEACHING SATIN) would distroy THE SATIN Fabric. I could eat holes in it.
Hope this helps, Sherry.

RE: Bleaching a Black Dress

By Paula [14]10/26/2006

I agree with Grandma Margie and if you try to bleach the dress you will not be happy with the results. It will probably turn out to be a "dirty gray" color when you are finished, or worse, come out looking like a bad tie-dye attempt. If you still are determined to try this, I would call a dry-cleaner and ask them if they have experience in this, or try calling a bridal shop and see if they know of anyone that they could recommend to you.

By Grandma Margie (Guest Post)10/26/2006

I've experimented over the years, doing things like this and my experience is screaming "Don't even try this"!!!!! You are NOT going to get the end result you want..........PLUS you're going to totally ruin (what sounds to me is) a perfectly good dress. This is just my opinion, but I can tell you that doing something like that is NEVER as easy as you assume it will be and the end result will be a total trainwreck!

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