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Removing Bathmat Adhesive from Tub

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How to get the adhesive left in the bath tub, when you remove a bath mat, off?

By maacah from Cranbrook, BC Canada


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By Sarah Leach [8]08/12/2009

Goof-Off is an inexpensive solvent that won't etch your fiberglass tub and is totally safe on most surfaces.
We use it all the time (my husband uses it to remose the stickers from sheets of glass and other items he uses in his artwork)
It's fantastic.

By Earlene08/08/2009

Rubbing alcohol has taken adhesive residue off my bathroom sink after I removed one of those sink skirts. I'm not sure what type of tub you have, but you might want to check with the manufacturer before trying anything.

By OliveOyl08/07/2009

If it's a porcelain tub you can scrape off the residue with a single edge razor blade. I would not try that on fiberglass.

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