Craft Ideas for Socks

You can make fun and useful crafts using socks, whether they are lonely ones from the wash or new ones purchased for the project. This is a guide about craft ideas for socks.

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Never throw anything away that can be recycled. For socks, I cut the toe off and cut the sock in circles about an inch wide. You can interlace them, roll them into a ball, and use them as you would use crochet cord; making whatever you want - rugs, slippers, even throws.

I also interweave the circles around my fingers in a way that makes long strips that you can sew together and make animal beds, which I have done. They make nice soft thick beds or rugs for animals and humans.

You can crochet anything from your ball of "sock yarn", as I like to call it, it just won't all be one color, but you will have a colorful article when you make your items. Good luck with your socks of many colors.


By Peggy from Tunkhannock, PA

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That is such a great idea. Thanks for sharing!

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Turn your baby's or kid's socks that they have grown out of into cute cuddly sock babies. Fill them with soft items. The other use for them is to fill them with dried beans and use them as a doorstop

By Ann from Sussex, UK

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Very Cute.

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I love making things that require no pattern or few instructions. This "Little Monster" is made from an orphaned sock, scrape fabric, and my imagination.

By Gloria from Scottsville, NY

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Simply perfect, I love it!

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That is so cute!

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Really nice! Great sense of freedom. Keep up the good work

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Socks that have beads around the top.

Approximate Time: 45 minute to an hour on each pair.



Thread a single strand of elastic through the needle, approximately 8 inches long. Go into the inside side of the sock and come out onto the front, leaving enough elastic to tie a knot in the the thread when your done. If the sock is ribbed at the top, go through the furrow(indentation) of the rib to the outside. Put on 3 beads of various colors, count over 2 ribs, and then run the needle back into the inside. Looking at the outside of the sock, skip 2 ribs on the outside and put the needle through the inside to the front in the next furrow. Repeat until you get back to where you started. Stretch the top of the sock where the beads are to make sure you haven't gathered it too much with the elastic string. Tie a square knot on the inside. And you are done.

It sounds more complicated than what it actually is. They make great gifts for co-workers for birthdays or Christmas. I found socks that were 10 pairs for $7. The beads, needles and string cost about $7. That makes for a cheap token of remembrance that is home-made. They could be made in school colors for cheerleaders or sold at school fundraisers.

By Patty from Turbotville, PA

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What a great idea! And so cute for a variety of people. Thanks!

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Here are some craft ideas for socks.

Beanbags or Puppets

Make odd socks into beanbags for the kids.

By fats82439

Uses Them for or Make a Heat Pack

Fill with rice and heat in microwave or freeze in freezer and use as a hot/cold pack.

Use for cleaning small messes or for dusting. Slide on a yard stick and secure with a rubberband to dust under fridges, freezers, washers, dryers, beds, etc.

By Barbie

Barbie Tube Tops

The top part of old childrens socks can be used to make Barbie clothes. My daughter and I recently spent the evening making several items. You can make tube tops, dresses and skirts, etc. for the dolls. They look great, it saves money, and you child will enjoy doing it.

By kathy_ph1976

Extend the Life of Pajamas

Save the top part and sew them onto the arms and legs of children's pajamas to extend the usage of the pj's. I did this for many years. Kids didn't care at all.

By Mary

For Freezing Jars

Not really a craft, but if you freeze in jars instead of bags you can put a jar in each sock. Then if they break or leak it will contain the mess.

By johnsonya

Dusting Mittens

Put one on each hand and dust the whole house in no time!

By suzi homemaker

Dog Ear Cleaner

I use them turned inside out and use like a glove for cleaning our Dog's ears.

By mom2mcar

Sock Puppets!

You can use markers to make faces which is fast and easy. Or you can sew or glue on buttons for eyes, use felt for a tongue and yarn for hair. These are very fun and inexpensive!

By Stella

Holiday Snowmen

You can make Holiday snowmen! They are very easy to make and great for childern and the elderly. Take a sock and fill it with Birdseed. Then using a rubberband, string, etc (Or you can twist it a few times and it will just stay, but be careful, if you move it, it may come undone-so pick it up from the bottom) make your three "snowballs". Use something to close the top of the head and then you can fold the top part of the sock down and can color it black for a hat. Use any other items you'd like for eyes, nose, etc. It can be things from a craft store or simply a permanant Sharpie marker, whatever you'd like. Puff paint seems to be the best, it looks great and you don't have to deal with glue!

By OneSweetWorldDMB

Beverage Sweaters

Not exactly "crafty", but useful. I cut some tube socks to use as beverage "sweaters" for some glasses I have that sweat profusely. They also keep your fingers from getting cold. I'm considering decorating each "redneck koozy" differently for parties - similar to the wine glass trinkets used to identify which drink belongs to whom. (Be sure they are open on both ends to prevent tipping). Another advantage to using socks - they STRETCH to fit different sized beverage glasses and can be washed.

By Tamara

Protecting Small Items

We also stuffed small glass items inside whole socks to keep the items from bumping during a short distance move (not sure how well it would work for shipping).

By Tamara

A Sock Quilt

Old socks make the warmest quilts you'll ever have. Use clean, stain free socks to make a patchwork quilt. Just cut out useable portions and sew together until you get the size you want.

This is a wonderful "as you grow" project. Start with your childrens baby socks (or clothes) and each birthday take time (together) to add that years collection to the quilt. Be sure to date each sock with the year. By the time they go off to college or move out on their own, they have a warm quilt and a lifetime of wonderful memories of time spent with just you. Add your own socks too, just mark whose is whose.

Add socks from special occasions when possible (even if still brand new)

Easy, Easy, Easy, even for people who can not sew.

By Becky3501

Grass Head!

