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Problems With Sprint Cell Phone Service

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Does anyone know any attorney out there that handles Sprint overbilling?

By Kay from Louisville, KY


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By Keeper [57]11/07/2010

Have you filed a formal complaint with Sprint? and the Better Business Bureau? Always complain in writing. I had a 10 month nightmare with AT&T long distance charges. Also Google "civil lawsuits" and see if there's one filed against them.

By Nan Corpe [6]11/06/2010

Report them to the Public Service Commission.

By Lilac [18]11/05/2010

I have to call them almost every month. After waiting a while I finally get someone who takes the charge off my bill. I think they do it on purpose but if you complain they won't charge you for it. If you get no help call or write your state attorney general. Often you can go to their website and complain on line. They will follow up believe me. Sprint needs to straighten up.


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Archive: Problems With Sprint Cell Phone Service

We signed up for 2 cell phones and agreed to our plan. Sprint messed the plan up so bad and compounded it for months after. I kept calling to get it all corrected to no avail. Sprint even broke their own guarantee as noted on their contract summary sheet. They changed the contract date within 2 months time. I have yet to get satisfaction from Sprint.


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