Creative Ways To Serve Vegetables and Create Healthy Meals

My husband is as finicky an eater as many kids that I know (including my brothers.) He absolutely hates vegetables, and since he already had a stroke, and has both high blood pressure and high cholesterol. I am looking for creative, innovative, and ingenious ways to prepare vegetables, or disguise their taste so that he will eat them.


I don't like to use prepared foods because they are very costly, and because they always contain outrageous amounts of sodium and other bad ingredients. I would also like to know if anyone has any non meat recipes that someone this finicky would try. I should add that he insists that Kraft Macaroni and Cheese is the best there is, so he won't let me make it from scratch! Help! Please! We have been married for less than 6 months, so this is very new to me!

By Susan K. B.

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I used to sneak baby food pureed carrots into my macaroni and cheese sauce. My family didn't seemed to notice, but after making it that way for a while they would notice it wasn't as good when I didn't add them.

You could try rice florentine too it is packed with spinach but tastes like cheese.

Rice Florentine

1 1/2 cups raw rice, long grain

6 chicken bouillon cubes

3 cups water, boiling

1/2 teaspoon rubbed sage

10 ounces frozen spinach, thawed and well drained

1 cup of parmesan cheese

salt and pepper

boil water and add boulion and rice. Cook rice fully, then add spinach , cheese and sage and stir until well mixed. Salt and pepper to taste

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I tried to post and think I messed up so I'll give your the readers digest version. Add a vegetable to white potatoes to make mashed potatoes. Such as sweet potatoes, cauliflower, or carrots. I did this with sweet potatoes and it tasted like reg. potatoes, but it did make them orange in color.

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How about a stir-fry? It's fast and vegetables taste great since they're not overcooked.

When I use a canned vegetable (green beans, peas or potatoes) I save the liquid in the frig. I do the same after cooking raw broccoli, carrots or potatoes. Adding a little bullion makes a vitamin rich broth. Add chopped leftover meats and/or veggies, and a little tomato paste or even some ketchup for a soup. A small amount of corn liquid can also be added, but too much of it gets overwhelming.

Pizza is another great place to add bits of vegetables.

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If you have a food processor you can add veggies to almost anything if the veggies are diced small enough. We found that if we blended beans would could add them to spaghetti sauce and you didn't even notice them.


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I grate zucchini and carrots into my tomato sauce for pasta and no one even knows..until now!

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He really needs to be more open-minded & put his health 1st. It's reality check time. As adults things change, & we need to adapt if we care about our bodies/health. You shouldn't have to "sneak" anything. If he's a grown man he should take responsibility for his own health. It's not your job.

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I agree with Vickie that his health and diet are not your responsibility; they are his. Obviously with his health issues, he hasn't been very smart about this in the past. Have a talk with him and his doctor about how the TWO of you can work together to make his diet healthier. He is not a child; he needs to grow up and take care of himself.

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Same problem for me!

I smother white or green cabbage with pesto which seems to work, and add lots of mint to peas.

I roast carrots with a little butter instead of boiling them which makes them taste sweeter.

I also make cauliflour cheese (instead of plain cauliflour) which goes down well! (but not so good for you!)

When I disguise the flavour, the veg gets eaten....but I have no idea how to make sprouts appealing!

Best of luck!

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My favorite low fat, low salt, low everything meal is this: I bake a very large potato in the microwave. While it is cooking, I dice 3 slices of Canadian Bacon, and grill it in a teflon skillet, no fat. Then when the potato is done, I split it and put on low fat Cottage Cheese, the Canadian Bacon, a bit of diced tomato, a bit of green onion. Then I top it all with a low fat creamy salad dressing. It is a one plate meal and very satisfying. You really don;t need anything with it, cept maybe something light for dessert. Oh you could use butter buds on the potato for that buttery taste, if you want.

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After re-reading this, I also thought to tell you this. He is responsible for his own health, if he refuses to help himself, ask him if you are his beneficiary. Cause if you aren't his beneficiary, it is now time to make you a beneficiary. That should wake him up just a bit. I had a stroke last August, and it is time for me to take care of me, my S.O. is a "feeder", if I don't eat, he likes to cook and feed me high fat stuff. So I have made sure I cook and cook things that are good for me. He is feeling better, too. Wonder why??

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I use frozen orange winter squash, mix it with some elbow macaroni, butter and parmesan cheese and tell my kids it's my homemade macaroni and cheese recipie. They love it! Even have second and third helpings and they don't even know they are eating their vegetables.

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When you place the food on the table, put the veggies in front of him first and make sure the entree gets there about 10 mins. later.

Hungry people are a little less picky.

There are people who are super tasters in that flavor has more of an impact. He may be one of those. Or he may just be a picky eater. It's genetic.

I managed to get my daughter to expand her repertoire by serving the veggies first and telling her what we are eating and offering her a small taste. At first it was a resounding, "No!", but weeks into it, she started to ask for a taste. Of course she never liked it at first, but then started accepting the very foods she at first rejected.

I just tell her about the nutritional benefits of whatever dish I am serving, offer to show her the recipe and act like it's no big deal.

If your Dh dowesn't want the veggies, then he is going to have a very boring dinner that has already been put on his plate. Do not make opportunities for seconds from his favorite foods or he will fill up on them and never learn to eat veggies.

Also, know that learning to eat low fat is difficult for someone who has been choosing high fat for years. It will take at least 6 weeks or more to re-educate his palate.


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I think he needs to grow up and take responsibility for his own health; it is not your responsibility.

Maybe a little reality check on how other people live in the world would help him, too. I spent a year living in a third world country prior to starting college and believe me .. it was an eye opener. There really are a lot of places in the world where people are grateful to have ANYTHING to eat. They don't have the luxury of picking to eat this or that, refusing vegetables, and causing extra work for others with their demands about food.

I think he's being really inconsiderate to you in terms of creating extra work for you, and also possibly causing you to have to care for him when his food choices make him sick. I think he needs to take more responsibility for himself and be more considerate towards you!

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My husband puts cheese on everything...he can be hard to cook for except for that. And he was impressed when I cooked macaroni (about one and a half cups) and melted 4 slices american cheese and milk until may want to use cheddar/colby-jack. He LOVED it, and we don't buy boxed anymore for our kids. Your husband won't know if he is out of the house! That's when I bake cookies, and hide them. My four year old is very picky about veggies, but loves tomatoes and carrots. I serve him carrotts at every meal, and just a small amount of whatever veggie to try so he can have a special dessert. One day he put a spoonful of peas in his mouth, and didn't even ask for dessert or popcorn! He still doesn't like them, but I stressed how important it is to try, because you might like it. and then we eat pizza with lots of veggies once a week!

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You should try "Deceptively Delicious" by Jessica Seinfeld.

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