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Odor While Dog is in Heat

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I have a Min Pin/Chihuahua female dog that is about 5 years old. She is in heat. Has anyone ever noticed an odor when their dog was in heat? Thanks.

Suzanne from Providence Forge, VA



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By sandy [63]01/12/2009

Have her spayed asap.

By Kim Churchman [3]01/09/2009

You've had the vet rule out any problem with infection in the female tract? Of course if there were some, it would make pregnancy impossible. Vet, vet, vet! Good luck, and she is a pretty little lady.

By Eileen M. (Guest Post)01/09/2009

After you check with your vet, try regular chlorophyll pills. You can get them from a natural food store or GNC. They REALLY help keep the odor down, which is what attracts all the male dogs.

By Maryeileen [76]01/08/2009

I was thinking it might be her anal glands, too. Also, be sure to have her spayed ASAP.

By suzanne [1]01/06/2009

To doximen. Thank you, I was thinking the same thing. I am going to take her to the vet soon.

To little suzy. Thanks for comment. We think shes awesome. She's our baby. Thanks, Suzanne in VA

By pat [5]01/05/2009

I'm not sure if this will help - but one of my dachshunds has problems with her anal sacs. When they are full, they give off a horrible odor. If it gets on you, you want to burn your clothes. I need to manually express them and then give her a bath. Anyway, being in heat may cause your sweetie to be unable to express the sacs naturally.

By Little Suzy [93]01/05/2009

She's a cutie.

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