Spider Repellent Recipes

Many people are scared of spiders, or simply don't want them in or near their house. If you are one of these people, then you need a spider repellent. This page contains recipes for spider repellent.

Spider on web with dew drops on it.
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I see peppermint oil keeps mice away. I have been told it also stops spiders if put round windows and door ledges. Anyone heard of this and do you mix it with water and at what ratio?

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    My husband, an entomologist who keeps various spiders in his home office, doubts the idea that spiders can be repelled with peppermint oil. However, there are many sites that support this idea so a very easy online search for "how to make spider repellent peppermint oil" produced many replies. You can try a search yourself or this great site to start:


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    I have spider mite sacs all over the ceiling of my front porch. Not even spraying them with a hose works to get rid of them.

    By Billie

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    Well, we don't have any dangerous spiders here, and if there are egg sacs or webs, I just sweep them down with a broom. If you felt they were dangerous, you could burn them or bag them up and toss them in the garbage. Most spiders are actually beneficial, as they eat a lot of insects. The spider mites I am familiar with sometimes infest house plants, and they are not beneficial, but they are very tiny and gotten rid of with an insecticide soap or something similar.

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    Can someone give me some ideas to help me keep spiders out of my home?

    By Geraldine from Milford, CT

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    Peppermint oil works. I also sprinkle peppermint essential oil on my tiles while mopping.

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    Is there a plant, oil, lotion, etc. that will keep me from getting bitten by spiders?

    By Tammy from Wenatchee, WA

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    A spider bite or two is normal once in awhile but if you're getting more than that then you need to stay away from areas where spiders hang out and populate or, as Spanish Girl mentions, if they are in your home you need to rid the inside of your home of the spiders. There really isn't anything that is going to stop them from biting you other than staying away from them.

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    Q: I am looking for a spider deterrent for my patio area. I have pets and so do not want to use chemicals or toxic products. I do not want to kill the spiders, I would prefer a homemade solution that I could spray or apply around the "people" areas of my garden.

    Any ideas?

    Hardiness Zone: 5b

    Danamango From Montreal, Canada

    A: Danamango,

    If you get rid of the insects they eat, you will eventually get rid of the spiders. I have seen the following home remedies for repelling spiders. I've never tried any of these myself, but they certainly sound interesting. If you (or anyone on this site) try one of these methods, let me know if it works!

    • Chestnuts: place them around patio doors and around the perimeter of the balcony or deck to repel spiders.

    • Strong Essential Oils: (Canola, cedarwood, citronella, garlic, lavender, cinnamon, peppermint, tea tree oil, etc.) Combine 5 drops of any of these oils to 1 quart of water and a bit of dish detergent. Spray around desired areas.

    • Chewing Tobacco: Add 1 package of chewing tobacco to 1 gallon of boiling water and let cool. Strain and save liquid. Add 1 cup of the liquid to a 1/2 cup of lemon scented dish detergent. Pour into a spray bottle and treat the desired area. (Recipe by Jerry Baker, America's Master Gardener).

    • Lemons: Spiders taste with their feet and are repelled by lemon oil, and even lemon-scented pledge. (This advice is supposed to be straight from the folks at Arachnophobia-the movie).

    • Osage Orange (Horse Apples): Quarter them and place them around the perimeter of affected areas.


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    I'm trying to keep spiders out of my shed. I've tried vinegar, lemon curd, pepper and conkers all of them don't work.

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    Closeup of spider.I manage an apartment complex in a rainy area and there are a lot of spiders (especially pumpkin spiders). I'm having to knock down webs daily. I am trying to find a repellent that will not harm children, adults, cats, or plants that can still be effective when wet and can be used to cover large areas. Spider and web in shrub.

    By Malinda

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    Hedge apples if you can find them spiders hate them place them around the affected area sure they grow in most of the Midwest.

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    What is a natural spider repellent?

    By Budd from Fox Lake, IL

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    Try this...

    add 1/2 oz. coconut oil to one quart of white vinegar

    Coconut oil may be found in the grocery store in the baking section or in the snack section next to the popcorn oil. Health food stores will also carry it. It is solid at cool temperatures so you may need to warm it to a liquid form. Pour into a spray bottle and shake well to mix, then spray away. Be careful around delicate linens or furniture, it may stain. Best use is for outdoors, basements, garages etc.

