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Fixing a Bathtub Drain

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I have a bathtub lever that goes up and down, but recently the lever won't lift up the drain cover to let the water run out. How can I fix this?



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By Michael Vincent01/29/2012

I just had this problem this morning and searched online for a solution, which is how I stumbled on this page. My lever would go up and down, but would not release the plug to drain the tub. I took the lever mechanism apart and the plug was not attached.

My grabber tool would not work, so I tried a c-hook and opened it a bit more using a pair of pliers. Then I wrapped the screw-end of the c-hook with string, and lowered it into the hole. Somehow I hooked the plug on the very first attempt, and it pulled right out. Before I reattached the fixture, I used the pliers to close the hook around the plug so that it didn't dislodge again. Good luck!

By Michael Coon08/08/2009

I just took mine apart, and it's not that hard, (although I'm not sure how to fix it. There's some interesting information at: that seems to have an illustration of the drain.

By Dean04/11/2009

I have the same issue. My concern is that we will have to take the tub out and replace the tub. Does anyone know if the drain can be replaced without taking a section of the wall behind the tub out?


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Archive: Fixing a Bathtub Drain

Does anyone know how much it might cost me to repair a broken bathtub drain? The lever will not stay down to let the water out without holding it by hand. Thank You Barbara in Freehold, New Jersey


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