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Crafts Using Unmarked Paint Cans

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Recently I spotted some Gallon and Pint sized unmarked paint cans for sale at a hardware store for a decent price. They are regular cans like you get paint in, only all shiny silver, no labels - with the circular press-on lids and the wire half circle handles. What crafts could be made from them? Any ideas? Thanks!

Cathy from Delaware



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By Joan (Guest Post)02/27/2009

I made a snowman kit in one. Painted blue and spong paint a snowman on front. Add a scarf, pair of gloves. wood carrot for nose, small rocks spray painted black for eyes and mouth, and a pipe, I made a corn cob pipe, and a hat of some sort. They are really cute to just sit around as decoration, or can actually be used for a snowman.

By Kim Churchman [3]03/16/2008

Piggy banks!

By Margaret [13]03/14/2008

I have seen some really good gift packages made from paint cans. I have a couple of birthday gifts to give in the next week or so and that is what I will use. has some beautiful paint can labels and lids to print. That site also has lots of other printables. Just go to their home page and then go from there. is a paint can tutorial. It shows you how to make your own using a blank template. has A LOT of blank templates for things other than just paint cans. Also, if you google "free printables" you will get lots of info. Just "play" with all the different sites and have fun. Who knows, you may find a new where you can even make a few extra bucks. Have fun and good luck!!

By Sarah Leach [8]03/14/2008

Ok, great for gift boxes/gift baskets. What about stilts? a Pair of cans and some twine or clothesline rope, a good nail, and take off the handles and tip the cans bottom up. Punch holes opposite each other in sides of the cans near the bottom which is now the top. Knot the twine and thread through the hole from the inside, so that the knot keeps it from coming free. You loop this over, thread through the other hold and knot inside. Stilts... my Mom used to make these for us kids a LOT.
What about letting the kids decorate them and use them for the easter baskets? Storage is also an idea for nails, makeup. Overnight case? A gallon can would hole a set of "jammies" and whatever.

By melody_yesterday [213]03/13/2008

free printable paint can covers
here's 2 more & on the right click the PAINTCANS button & there are 7 ... abel/Free%20Paint%20Can%20Printables
I couldn't find them right away but there are other printables here.There are several birthday printables options here as well -- it's a really good site.

By amy (Guest Post)03/13/2008

Yes. Like the others have suggested, you can decorate the outside and fill the inside with gifts. In the 1980s, it was popular to decorate canisters with paint pens. I still have mine which I used to store all of my hair ribbons and accessories. If you want to make some personalized gifts, you could use some sticker paper and make a "label" for the can.

By liz eafa74 AT (Guest Post)03/13/2008

Lucky girl. You can fill them with bath goodies or nail polish goodies to give as a gift, and decorate the outside of the can with scrapbook papers, there are zillions of beautiful papers out there. Tie a fabulous bow on the handle, and gift you can be proud of! You could even fill the bucket with cookie or fudge ingredients; the possibilities are endless! Have fun!

By Chris [17]03/12/2008

I decoupaged some and used them for Christmas gifts. I also decorated some and filled them with candy and treats for a buffet table at a party. I think they could easily be decorated and used for Easter Baskets too.

By Trish D03/11/2008

I've seen some adorable cans altered to hold baby or bridal shower gifts. Add some paper and ribbon, and you're all set. Here's one simple example:

They're also fun to use to hold "survival kits" - this site has some great ideas (just hit enter to view them all) -

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