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Can you put wool blankets in the dryer?

Can you put wool blankets in the dryer?

Liz from New Baden


Recent Answers

By Peggy (Guest Post)01/21/2009

Wool shrinks from agitation. Cotton shrinks from heat. So putting them in a cold versus hot dryer could still shrink it if it's going to shrink (that is, if it's not pre-shrunk wool). Agitation in the washer could cause shrinkage too, so the delicate cycle or hand washing is safer.

By Annette [10]11/13/2006

There is an article on "eHOW" to stretch shrunken wool, with readers post as to how it works

By (Guest Post)11/06/2006

Not unless you want a baby blanket!

By kidsNclutter11/06/2006

IF you launder it in the machine, use gentle cycle & cold water w/ little detergent as blankets tend to over-suds. IF you put it in a dryer use NO HEAT what-so-ever, none, use the air fluff setting only. It will take a long time to air-fluff dry but it won't shrink. Also will help to remove odors & fight stiffness as will pouring a cup or two of white vinegar in with the rinse water. An alternate would be to air- fluff the blanket for a while then hang it over a shower rod to continue drying, or the reverse, hanging to dry then air fluffing to regain some softness so the blanket isn't stiff.

By Liz (Guest Post)11/06/2006

Thank you all

By Susan Sanders-Kinzel [9]11/06/2006

If you have an air fluff setting (no heat) you could toss them in the dryer but any heat will shrink them.

By Mary [2]11/06/2006

I always wash wool blankets on "delicate" but never put them in the dryer. I hang them on the line and they come out just fine. This will save on dry cleaning. I do the same w/wool clothing.

By Paula [14]11/06/2006

Liz, I wouldn't even try it! I had a wool vest and I washed it and it came out fine, but then I threw it into the dryer and it came out "doll" sized. I would take it to the dry cleaners and have it cleaned professionally.

By (Guest Post)11/06/2006

100% wool will shrink if not pre-shrunk already. I wouldn't put them in the dryer.

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