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Silverware Cabinet Handles

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A cabinet with a spoon as hardware.
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The knobs and handles for kitchen cabinets are so expensive unless you want to settle for plain old wooden knobs. Here is how my husband and I were able to have something a little fancier with lots less money.

By Harlean from Arkansas


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By melissa [179]08/21/2014

What a fabulous idea! I am going to try this! How did you attach them to the cabinet?

By Kathy54 [4]02/27/2012

Great idea! :) Love it that its "recycled!"

By Mary LaCaze [28]02/26/2012

Love this! It'd work great on furniture drawers, too!

By the Oracle (Guest Post)09/22/2005

I hope you check the pattern with one of the silver vendors to see if it is valuable; collectors will pay a lot for rare pieces. For example, Replacements, Ltd. on the Internet.

By JOYCE (Guest Post)09/06/2005

Thank you for this idea. I love it. We are fixing to do some work in the kitchen & this is one we will use. Again thank you.

By Fran09/03/2005

Very unique, and great idea. Thanks

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