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Aluminum Can Airplanes

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I would like to know how to make a biplane and other objects from pop cans?

By Lui from Ontario, Canada


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By jean leiner [14]02/02/2010

If you gogle aluminum can airplanes, you will find sites with directions for making them.


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Archive: Aluminum Can Airplanes

Years ago I received an airplane made from aluminum soda cans. Does anyone have directions to make these? The airplane is getting old and I would like a new one, but haven't seen any for sale.
Thank you so much.


RE: Aluminum Can Airplanes is the answer. (08/07/2005)

By Ann

RE: Aluminum Can Airplanes

Check out: and Wayne at bcair sells lots of books and videos on building aluminum can airplanes and I sell completed aircraft. (10/15/2006)

By Bill

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