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    What is a natural deterrent to spiders in the home?

    By Nancy

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    I am looking for spider repellent suggestions.

    By tcs31796 from Warwick, GA


    Spider Repellent Recipe

    Diatomaceous earth is a natural insect repellent to use around the base of your house, individual rooms, etc. You can also eat it (I do). It actually kills insects.

    Editor's Note: Be sure that the diatomaceous earth (DE) is intended for human consumption. Medical-grade diatomite is sometimes used to de-worm both animals and humans. (10/08/2009)

    By Saddlebum

    Spider Repellent Recipe

    Mock or Osage oranges actually work well. Just tuck them into corners and closets or anywhere spiders are seen. I've even hung them from my skylights in the kitchen and bathroom. OK. I glittered the ones in the kitchen first, but they worked well. We get those nasty black spiders that jump at you and didn't have any last year. (10/12/2009)

    By Shosha

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    Is there a natural, safe repellent that I could put on the house so that the spiders won't get established? I live near a lake, which hatches little bugs in clouds. This brings the tiny spiders that blanket the buildings and landscape plants around here. It's very ugly. I don't want to kill them, because more would be arriving soon.

    Kim from Moses Lake, Eastern WA


    Spider Repellent Recipe

    Don't know if this works, but was talking to a friend who went to visit another friend and they had bundles of clover tied in the barn and he told her that spiders don't like clover. So if you know someone who lives in the country grab some clover and give it a try. (10/06/2008)

    By PICO

    Spider Repellent Recipe

    Yes, it is a good bet to try hedgeapple (or osage orange, same thing) "fruits". These look like green, bumpy oranges and have a citrus-y smell. They chased away the spiders in my bathroom, and looked nice in a basket on the counter. (10/12/2008)

    By Deb

    Spider Repellent Recipe

    Be very careful about using mothballs in your home. The chemical [naptha, I think] is toxic to our liver and the smell will always be present, long after the mothballs are gone. There are enough chemicals present in our lives that weaken our immune system and promote disease without our deliberately bringing them into our homes. (11/07/2008)

    By Mary Alice

    Spider Repellent Recipe

    Just used some hair spray (Schwarzkoph super hard) to flush out a spider from a window sill. They curl up and stop moving if you spray them enough. I'll try using some vinegar and oil to repel further spider incursions. (12/01/2008)

    By Joe the Plumber

    Spider Repellent Recipe

    Diatomaceous Earth is a natural way to get rid of any insect or bug. Its safe to use around pets as well and comes in a food grade form. Farmers use it to worm their livestock. Humans consume it to remove parasites and sprinkling it in your carpet, around your home or in the grass will completely rid your home of insects and bugs. Keep in mind, if you use this method, you will also kill a lot of good bugs. Not to mention earth worms. So I personally only use it indoors for fleas, ticks, and spiders. (12/27/2008)

    By Rachel

    Spider Repellent Recipe

    Here in New Zealand we have a problem with white tail spiders. There is a product called 30 Seconds Cob Web remover. Its made from acetic acid (vinegar), capsicum (chili peppers), soaps, and oils. It says its 100% natural. You just spray it on and it breaks down the cobwebs and leaves a film which is odourless and helps prevent spiders building cobwebs. You could try mixing your own with similar ingredients. I have had success with essential oils, liquid soap and water sprayed interior and exterior. (01/31/2009)

    By Milly

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    I am being overrun by spiders on my patio and garden. I know they are good for the garden and all, but I would like to step out at night without fear of walking face-first through a web, and its owner!

    Does anyone know of a natural recipe I could spray on my patio structures to deter them? I have cats and dogs, so it has to be something safe and gentle. I don't necessarily want to kill the spiders, only get them to set up house elsewhere.



