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Gift Ideas for a Blind Woman

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Do you have any ideas for types of gifts to give a blind person that has enough money to buy herself anything she could desire? She doesn't wear jewlery or go shopping, so gift cards are not worthwhile. Any suggestions?




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By Priscilla M. G.05/31/2013

I'm totally blind myself and like scented body sprays. scented candles are very nice. Maybe a purse or wallet where she can organize her money and other personal items. If traveling, a travel passport wallet.

By Adrianna (Guest Post)12/01/2008

The American Foundation for the Blind has a gift guide you should check out at Hope this helps!

By Alison (Guest Post)12/08/2007

My mother has a watch that when you push the button a voice tells the time. Maybe all blind people have them I don't know. I know she can't live without hers and enjoys it very much.

By Ashling (Guest Post)12/03/2007

Maybe a personalised song on CD -

By Carol Churchill (Guest Post)05/08/2006

What about an outing to a place of her choice? Maybe she would like to shop somewhere, with assistance, or visit a place of sentimental value. If you are willing to take her and describe the scenery or assist with the shopping, it will be appreciated. I know, my mother is blind.

By Jenna (Guest Post)05/05/2006

Do you know where I could find a mother's day card in brail?

By Carol04/28/2005

Does she like animals or have a guide dog? If she likes animals take her to the pound or an animal shelter just to touch the cats, dogs etc. It will be a different experience. Maybe it could be something you two do on a regular basis. Animals are our 7th sense sometimes - once they get to know us. It might be very beneficial and theraputic!

By (Guest Post)04/27/2005

A soft chenille afghan/throw for her couch or bed would be nice. Those chenille ones are very nice to the touch.

By Klr208004/27/2005

My grandmother is blind. She always appreciates home baked goodies. I try to bake something for her atleast once a week. The audio book is a good idea but to make it more thrify you could read the book and tape the audio yourself. You could offer to write letters for her or clean her house (if she lives alone) The idea about being her escort is a good one. Give her a manicure or pedicure yourself. My granny always feels pampered when I do her nails. It makes her feel good even if she can't see them. Take her for a picnic and describe the beautiful scenery. There's a million things you can do for her. Think what you would enjoy.

By buzy mom (Guest Post)04/27/2005

Give her something she can appreciate with all of her other senses. Just because she has money to buy herself anything doesn't mean she doesn't appreciate gifts. Cozy robe, wonderful perfume, delicious chocolate...doesn't have to be expensive. Remember, it's the thought that counts!!

By Diana [3]04/27/2005

How about a book in braille?

By Jo (Guest Post)04/27/2005

How about preparing a special treat or meal?

By Sandy04/27/2005

See what kind of music she likes and get her some CDs or tickets to the orhcestra or Symphony

By Sandy [13]04/27/2005

A nice book on tape and a tape player. She can listen to the book over and over. Lisa has the best idea of time spent with her. Most seniors will tell you time drags and they adore company.

By Lynn Marler [39]04/27/2005

As thriftyone says, audiobooks are a good choice. Also, how about some scented soaps or candles?

By thriftyone (Guest Post)04/27/2005

How about audiobooks ?

By Lisa (Guest Post)04/27/2005

I think spending time with her would be the best gift, attend a concert, dinner, whatever she would enjoy for an afternoon or evening, be her escort! Fresh flowers are always welcome also!

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