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Sofa Repair Information

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I have a sectional sofa that needs repair to the sagging springs in the seats. I have been looking for someone to repair it and have had no luck. Could someone recommend a business in the San Francisco Area.

If not, is there a manual on how to do the work myself? Does anyone have any tips? I've been working on this for some time now and am getting frustrated. I haven't had any luck on the internet, so far.

Thanks for your help.

Bob from San Francisco



Recent Answers

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By fred staffieri (Guest Post)02/17/2008

I repaired the wood frame on my love seat but now I don't how to reconnect the flat springs onto the opposite side.

By Gilma (Guest Post)07/26/2007

the legs of my sofa broke. how much will cost to replace them? (small legs) 2" tall""

By slim jim (Guest Post)03/13/2007

my sofa is a three seater. one end has a sagging seat. any suggestions on how to repair. I am a do-it-yourselfer.

By Tina (Guest Post)01/30/2006

My Cat has Clawed the Corners of my Sofa can someone tell me if it is possible to fix this without having to get it completely reupholstered?

By Patsy (Guest Post)11/21/2005

The lever on the left side of my reclining love seat broke.
Can I get a new one?

By Jo Bodey [1]03/01/2005

That was my suggestion too - a book from the library on upholstry! You may not need to replace the springs - usually these are sew to strips of hessian or other heavy material which may have come adrift and you may just need to replace the hessian. You will have to start by taking the base off the chair - some are solid, some are fabric and having a look. Upholstry is not difficult - you just need to be methodical in dismantling the interior of the chair and replacing everything in reverse order. The books usually have a section in the back for upholstry supplies, like hessian strips, springs, upholstry needles, so try to get a locally written one who will recommend local suppliers.



By irene [8]02/28/2005

Go to your local library and get a book on upholstery. The instructions for replacing springs should be in there.

By Jill [2]02/28/2005

Look under upholstery repair in the yellow pages, You can buy new spring units and do it yourself or take it to a upholstery repair shop and they will replace them. ... rancisco%2CCA&btnG=Google+Search

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