    Spider Repellent Recipe

    See this link for a recipe for a natural spider repellent recipe: http://www.ipmofalaska.com/files/spidersnatural-dr_bronners.html

    By P

    Spider Repellent Recipe

    I heard on an infomerrcial to spray a mix of Vinager and Coconut Oil around to get rid of spiders. (08/23/2005)

    By Jane

    Spider Repellent Recipe

    1001 All Natural Secrets to a Pest Free Property is the name of the book. It is written by Dr. Myles Bader. Here is the link http://www.1seenontvstore.com/g-pest-free-property.html (09/28/2005)

    By Terra

    Spider Repellent Recipe

    Just saw the infomercial today. The number to call is 1-800-697-1958 and the book is called 1001 ALL NATURAL SECRETS TO A PEST FREE PROPERTY by Dr. Myles Bader. Hope this helps. I had also been searching for that same infomercial ;-) (10/30/2005)

    By Joyce

    Spider Repellent Recipe

    Spray straight 5% white distilled vinegar with a teaspoon of coconut oil to help remove and help prevent spider webs.


    By rlarson760

    Spider Repellent Recipe

    I found this link with a good natural spider repellent recipe : http://www.homestead.com/ipmofalaska/files/spidersnatural-dr_bronners.htmlA

    Natural Spider Spray Formula for inside the house:

    Dr Bronners Peppermint or Lavender Soap, or any other natural soap.

    1 ounce of Neem oil
    You can also add 1 to 5 drops of any of these Essential Plant Oils (depending on your preference) to 1 quart of water:

    Catnip Oil, Citronella Oil, Lavender Oil, Cinnamon Oil, Peppermint Oil, Citrus Oil, Tea Tree Oil, or other essential oils.

    Add 5 tablespoons of the soap per quart water. Add one ounce of the Neem oil to the water which you have added the soap and label it. Shake well and spray inside house where spiders are seen. Test for strength.

    May be done as often as needed. This is not a long term solution but will provide you immediate help. Oils may stain some fabrics or light colored furnishings, test first.


    By Madonna S

    Spider Repellent Recipe

    I have drop ceilings in my home where I have seen several spiders dangling from, and was also bitten in my sleep, so I am trying everything I can.

    Other than expensive, chemical treatments that aren't always effective, here are the other methods I have found through research and asking people:

    I have heard that spiders can taste and hate lemons. The information I found suggested spraying Lemon Pledge.

    I have animals, so I am going to blend some lemons up, strain the juice and dilute it to spray inside my house. I have not tried this yet, so I am not sure if it will be sticky. I also thought about blending up a jalapeno pepper in the mixture because I am also not sure if lemon will attack bees, which have also been mysteriously appearing in my kitchen and bathroom.

    For areas that are out of reach for pets, dilute Citra Solv or Desolvit in water and spray.

    I have also read that spiders hate the odor of chestnuts, hedge apples and osage oranges. If anyone has a chestnut, hedgeapple or osage orange tree, PLEASE LET ME KNOW at ms.thang_mary_jane AT yahoo.com

    I can't find any of those trees in my remote area and I'm not big on going into the woods this time of year because I am allergic to poison (anything) ivy.


    By Crystal, Indiana

    Spider Repellent Recipe

    Hi there,

    You can mix up a potion with 5 table spoons of natural soap i.e. lavender or peppermint to 1 quart of water, then add 1 ounce of Neem Oil (available at most heath food shops) and then lastly add 1 to 5 drops of essential plant oil i.e. lavender oil, garlic oil, tee tree oil.

    Mix it all together and shake well and then spray in the area affected. The Neem Oil is a natural insect repellent (01/02/2007)

    By Liana

    Spider Repellent Recipe

    I use spray petrol. It works a treat.

    Spider Repellent Recipe

    Spider repellent for both indoor & out:
    Mix coconut oil and some white vinegar and put into a spray bottle. Pay close attention to ceiling corners.

    By Trudie

    Spider Repellent Recipe

    I too hate spiders. I haven't tried the coconut oil and vinegar yet. There is a spray made from hot shot called spider killer. oh let me tell you one spray, and they curl up right away. They only ones I seem to have to spray 5 times are the big baseball size wolf spiders. (03/26/2007)

    By debbie

    Spider Repellent Recipe

    I use liquid cinnamon on cotton balls. Good so far, in a basement (05/19/2007)

    By jody

    Spider Repellent Recipe

    You will need, 1 cup of vegetable oil, 1/4 cup of dawn liquid soap, 1 tsp of vanilla extract. Mix oil soap and extract in a container. Now in a spray bottle put 1 table spoon of the mixture for every 1 cup of water. shake and spray your spiders away.

