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Getting Rid Of Thick, Yellow Toe Nails

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How do I get rid of thick and yellow toe nails?



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By gerrigates195908/05/2013

I Will Try The Tea Tree Oil. When I Put It On My Toe Nails Do I Need To Put On Socks?

By lovinmyplants07/31/2013

Thanks for the advice...I am 54 and I notice the last year or so that some of my toenails are thickening and I hate it. So when you use the Vicks and the tea-tree oil do you put them on at the same time? Or do you apply one in the am and one in the pm? And, do you cover the whole nail or just on the thickening part underneath the nail?

By rusti04/17/2013

I have had a bad fungus on my big toe for at least 15 years. Tried everything and nothing worked. I tried vicks vapor rub about 3 1/2 weeks ago and it's almost all gone. Does it work to get rid of yellowing on fingernails?

By Cindy (Guest Post)02/12/2009

I had a thick yellowed big toenail for years. The podiatrist gave me medicine but it didn't work. I tried all the remedies lemon juice, tea tree oil, vicks vapor rub, filing it down, cutting pieces off, You name it I tried it. Nothing worked. I went to another podiatrist ten years later. No joke! I told him if he could remove the toenail.

I had nothing to lose the worse case he said,that it would grow back the same way again thick & yellow. I had it removed in 2005 & my nail grew back flat & normal no discoloration. A little sore & painful the first week after the surgery. I took the risk & it was worth it. Something to think about. Good Luck, Cindy

By Mary (Guest Post)12/10/2008

Hi, p.s. The tea tree oil I used was, brand name sundown worked the best. It makes a difference.

By Mary (Guest Post)12/10/2008

Dip end of q-tip in tea tree oil and apply on nail after every shower, mine took a year to be completely gone, but you will notice new nail appearing at the quick with-in a month. It takes a year to grow a new complete nail from end to end.

By Timothy Jones07/09/2008

Take one tablespoon lemon juice and one tablespoon baking powder and mix them well forming a paste. Now apply a small dot of this paste on the center of each fingernail.
At the health food store get Juniper Berries. Crush about a tsp. full and steep in hot water, when cool enough use it to soak you affected areas in. If you are in a hurry and can't soak in between soaks just paint it on with a q-tip.

By Cathy (Guest Post)06/11/2008

Vicks does work, used it on my toenail. Fixed my problem.

By Katie (Guest Post)06/11/2008

I have tried both tea tree oil and Vicks. They both really do work, but you have to be really dedicated about using them. Twice a day, and you can't forget. Mine were growing in clear after about three weeks of use, but then I stopped (stupid, I know) and it started coming back. Be diligent and you will see results! Vinegar also works but I found the tee tree oil and vicks to be stronger. Also, try and wear open-toed shoes or sandals. That helped a lot. Socks are a breeding ground for bacteria. Good luck!

By Coreen Hart [73]06/10/2008

I use Vicks every night. It doesn't cure it, but it makes it look and feel normal. Be sure to rub it in around all edges of the nails and underneath them.

By susan [5]06/10/2008

Thick yellow nails are caused by fungus, which usually follow a yeast infection in the body. Prescription meds can cause liver damage so bloodwork must be done every 2-3 months to amke sure you remain healthy while on them. It usually takes 6-24 months to rid oneself of this, since it is systemic. Most responsible doctors don't use meds for treatment (becaause of the potential side effects), but suggest over the counter treatments. Tea tree oil is first on the list. This can be a stubborn condition to treat since some infections run under the nails. Use tea tree oil daily, until the nails grow out and any sign of infection is gone. Take probiotics orally daily also to help rid the body of the systemic problem. Don't be in a hurry for a quick answer, you won't get one with this problem, it may be stubborn.

By Jessie Joyner06/09/2008

Use Tea Tree Oil every day. Just dab it on with a cotton ball. It will take a few months, but it worked for me. My doctor gave me this advice.

By texascow (Guest Post)06/09/2008

I have used tea tree oil. Put it on am and pm it clear up in about 3 weeks for me.

By Babette [35]06/09/2008

The Vicks really works, my neighbor tried it she put it on her toes every other night and after about 4 months the old toenails fell off and she had pretty new ones coming in, that's been over a year ago .

By Karen Lawson (Guest Post)06/09/2008

I don't know much about the home remedies for this problem. However, I am sure too that it is a fungus and I know it should be treated by a doctor. If you are planning to try the home remedies, I'd be interested to know if they work!

By linda (Guest Post)06/06/2008

What the other person said is correct. VICKS will do the trick. My mother did this and she no longer has the toe nail problem. :) It took about 2 weeks to be completely free. Good luck.

By Misa06/05/2008

Try the product on I have been using the soak for about a month but my infection has been in place for years so I expect it will take some time to see results. It is a very interesting site with lots of good info. Good luck

By angela06/05/2008

Thick yellow nails are a sign of fungus. Find a fungus remover or rub toes with vicks or similar menthol type product at night.

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