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Feeding Pumpkin to Dogs

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Pureed pumpkin, not pie filling, works well to clear up both constipation and diarrhea in dogs. This is a guide about feeding pumpkin to dogs.


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February 20, 2011

If your dog becomes constipated, give it some pureed pumpkin. It is mild and will clear the problem up after a couple of feedings.

Source: our vet

By fossil1955 from Cortez, CO

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It also works if your dog has diarrhea. It is a great stabilizer.

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March 16, 20100 found this helpful

Have any leftover canned pumpkin or maybe even fresh pumpkin that didn't get used up in pies? Try giving some to your dog.

On the Wednesday before Thanksgiving, I was making pumpkin cheesecake and I had a lot of leftover pumpkin. I was planning on making muffins or something with it after the holiday. Well, our dog Honey started making a nuisance of herself in the kitchen, wanting some. A quick check on the internet verified that pumpkin was safe for dogs, even recommended as an ingredient in many homemade dog foods. So we gave her a scoop and she polished the bowl clean! I have been giving her a little bit as a treat now and again as I had 4 pie pumpkins so quite a bit of pumpkin to eat our way through


Be sure to only feed them a small amount at a time, and use pure pumpkin, not any type of filling with spices and sugar. It is packed with fiber and vitamins and she acts like I opened a can of wet dog food so everyone is happy.

Jess in Oregon


Feed Pumpkin To Your Dogs

Cooked pumpkin is safe for dogs in moderation! It can provide increased fiber and vitamin A in their diet. Large doses of vitamin A are very toxic to dogs and raw pumpkin is not good for them. It's hard to digest and can lead to intestinal blockages which are often life threatening in dogs. A little cooked or canned pumpkin mixed in with their food is fine but only in moderation. (12/03/2008)

By Shelter Worker

Feed Pumpkin To Your Dogs

I have been giving my T-cup chihuahua, Mitzi, canned pumpkin in her meals twice a day for two years. She loves it. Since she's so little, she gets three small meals a day. Morning is kibble and a little canned meat, lunch is an Alpo cookie crunched up with a scoop of warmed pumpkin mixed in and then topped with a small scoop of baby food (the meats), dinner is kibble with warmed pumpkin topped with baby food.

She's lost weight on this meal plan. I love to eat canned pumpkin out of the can, too. In fact, if I'm craving something at night, instead of having ice cream, I'll have a 1/4 cup of canned pumpkin with some cinnamon on it topped with some cool whip. Works for me! ;-) (12/04/2008)

By lovesthosehounds

Feed Pumpkin To Your Dogs

Pumpkin, for dogs, is generally used for constipation or diarrhea only (1 tsp. per day, for a large dog - no more). I wouldn't recommend feeding it to them any other way or in any other quantities. I have 3 large dogs and always keep pumpkin handy. I buy a can, when it's on sale, divide it up into small bags (about 1/2 cup per bag) and put them in the freezer. I can then quickly thaw a tsp. to give them if they get sick. (12/05/2008)

By Mable C.

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June 14, 20170 found this helpful

I have a 6 month old Border Collie/ Lab mix. We adopted him about 3 wks ago from the SPCA.

They never told us on what food they were giving him to slowly switch him. We started him on a dry food. He had terrible diarrhea. We thought it was the change in food and coming to a new home but it continued. I started feeding him cooked chicken and rice and that started to help but he was still having bad episodes. At the SPCA he had had a intestinal parasite so I wanted to make sure that was truly gone n took him to the vet. . With a check of his stool sample that was all clear but the vet put him on meds. With in a few days he was cleared up and back to normal but started vomiting. Couldn't go 10 minutes before he vomited again. Back to boiled chicken and rice and back to the vet who gave him an injections similar to human Zofran and pills for when he stopped vomiting with instructions not to feed him at all for 8 hours, then SMALL portions of chic n rice for three days and then slowly transition to dry food!

All of that went well until he went back to dry food we were back to terrible diarrhea. TMI but it was as if someone turned the facet on when he went.

SO I STARTED ADDING PLAIN PURE PUMPKIN! By the time he went out again after I fed him his dry food with pumpkin his poop was formed, a bit soft but formed!