    Editor's Note: We heard by email that this was very effective:

    I tried the recipe of veggie oil, dawn dish detergent and vanilla. It worked like a charm. I was finding at least a dozen weekly. Now I've only seen 2 in the past 2 weeks. I definitely recommend this! - Casie Lynn (05/20/2007)

    By frank

    Spider Repellent Recipe

    I have a problem inside closets and don't really want to spray anything around my clothes. I found a neat idea on the net. Use old panty hose, string or ribbon, cedar shavings (pet dept. @ walmart), tea tree oil (walmart), and lavender oil (ordered off the net).

    Cut the panty hose into sache sizes. Fill with cedar shavings and put in 5 - 10 drops each of the essential oils. Tie off the end(s) of the hose and put in closets, under sinks, etc. Whenever the smell weakens, just drop a few more drops to refresh the sache. (07/11/2007)

    By Laura

    Spider Repellent Recipe

    Lavender oil works like a charm. Just spray where you want no spiders. Repeat once a week, or as needed. (08/23/2007)

    By Sherry

    Spider Repellent Recipe

    All great ideas, and easy to find ingredients. I'm in a basement apartment and for some reason I've had a rush of spiders in the past week. I've been treating the baseboards with chemical repellent and Raid, which worked in the spring, but I don't like over-using those chemicals. I'm going to try some of these suggestions and see how they work. I'll report back with any notable results. Thanks! (09/10/2007)

    By JJ

    Electronic spider repellent

    Does anybody have experience with this new gadget? It is now advertised on the web as electronic spider repellent. It claims that electric rays will keep spiders away in the entire house (I'd quite happy just to keep those huge Scottish spiders out of my bedroom). It's about £26 and can be ordered from a London shop or on Amazon. I'd appreciate any comment if you know this device. (09/13/2007)

    By Eva

    Spider Repellent Recipe

    I have heard that Toilet Duck is an extremely effective substance when it comes to killing spiders instantly! Although I wouldn't recommend it indoors on carpets or soft furnishings, but would be very effective outdoors. (09/24/2007)

    By Vix

    Spider Repellent Recipe

    I have heard that citronella and lemon eucalyptus are very good to get rid of spiders as they do not like the acid in the citrus. (10/04/2007)

    By nicole

    RE: Spider Repellent Recipe

    Spider Repellent Recipe

    I find that spiders are rather irritating. They do bother me a lot. I have to always check out for spider from getting into my car. I will become panic while driving on the road if I notice there's a spider in my car.
    Found this website, but not sure if it works.
    http://www.shop.naturalhealthcaretoday.co.uk/product_info.php?products_id=294 (10/17/2007)

    By Maureen

    Spider Repellent Recipe

    Clean using lemon lysol lightly diluted or you can just spray it around your house

    By jesse

    Spider Repellent Recipe

    I used a teaspoon of coconut oil to a one quart bottle of distilled white vinegar. Boy did it work! I was overrun with spiders. I use the solid coconut oil. Warm it up to melt it - warm up the vinegar. Worked so good I bought a little pump up sprayer and went after my garage, outside under the eaves, everywhere. House stinks like vinegar for about a day. But it sure worked. (04/10/2008)

    By bill

    Spider Repellent Recipe

    http://www.spiderrepel.com/ (04/22/2008)

    By Toni

    Cats messing in flowerbed

    Someone suggested putting broken saucers, etc. in the dirt because cats don't like to walk on it. Perhaps you don't realize that a cat could cut it's paws and get an infection? This is not the way to deter a cat. There a safe cat deterrents available in pet supply stores; also consider consulting a veterinarian or animal control service. (05/04/2008)

    By Blankner

    Spider Repellent Recipe

    Anything that contains lavender or lemon. Spiders detest the smell of these. My bedroom window is right next to the garden and if I left it open for about a hour...even at night i would always find a huge spider on my wall!