If you put grass seed in first and then soil and close it up with a rubberband then turn it over and water it you can make a grass head. The kids can put eyes on with a permanent marker, we did it, it was a lot of fun.

By gail2656

Puppets and Doll Clothes

You could use them to make sock puppets with your kids, neighborhood kids, nieces and/or nephews. I always made Barbie and baby doll clothes with old socks.

By Myra

Use Your Imagination

Use your imagination! Kids can come up with the most fun ideas - ask THEM! My children, when very small, would love to play like she was folding laundry by playing in the mismatched sock basket.

By smcarney

Deodorize Your Closet

You can fill the sock with soap flakes (which you can make yourself by grating a soap bar), tie it with a nice ribbon and use to deodorize your closet.

By Sigal

Sock Baseball and Other Ideas

I have used socks as hand warmers in the winter. I couldn't find my gloves one very cold morning and use a pair of socks on my hands until my heater got warm.

When I was a youngin long ago a friend of mine's mother made a old sock baseball. It wouldn't go as far as a Wiffle ball but we sure had many great games. The sock balls were all socks. The last sock tied tight around the other socks.

People have been known to stash their extra money in a sock in a sock drawer.

I remember breaking Brazil nuts in clean old socks with the handle of a butter knife.

And if you feel the need to sock someone in the eye. Well please use clean soft socks. To Sock Or Not To Sock Is it a DeFEETING QUESTION. Sock It To Me.

By Mr. Thrifty

Sock Pot Holders

Use to make pot holders by cutting rings and using one of the loop looms. You can buy one at walmart really cheap in the craft section.

By brenda thompson

Reinforce Other Socks

Reinforce the toe before you start wearing the socks. Get inexpensive "boring" socks, cut the toe off and sew it to the novilty sock. Then use the boring sock for the other terrific ideas here.

By dollar out of a dime

Lap Robe or Quilt

If you have knee length, cut them off at the ankle, cut a seam up the back so they lay in flat "squares" and sew them together for a lap robe or a quilt.

By Carla Bledsoe

Heating Pad

Make heating pads to give as gifts. Fill them with rice then sew the top closed and reinforce the bottom seam. Instruct your giftees to heat them in the microwave for 1 minute.

By Mart

Arm Warmers

If they're long socks, like knee socks, cut the toe off (or right above the ankle if they have that weird heel) and cut a small thumbhole to make arm warmers. Sew a small stitch around the thumbhole and the top so it doesn't fray. Shorter socks can be bunched to make a sachel thing to put those smelly dried flowers in.

By Marissa


Cut off the foot part, leaving just the part that covers your ankle or calf (I don't know what style of socks you wear!). Use this "tube" you have left, with all the cute kitties, etc (my favorites have frogs on them) as "cozies" for bottles and glasses -- keeps your cold drinks cold and your hot drinks hot!

By Becki in Indiana

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Cut a finger of a not used or too small glove and make a funny face out of it! Great for children to play with and keep collecting them, get your friends round and make a play out of the finger puppets!

Truely recommended!

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1 puffball

2 eyes

1 felt noes

4 buttons

Fabric to make a scarf


1. Get a mens sock.

2.Pour 1 inch of marbles into sock.

3. Stuff the Sock with 6 1/2 INCHES of (old rags old shirts or cotton balls

4. Then put a rubber band or a string to tie

5. then stuff the head. 4 1/2 inches

6. Then pull the extra sock over the head to decorate.

7. Decorate!

8. Makes a great gift!

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Use baby socks and turn them into roses. You use a little bit of lace and a wood skewer and you roll the socks and use two sided tape. It makes a great bouquet for a baby's room or just on a table and when you mix them in with plastic flowers it really is pretty.

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I want to make a craft called a coin sock, but I am having trouble finding a closure like used on a small coin purse. I hope one of you crafty people out there can help me.

Jean from Columbus, Ohio

March 31, 20070 found this helpful should have what you are looking for. There are other online sources for "purse frames" - you just need to decide what size you want.

I have a manufactured one of these coin socks - and I LOVE IT!

Be sure to post pictures when you complete them!

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A couple of years ago my sister bought me a coin sock purse. It is a baby sock with frogs on it (I love frogs), every time I take that out of my pocketbook I get comments on how adorable it is. Hope you can find the parts you are looking for..


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Jean, I have seen what you are looking for at Hobby Lobby. It may not be in the section with purse supplies. It seems to me I saw it in the needlework section.

I have a pattern for a sock bank called "Sock It Away". It is similar, only you make it your self. The sock part holds the money.It is make with 1/4 yrd. stretch knit for sock. The opening is made with a canning jar lid that you stretch the fabric over( from outside to inside). Next you make a stuffed ring shaped animal face to glue over the ring. It uses a ribbon to hang it up. My pattern has a chicken,ckow,pig,bear,bunny and a dog for faces. I made them for my grandchildren for Christmas one year.I have a picture,but am not sure how to send on to thrifty fun. If anyone is interested, I could scan and send you the picture and pattern as well as instructions. My email address is bjptl AT Just email me if you are interested.


ps I just read how to send an image to Thrifty Fun,but couldn't make it work. I'll try and send one directly to them.

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What can I make from a red fur Christmas sock with white fur around the top besides little girl purses?

By Donna

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I have used the red part to make valentine hearts. Or the whole thing to make Christmas gift sacks or cut into triangles for Christmas pendant banners.

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I would like some ideas on what to make with socks that have no mate. Craft ideas would be great. Thanks.

By Shirley from Henderson, NV

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If they are knee socks, you can cut them off at the bend and use them for wine sleeves, leg warmers for kids, or for covering an ugly vase.

Hope that helps. PBP

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If you have some spare tube sock of any color or prints you can make "longjohns". You only need 4 socks, thread, and 5 buttons.

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