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Making Hand Warmers


What do you put into a hand warmer/rice bag to make the fragrance?

By Dee


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By ruth langdon 9 70 12/20/2010 Flag

Hi Dee, I make these with rice only, but my mum says you can put lavender in them. I think I might also try them with a little cinnamon, so they smell like Christmas.

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By Keeper 58 1,055 12/22/2010 Flag

Hi Dee, Ruth made some for me as my hands seem to stay cold in the winter months. They are wonderful. You can use rice,flax seed and corn. Adding lavender or spices is a bonus. :)

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By Leigh 5 31 12/22/2010 Flag

I have made larger ones for aches and pains but never thought of a hand warmer, what a great idea. Don't use instant rice though, it has to be long grain. Also wheat will work very nicely.

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Archive: Making Hand Warmers

I was considering making hand warmers for gifts. Any suggestions?


Holly from Richardson, TX


RE: Making Hand Warmers

How about sewing palm sized pouches filled with rice then stitching them to dollar store gloves. They could be microwaved to heat up. flax seed is another option. (10/13/2007)

By kladybug

Archive: Making Hand Warmers

My husband aleays has cold hands, so I made him a couple of "hand warmers" to keep them warm. I simply cut out soft fabric into 4 (4 inch) squares. Sew right sides together leaving about 1/2 open. Turn, fill with rice and sew shut.

He just pops these in the microwave for 30 seconds or so and voila! his hands are nice and toasty. These would make nice gifts for someone who has poor circulation. Just put one on top of the other and tie a ribbon around and put a cute tag on. You can also make these in kiddy fabric and let them put it wherever their "boo boo" hurts or on their tummy. :)

By Carol from Landisville, PA


RE: Making Hand Warmers

You should use a closely woven cloth. This will keep bits of grains from squeezing out. Might be a good idea to make 2 cases. One would be the inner pouch and the one your hand touches, soft cloth. (06/07/2008)

By cookwie

RE: Making Hand Warmers

I don't use knits as they are a pain to sew, also, rice may come through. I like fleece, any soft material you have laying around, really. I use about 1/4cup rice. You don't want to pack them tight. There should be some room once you add the rice. This is the same as the ones they make for the neck. All you need to do for that is use a long tube sock (if you have it) and fill or make 2 pieces the length you want and finish as for the hand warmers. The big ones are great for cramps! I have made these for years and have never needed to use more than one layer of fabric.


By joynchocolate

RE: Making Hand Warmers

I think you could make a larger one and use it in your bed if your feet are as cold as mine always are! Should work better than a heating pad that has to be turned off and has hot spots. Also, I might like one for my little dog's bed to encourage her to stay put at bed time. (08/03/2008)

By Karla

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