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Can I Use Peroxide To Get Rid Of Ear Mites?


Can I poor peroxide in my dogs ear to get rid of ear mites?

Kali from Panama City, FL



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By Candy 1 49 06/09/2008 Flag

Go to the pet store and buy an ear cleaning solution and ear mite medicine. Clean the ears out well and let your dog shake his head, and then apply the ear mite meds. It will take retreating several times to clear them out if that is what he has follow instructions on the ear mite med bottle. It could be an ear infection and not mites.

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By Michelle 1 4 06/09/2008 Flag

You'd be much better off using mineral oil.

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By Hazel 1 06/10/2008 Flag

Many people have used garlic oil to treat ear mites with good resutls. I found this site that also says you can use garlic and mullein oils to treat ear mites. Please check it out. I think using natural remedies is much better and safer for our dogs.

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By (Guest Post) 06/10/2008 Flag

Vinegar and Alcohol will work too. Vinegar is a natural anti-bacterial and the alcohol is a drying agent. I always mix two parts vinegar to one part alcohol, and spritz their ears regularly. It keeps them clean and dries them, so ear mites won't feel comfortable setting up shop.

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By Bobbie Hudson-Penick 48 06/10/2008 Flag

You should not "pour" anything into your pet's ears! This will over wet them and can be the perfect inviroment for infections. Use a cotton ball or pad and gently clean with vinegar(squeeze it out so it's just damp). I have a dog who had a lot of ear problems until I used this along with Solid Gold Ear Care With Comfory. I order it from & you can probably do a search for it if you don't want to buy it there.
Hope this helps:-)

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By Paula Jo Carr Mebane, NC (Guest Post) 06/10/2008 Flag

Certainly if you can afford a dog you can afford to buy some medicine for their ears. Who ever gave you this idea doesn't know what they are talking about at all. The dog is already miserable enough without adding to their misery.

Google Ear mites in dogs and several sites will come up that are very inexpensive. Please, please, please for your pets sanity BUY THEM EAR MITE MEDICATION!

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By dar (Guest Post) 06/10/2008 Flag

We always used peroxide on our dog's ears. It works great.Good Luck! Darlene

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By Jennifer Atkinson (Guest Post) 06/10/2008 Flag

Applying mineral oil to the pet's ear with an eye-dropper or a special ear irrigation pump is the best way to get rid of ear mites. Mineral oil is good for your pet because it does two important things. First of all, it helps to dissolve ear wax and the exudate that may be plugging your pet's ear. Second of all, it smothers and kills ear mites.

Once the mineral oil is applied, massage your pet's ears to help spread the mineral oil while loosening and getting rid of ear mites and ear wax.

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By Linda Smith (Guest Post) 06/11/2008 Flag

If your dog has constant ear problems you may try Monistat. You read correctly. Ear mites cause an infection much like a yeast infection. My vet told me to try this. You can even buy the generic brand to save money. We have used this on our pets and it works great. You can also purchase an ear cleaning solution to loosen the "goop" from the dogs ear. Use a pair of hemistats to grip a cotton ball and clean the dogs ears. Same thing the vet uses.

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By Sherri (Guest Post) 06/14/2008 Flag

Hello. Please go to your Veterinarian. These mites can be cured by giving your dog an injection of ivermectin. This drug works great on mites.

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By Nan Corpe 7 290 07/15/2008 Flag

No! But you can take your dog to the vet and then ask him how to keep the dog from getting them in the future.

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By kandra (Guest Post) 02/21/2009 Flag

this is a way to get rid of ear mites:

The first step in helping your pet is to clean out the ear and try to relieve some of the discomfort. Use an eyedropper or syringe (without the needle) to insert some Vegetable or Olive Oil into the ear canal. While keeping your pet's head still (as they will want to immediately shake the substance out) massage the ear thoroughly to loosen any deeply impacted mite dirt (you may be able to gently squeeze some of it up and out of the ear). Use cotton balls to clean the ears and only attempt to use q-tips very carefully being sure not to allow them to enter portions of the deeper ear canal. In order to relieve irritation caused by the mites, use a natural treatment of Psorinum or Sulphur.

In order to actually kill the mites there are a couple of natural remedies that you can make at home. The first one is a mixture of 9 drops of Yellow Dock Root Extract and 1 tablespoon of water. Use an eyedropper to insert the treatment into the pet's ear, being sure to massage it well prior to the animal having the opportunity to shake it out. Administer the treatment once every three days for a period of six weeks.

The second treatment mixes 1/2 an ounce of Almond Oil with 400 IU's of Vitamin E. Warm up the mixture to body temperature and apply 1/2 an eyedropper into each affected ear. Massage the mixture around in the ear and remove the excess with cotton balls. Administer the treatment for a period of six days, leave it for three days and then repeat.

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By Randy 1 06/03/2009 Flag

Campho-Penique inserted in dogs ear with dropper will kill ear mites & help heal any sores. You can also use it externaly on sores, scabs, or any bad places on the skin. Also good for cats & human abrasions & itches. Good luck putting it in a cats ear!

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By Donna 1 07/09/2009 Flag

Ear mites are very very easy to kill, The aftermath of an infestation can be awful though. If your dog had bloody ears from scratching use peroxide to clean the bloody ears, but do not put it inside the ear canal. for inside the ear use plain mineral oil injected into the ear canal (use a needle less 3cc syringe) until the ear is full of mineral oil. close the ear flap over the ear canal and massage under the ear pushing upwards towards the opening for at least 5 minutes (this will sound squishy). Turn your dogs head over onto a paper towel to drain the mineral oil out. along with the mineral oil you will see stuff that is dark and sorta looks like coffee grounds. repeat this process Until the draining reveals no more stuff coming out with the mineral oil. Now do the other ear.

Now that the ears are cleared of the nasty stuff use an ear mite medication per directions. not finished yet though ... Ultra important to now bathe your dog with a good non expired flea and tic shampoo. Be careful not to get it in the dogs eyes, but you must lather from right above the eyes to the tip of the dogs tail. This bath is important because the ear mites travel on the head ear to ear. The dog may continue to scratch at its ears afterward. if this continues more than a week you may have another aftereffect which is a yeast infection. you can tell by smelling your dogs ears. A yeast infection has a very distinctive odor. You can either give it a pill, or ask your mom for monostat the monostat will bring near immediate relief. Good luck sweetie

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By jeannette 3 11/28/2009 Flag

No! Go to a local vet and purchase an ear mite solution. You squeeze some in the ears , hold it closed, let your dog shake is head around, then gently use a few q-tips and cotton swabs to remove the mites and the dirt they create. If you use peroxide, you will burn the tender area within the dog's ear. After one week, repeat process just in case any eggs that you didn't get the first time will die. Many dogs and cats are born with ear mites. If left untreated, the animal can go deaf and cause permanent hearing loss.

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