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Stitches Skipping on Sewing Machine

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I have a problem with my sewing machine. When I stitch on light material I am getting stitches. But, when I stitch on heavy material the stitches are skipping.

Again when I go back to light material I am getting good stitches. Can anybody guide me what I have to do to get good stitches while stitching on heavy material. What adjustment I have to make. My machine is Singer-Industrial model and material is leather.

J.Loke Singh


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By Judy Harris [28]08/02/2007

All of these suggestions are great! I have just one more. Your may need to purchase a "roller foot'. It will glide right over that leather and even vinal.

By Susan Sanders-Kinzel [9]07/01/2007

Sent by email:
I was able to rectify by using sharp and appropriate needle, adjusting tension and pressure foot. I think I had a problem with my bobbin case also. Once bobbin case is replaced and along with the above adjustments, I am getting good stitches.Thanks a lot for guidance.

By susan [5]06/14/2007

I agree with everyone else, first make sure your machine is clean, you have a good sharp needle for leather, the tension and such is correct. I've had problems with this happening if I am using the wrong kind/weight of thread for the material I am attempting to sew also. My machine simply will not sew correctly with a cheaper thread. Couldn't hurt to try another one.

By Cindy R. (Guest Post)06/13/2007

These are some things that I have found it could be.
The needle needed to be bigger for the heavy fabric.
I have bought a store brand thread and had problems, and lastly I have had a tiny piece of thread stuck down behind my bobbin. I hope this was helpful.

By Janice C. [18]06/12/2007

I've learned the hard way that you can't expect your sewing machine, even if it is a Singer, to sew over every weight of fabric without adjustment. Changing the tension and the needle and using the recommended thread and keeping the machine clean and oiled ought to do the trick. The Singer website sounds helpful. You might have to fiddle around a little to get the tension right, so be sure to make a note of your "leather tension" when you get it the way you want it. Good luck, and know that we're there with you at your sewing machine!

By Holly [349]06/12/2007

Try a new needle if you haven't changed it lately - I was positive mine would be going to the repair shop and swapped out the needle just in case - that cured the problem. A seamstress friend puts in a new needle every time she starts a project.
Clean out the bobbin area of accumulated fuzz.

By LEONA LABINE [40]06/11/2007

I agree to adjust your tension.
On most machines the left side of the machine near the top is the tension wheel, you will see numbers on it. If your machine is sewing fine on light material, check your tension, if it is at a low number, move it to a higher number for heavy material or vice versa. I agree to test on a scrap piece of material.

By Rae (Guest Post)06/10/2007

Are you using a leather needle? I know on my machine needles effect the stitching a lot. The singer website has a needle / fabric guide too.

By Andi [1]06/09/2007

You might need to adjust your tension for the leather. Use a scrap piece. Sew a few stitches, turn you tension knob, sew a few stiches and check. You will have to play around with it until your stitches are correct. Make sure you look at the underside of the leather and check those stitches as well. Be sure to adjust again when you go back to a light weight fabric. I start all my sewing with a scrap piece of fabric. You should use a heavier needle as well. Ask at the fabric store what they would recommend.

By Beth [5]06/09/2007

My sewing machine like to play mind games with me, too! See if you can adjust the foot (the metal thing that hold the fabric down) so that it isn't pushing quite so hard, or adjust the speed at which it's being pulled through. And be on the lookout for broken needles- Thicker matierial can be exciting like that! Good luck!

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