    It sounds stupid but I had some lavender bubble bath in the bathroom so I used an old toothbrush and like dabbed bits on the windowsill, and then used a bit of lemon!
    No spiders since! I can leave my window open all the time!
    and if its hot and sunny. It makes the room smell so fresh and fragrant! (05/08/2008)

    By Charlie

    I hate spiders

    Lizards love to eat spiders. (05/18/2008)

    By Chris

    Some spider Info

    Brew it Yourself Pesticides

    To prevent Spiders in gardens and areas of a home not used on a regular basis: Mix 1 ounce of table salt in a gallon of water and spray on plants and in non-finished area of your home (unfinished basements, garages and unfinished rooms) spray once a week outdoors and and needed to prevent spiders indoors.

    Spiders In The U.S.

    There are about 3,000 species of spiders in the U.S. Most types preferring to live outdoors. Although spiders eat thousands of insect pests, few spider bite humans. For the most part, they can be controlled by frequent indoor vacuuming of webs and crevices where they hide. Heavy spider activity can be controlled with residual pesticides that are specified for spiders and there are many HOME BREW pesticides, but users most be aware that any brew of household items are chemicals that may harm young children, elderly and non target pests.

    Spiders To Avoid

    Two species are dangerous-the Black Widow and the Brown Recluse. Female Black Widows are found in the eastern and southern U.S. About an inch long with double red triangles on a rounded black bell., their back are sometimes spotted with dull red dots. Males are smaller, white and streaked with red and yellow coloring. The males are not dangerous, but the females are aggressive if their webs are disturbed.

    Be on the watch for these spiders in garages, under decks, in crawl spaces and log piles around stacked plant pots and shrubbery near foundations.

    Brown Recluse Spiders

    They are less than an inch but can grow to up to 2 inches in favorable conditions. They have an oval body colored tan to brown. They are likely to appear indoors but hide from human activity. Most bites occur when an unused room or attic is suddenly occupied, or when stored clothing, sheets or towels are disturbed.

    Black Widow Spider Bite

    is very painful, leaves two distinct fang marks and can result in dizziness, headache and nausea within 30 minutes. Immediate hospitalization is essential for any such bite, with young children and older people being more susceptible to death than a healthy, non elderly adult.

    Brown Recluse Spider Bites

    Aren't as dangerous, but the wound swells to about the size of a quarter and blisters quickly. The bite is surrounded by a red welt ring. Generally the spider is found stunned near it's victim and should be killed and taken to a doctor along with the patient.

    Be sure the doctor checks the spiders prostate cause the spider should be checked out since he is at the doctor anyway and it's hard for the spider to get to a doctor on a regular basis. Sorry wanted to make sure you were still paying attention.


    If you have children who play around wood piles , or under decks and porches, be certain such areas are free of spider activity. Spray with residual pesticides on a seasonal basis to discourage spider infestations.

    I hope some of this information will help to keep more people from killing spiders out of fear and a lack of knowledge. I do work with spiders and although I have never tested pesticides on any of my lab spiders I am going to try some of the home remedies and see if I find something that is easy to use safe for pets and doesn't kill the spiders but deters them from going into certain areas. Thank you for reading my long addition I hope it helps in some way. (05/19/2008)

    By John

    Spider Repellent Recipe

    I have been spraying RAID Flying Insect Repellent (indoor use) on the Wolf Spiders outside my house and it kills them almost instantly. I have tons of them that creep up under the ridges in the siding and they all hang down at night. I had about a week of no sightings before going out again to spray them.

    Unfortunately they love chlorine water and I have a pool out back and a wooded area behind the fence. I don't think I can keep them away permanently, but it sure is nice to nab the ones I can before having people over to swim. I have a LOT less of them in the pool since I started this. (06/12/2008)

    By Shannon

    Spider Repellent Recipe

    To the person above that wanted to know where they could buy Hedgeapples to repel spiders. There is actually a website that sells these things. http://hedgeapple.com (06/24/2008)

    By gms3651

    Spider Repellent Recipe

    Just had to reply to the myth of spiders being repelled by chestnut odor. Ummmm, I'm a chestnut farmer and I can tell you they have no smell whatsoever (until you roast them). I can also report that we have monstrously big hairy spiders living in our chestnut trees, which tends to dispel the myth as well.

