Which Color Cancer Awareness Ribbon To Wear


My mother is undergoing treatment for non-Hodgkins lymphoma. I would like to wear a cancer awareness ribbon to honor her, but what color? I've seen red, purple, sky blue, and lime green listed as the appropriate color. Does anybody know? Thanks for your help and God Bless.

Joan from Chesapeake, VA



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By Rachel's Mom 277 87 08/17/2007

Red is for lymphoma and lime green or peridot green is for non-Hodgkins lymphoma.

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By Jannie (Guest Post) 08/17/2007

Black is for Malignant Melanoma (skin cancer). I just had 4 surgeries in 3 months and finished 54 weeks of treatments..PLEASE STAY OUT OF THE SUN! Purple or Lavender is for ALL Cancers. I will pray for your Mother.

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By threegetts (Guest Post) 08/20/2007

Purple is the color for all cancers so that would work for you. Also, if you want to do something in your local area to show support for your Mom, you could participate in the American Cancer Society's Relay for Life. Here's a link to their site where you can look it up:


Basically, you put together a team of people who want to show support for your mom and then you go to the event (usually held in the spring/summer) and walk. Your Mom can participate as a Survivor - at ours we give them and a guest a nice catered dinner and then they open the event by doing a Survivors Lap.

Best wishes to you and your family as you go through this.

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By Amy in Franklin Indiana (Guest Post) 08/20/2007

Joan; Here is the Chemoangels.net listing. I've been associated with them for five years now and they are an incredible bunch of people. Please sign your Mother up for this FREE program. It's completely positive and your Mother will receive cards, letters and gifts every week. She will never be expected to write the Angels back. it's all about her rest and positive reinforcement. Hope this helps, contact me if you have more questions. My Best, Angel Amy

All Cancer Survivors Lavender
Bladder Cancer Yellow
Bone Cancer White with Gold Outline
Brain Cancer Gray
Breast Cancer Pink
Childhood Cancer Gold
Colon & Colorectal Cancer Brown
Esophageal Cancer Periwinkle Blue
Gynecological Cancer Lavender
Head & Neck Cancer Red with White Stripe
Hodgkins Disease Violet
Hospice Care Burgundy
Kidney/Renal Kelly Green
Leimyosarcoma Purple
Leukemia Orange
Lung Cancer Pearl
Lymphoma Red
Male Breast Cancer &frac; Blue and &frac; Pink
Melanoma Black
Mesothelioma Royal Blue
Multiple Myeloma Burgundy
Ovarian Cancer Teal
Pancreatic Cancer Purple
Prostate Cancer Light Blue
Renal/Kidney Kelly Green
Retinoblastoma White
Testicular Cancer Orchid/Violet
Thyroid Cancer Light Blue
Transplant Green

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By Barbara 08/20/2007

Please go to (or have your mother go to) the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society webpage www.lls.org. The Society has tremendous resources including volunteers "who have been there" that you and/or your mom can talk to. I wish you and your mom all the strength and support to help you through this difficult time.

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By ROE (Guest Post) 11/09/2007


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