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Paint Color for Gold Curtains

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I want to paint my dining room, but there are already professionally done curtains that I would like to keep and they are dark gold. What paint color would go well with them. I would like something pumpkin-y, if possible.

Lisa from South Riding, VA



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By Jennifer [9]10/10/2006

What doesn't go with gold! I say paint it pumpkin like you wanted. It will be perfect! Most paint departments will be happy to match whatever exact color you want. I go to Walmart and have had excellent results. I recommend a satin finish. It can be wiped for cleaning and it also feels smooth.
Jennifer CA

By LRP LOWELL, MASS. (Guest Post)10/04/2006

i think any of your earth tone colors will work.

By Jill from Iowa (Guest Post)10/03/2006

I think that a dark nutmeg would be pretty if you want to stay in the "pumpkin" tones. Otherwise, I think that a chocolate brown would be stunning! Accent with black and gold.
Good luck!

By Lynda (Guest Post)09/28/2006

Pumpkin sounds YUMMY. My favorite accent color with those two is TEAL. Remember to paint/add the trim in a contrasting color or finish things out by two-toning your trim like a pro? Let us know what you decide because I am in dire need of painting and may be able to mix my own colors from all the many cans I have collected in the garage, with plans to get them onto the walls very soon now that Fall's upon us here. Good luck and God bless you in your best decision. : )

By carla bledsoe (Guest Post)09/28/2006

how about terra cotta or brick red?
a gold-green would be nice too.

By Jess (Guest Post)09/27/2006

What about a cream or beige color? Get those paint chips from the store and compare! Also, I had a friend who had gold window hangings and painted the room a warm red color. It looked good, but red is not for everyone.

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