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Hot Cocoa Recipe Using Splenda

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Recipe for Hot Cocoa Mix that has Splenda, powdered milk and cocoa

Nancy from , AR



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By Lynda (Guest Post)12/15/2008

I use powdered Hershey's directions on the label, skipping the sugar, substituting almond milk for the milk, then adding Sweet n' Low afterward, but not often do I use Sweet n' Low. Only in Cocoa!

By Marie (Guest Post)12/10/2008

I use 2tbs coco [bakers]
1 1/2 cups creamer
1/4 c splenda
I use 2 tbs. in my coffee

By (Guest Post)12/09/2008

Please be careful of the powder milk products. I read that you have to make sure it is not made in China. Some of the products have the chemical in them that all those poor children got sick from.

By Sylvia Segel12/09/2008

I recently found a marvelous Fat Free-Sugar Free Hot chocolate mix which is very tasty. 3 cups dry powdered milk 1 cup splenda 1 pkg. instant sugar free vanilla pudding mix 1/2 cup cocoa Mix all together in processor can be made in one half recipe To serve use 1/4 cup mix with 1 cup hot water

By Dorina (Guest Post)12/09/2008

Thank you both for sharing these recipes! Both my MIL and SIL are diabetic and will appreciate these. I think I will fill a jar with the recipe on a tag as a stocking stuffer. Hugs!

By Donna (Guest Post)12/08/2008

The Hot Cocoa recipe I use is : 1- 8 oz pkg powder milk, 2 cups dry coffee creamer, 1 cup Splenda, 1 small box Nesquik. If it is a sugar thing for you, use the Nesquik htat is sugar free. You can adjust this recipe as you want. Use 2-3 TBS mix to 8 oz hot water or milk. I use the lg box milk, 1 jar creamer, half jug Nesquik and no sugar. Adjust till you get the taste you like. This is a recipe I got from my Tupperware lady and have been using it for over 20 years.

By Marjorie C. Woodworth [82]12/08/2008

The following is a recipe that I modified so it would be sugar-free. I use Stevia because I'm allergic to all artificial sweeteners. Stevia can be purchased from most vitamin stores and health food stores. If you don't want the coffee flavor, just leave out that ingredient. You will have to adjust the amount of Splenda to your own taste.

Hot Chocolate Mocha Mix (sugar-free)


1 cup powdered milk
8 level tablespoons cocoa powder
4 level tablespoons Stevia powder = to 1 cup powdered sugar
2/3 cup instant coffee granules (pour into a plastic bag and crush with rolling pin.)


Mix the ingredients in a bowl. You can adjust ingredients for your own taste. Store mix in a glass jar.Mix 3 level tablespoons of powder with 8 oz. hot water. Preparation time: 2 minutes

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