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Tin Can Bird Feeder

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I am looking for directions for making a bird feeder from tin cans.

Nancyeb1 from Rabun Gap, GA



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By Michael Ruger [19]06/21/2006

I guess you could make a tin can wild bird feeder easy enough.but how would you stop the rusting. maybe somekind of waxing or vegetable oil treatment?
Then again you have to be careful not to poison the birds. Painting the outside is fine with the right type paint.
Maybe you could use the tin can as the upside down feed container find a plastic lid that will cover the open top of the can Punch little seed falling holes on a slant near the bottom of the can. Run a piece of sturdy coated wire through the can fasten it tightly on the botton of the plastic soda bottom seed catcher.
Hey it isn't the greatest but the hungry birds won't mind.
I wish I could help you more. Maybe somebody on here can find you a website.
Anyway Happy Bird Feeding From
Mr. Thrifty

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