Using Olive Oil on Wood Floors


I saw a new method of cleaning wood floors with vinegar and water, then to make wood floor shiny using olive oil. Does the olive oil make the floor slick and dangerous?

By Frust8dclnr from NC


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By chieftess 2 05/16/2011

I would avoid using edible oils, they go rancid and bacteria grows in it. There are oils made from wood that are better for this. Check the paint department at a home improvement store.

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By PENNY K 15 562 05/16/2011

I would think so.

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By joanfry 28 74 05/17/2011

I love this idea. I use the same ingredients as salad dressing. I had a sudden flash of you inviting friends and being able to serve their lettuce off your lovely wood floors. I have wood floors in my kitchen and often spill 'stuff' on it. I am sure there has been much olive oil included. My recollection is that, yes, the sheen is lovely, but I think that look could be accomplished with a cheaper sort of oil.

I think the key is that the olive oil is thin and can easily be absorbed into the wood. I use something sold for Danish teak furniture. It works for all my woods, all different. In fact I used oils instead of cream for my own body too. I have a big bottle of something that smells good in my bathroom and I put it on my face, hands and especially my shins and ankles which always seem dry.

I like being able to transfer one product from its original pourpose to another. I hate having my kitchen full of jars and bottles and plastic containers.

Good luck with your tasty floor.

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By Joshua Ty 6 05/17/2011

It's not advisable to use olive oil. Look into hardware. I know a lot of available products that will make shiny your floor.

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By Icandoit 10 05/17/2011

No! Dont use oil. It will look nice at first, but it's oil. Dirt will stick to it. My house was built in the 1800's. I use Rejuvenate floor restorer & protector. It's easy to use and cost about $20.00 at Lowe's. You will love it.

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By Lilac 20 1,333 05/17/2011

It seems like it would. My grandfather was a furnature maker and he always said wood does not need oil, it needs wax.

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