I have been doing it with every feeding. He is about 45 lbs so I give him about 2.5-3 TBS mixed with his dry food. He loved it and the nightmare of watching him suffer is over( knock on wood)

Canned pumpkin is much cheaper than office visit cost to the vet, the medications, and and the prescription food I forgot to mention we had to put him on at the 1st visit. Each can of that prescription food is $4.00. A can of pumpkin the same size that lasts much longer is about $1.19

Good luck everyone

I highly recommend pumpkin for tummy troubles. It rebalances the natural bacteria in their guts that when out of balance can cause these issues.

DO NOT GIVE TO MUCH. It CAN BE TOXIC. For small dogs I would starts with a teaspoon or two and larger dogs A Tablespoon or two. Go slowly if they need a teeny bit more but too much is TOXIC to them so be careful and keep the remaining out of their reach.

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February 20, 20110 found this helpful

I just need to clarify a few things before I buy canned pumpkin for my dog. I have read many articles and reviews about the pumpkin in dog food. Many people feed pumpkin to their dogs to clear up the runs when they have an upset tummy.

I am wondering if it really works? How much and how often? Canned or fresh pumpkin? What's the best place to buy them for cheap price?

Any recommendations that are easily available at Petco and Petsmart will be greatly appreciated, because I got their discount coupon codes. Thanks.

By Alice from Sunnyvale


Feed Pumpkin To Your Dogs

Yes! This technique dose work it helps to get rid of constipation, upset stomach or, diarrhea. This may help you out = You can find most can pumpkins in supermarkets.


I hope this helps! Dorthy (03/16/2010)

By htdmmmmc

Feed Pumpkin To Your Dogs

I've found the best thing for diarrhea for adults, kids and pets is plain yogurt. (I've used it with success for 30 years) Make sure the plain yogurt has NO sugar added (read the ingredients. All milk has milk-sugar in it, you want no added sugar, or no sugar listed on the ingredients). Recently a new brand of Plain yogurt we bought that said "plain" wasn't really "plain" but was sweetened with lots of sugar. And sugar can give a child or a pet diarrhea or a loose stool.

You may be confused about Canned Pumpkin. I know it helps make them poop, I don't think it helps diarrhea, because its loaded with fiber (but I could be wrong, because many soluble fiber's can work for both helping constipation and also stopping diarrhea. Metamucil is one example.)

* Pumpkin also prevents hairballs in cats! They make 2 types of canned pumpkin, one that's sweetened with spices added and one that is simply plain pumpkin. Be sure to buy the plain kind, the one without spices or sugar.

---> If you, your child or your pet is ever on antibiotics, be sure to have them eat some yogurt ever day to replace the good bacteria... For years my old boyfriend got the worst case of diarrhea whenever he had to take antibiotics, but after I told him about the yogurt, he never got diarrhea when taking antibiotics again!


* People can eat any flavor of yogurt, while pets should only have plain yogurt! (03/16/2010)

By Cyinda

Feed Pumpkin To Your Dogs

My Vet told me to add some rice to their food for diarrhea and some vegetable oil in their food if they're constipated. It worked on my dogs in the past. (03/17/2010)

By keeper60

Feed Pumpkin To Your Dogs

I don't know about clearing up the runs, but it's a fibrous veggie with lots of beta-carotene. My dog loves cooked carrots, a similar veggie. (03/17/2010)


Feed Pumpkin To Your Dogs

You need to buy the plain pumpkin pie filling-no spices added. What I do is pour it into an old ice cube tray and freeze it. You just pop out the pumpkin cubes as needed.

I have a small dog, so I give her one cube (I let it defrost and spoon feed her, she loves it). If she still is having potty issues, I will give her one more cube and that usually does the trick. Larger dogs will need a larger dose-use your judgment. (03/18/2010)

By kathyj311

Feed Pumpkin To Your Dogs

Pumpkin is a good source of fiber to help with constipation. Any dog with diarrhea does not need added fiber to their diet. Make sure it is canned pumpkin. DO NO use pumpkin pie filling, cause it is loaded with sugar and spices which is not good for dogs. (03/25/2010)

By sabrinadog

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