    Stick with the lemon oil (drip it onto your broom's bristle then swish along the walls/ceilings/doorways. If that doesn't work you need to ramp up to chemical-based surface spray, I'm afraid. (07/17/2008)

    By xine

    Spider Repellent Recipe

    Does just plain vinegar work? I heard if you set it out in a bowl spiders won't come near you. (07/21/2008)

    By mia

    Spider Repellent Recipe

    Does anyone know if ground cinnamon (bark) repels spiders? And people above who need spider repellent please see above entries. thanks. (07/31/2008)

    By angelica

    Spider Repellent Recipe

    I would say the best spider repellent is a big foot covered by a thick boot but I understand how fast those little jerks can be lol. Anyways the cheapest and easiest looking one is vinegar and coconut oil. (08/03/2008)

    By Dillon

    Spider Repellent Recipe

    I mix a little gum spirits of turpentine and citronella oil with alcohol and spray as often as needed, it really helps. You could apply straight on a rag if you like. I also spray it under wooden furniture, window sills, and door tracks about once a month or so. It smells good too. I know spiders have a purpose, but I've been bit twice by black widows and just can't stand them.

    Not only does the bite itch for six months, but you have terrible stomach cramps. Mine lasted a week. You may not even know if a young child gets bit, just a small red bite. But watch out for the stomach cramping, it could be passed off as a stomach virus. Good luck. (08/03/2008)

    By Tumpy

    Spider Repellent Recipe

    The most effective way I have found to repel and/or kill spiders is to spray for termites. I have been told by more than one exterminator that spiders rarely come into a house unless there is "food" inside. So if you have a spider infestation in your house, garage, or surrounding area, it may mean that you have a termite infestation too.

    I use a "natural" termite company that sprays using chrysanthemum oil as its main ingredient. It is safe for people and pets (though it may give your dog diarrhea, so you should keep the dog away for about 15 minutes). And to top it off, I have rarely seen a spider since. And I only need to spray once or twice a year.

    If you are getting them in your car, then try going to the car wash and getting the undercarriage washed. Not all car washes offer this, but most do. They spray soap and water under the car (meant to get rid of mud but is also gets rid of bugs too). Then afterward you can spray any store bought pest repellent underneath to keep them away. (08/05/2008)

    By Marissa

    Spider Repellent Recipe

    I found this recipe online it is just a bit of citronella essential oil mixed with the essential oils, eucalyptus, lemon oil, and wintergreen. I just put a few drops of each in a spray bottle with water and was told to put it on before I go to sleep and to spray wherever you have seen the spiders. I think it is specifically for the BROWN RECLUSE.

    Since I live in Eastern Maryland where there are also black widows, I suggest you try it. I'm not 100% sure it will work but I hope so. Give me some feedback if you can. (08/08/2008)

    By Danielle H.

    Spider Repellent Recipe

    Cedar chips and moth balls is the best and most cost effective. I have been using this for 2 years and have not seen a spider since. Throw these under your house and in closets (I keep the cedar chips in a bag but opened) and under sinks etc. (08/18/2008)

    By Merlin

    Spider Repellent Recipe

    Aqua Net hair spray seems to work on spiders that I've found living in the house. A few second spray of this, they'll curl up and die. Good for a quick spray whenever you see a spider in the bathroom or something, which is how I discovered it works. (09/03/2008)

    By Chuck

    Spider Repellent Recipe

    Wow! I just tried the Dr. Bronner's soap and neem oil recipe and it works brilliantly! I didn't have the Lavender Dr. Bronner's, so I used the Eucalyptus and the spiders just keeled over and died! How weird (but wonderful!) is that? (09/14/2008)

    By Jen

    Spider Repellent Recipe

    (submitted via email)
    I'm concerned about your kids. I have kids of my own so I'll give you some idea why you have spiders. The infestation is due to having food for spiders to survive. Ants are the main food for spiders. Eliminate the ants you might eliminate the spiders. Another source of food chain is Termites. Christ is good, God bless you.

    jesse (09/26/2008)

    By jess_admin

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