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Small Flies Are Driving Us Crazy

We are facing a problem with small flies increasing daily in all the rooms. I am not sure if these files are the same as the flies sitting on my bananas. It is becoming a big problem. Is there any method to get rid of these flies, any insecticide, or any other less harmful product as this is in the house?


By Giri from Bangalore

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July 6, 20100 found this helpful

I used those Black Flag sticky glue paper hangers in my house and it worked well. They are cheap and nontoxic.

You can also try making a fly catcher out of a two liter soft drink bottle. (Do a web search for better instructions.)

Basically you cut the empty bottle a third of the way down from the spout pour top. Then place a chunk of fruit in the bottom of the bottle (good bite size, the more fragrant the better) and then replace and secure the top half you cut away, Inverted upside down into the bottom.

The flies crawl in but won't be able to figure out how to fly out of it.

It will look like a funnel setting in a bowl.

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July 6, 20100 found this helpful

Here is one recipe I got from this site:

1. Take styrofoam plate with a big enough lip to allow 1/4" - 1/2" of apple cider vinegar, pour into plate.

2. Take Lemon Joy or Lemon Palmolive dish washing liquid soap. Not hand washing soap. Not dishwasher machine soap. It's yellow liquid dish washing soap that you'd use to wash dishes by hand. Must be lemon.

3. Take the liquid soap and make a squiggle with it, a back and forth motion with the liquid soap on top of the vinegar.

Now I've only used this outside at night and in the morning it was revolting to see what died in the mixture. Those huge black flies; smaller black flies and any number of gnats and gnat-like bugs floating in the mixture.

I've heard it works in the home too.

I believe the original recipe said that the soap had to be Palmolive brand, but I didn't have any and the dollar store had Lemon Joy by Proctor & Gamble. But it does have to be lemon because Dawn dish washing liquid soap didn't work.

Good luck!

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July 7, 20101 found this helpful

I used the apple cider vinegar and a couple drops of dish soap in my kitchen, and was amazed at how well it worked. I was also horrified at how many were in there.

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July 8, 20100 found this helpful

Fruit flies can be around even without the fruit. If you have indoor plants, put diatomaceous earth in the soil. We had this problem at work in offices without food. It got rid of all the flies within 2 days.

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July 17, 20100 found this helpful

Fruit flies can live on fruit, in the residue in pop or juice cans or bottles, in garbage, on soil in house plants. And they reproduce every 3 days or something like that, so you have to keep treating for them if you don't find the source. Conversely, if you do find all the places that they are breeding, and get rid of those, the little beggers will die after a couple of days, and that will be the end of them. Any spray insecticide kills them, but you must get rid of whatever it is that they are breeding on.

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March 23, 20110 found this helpful

I used an old plastic dish one of those glad storage things taped fly paper around upper edge cause that's where they land, then hang a fly paper partway down into the dish, also dipped the fly paper in the solution of wine, apple vinegar, and apple juice that I put in dish, talk about a fly magnet. Best to use the whole fly paper strip wrapped around dish the small size disposable Glad one. just add solution as needed. They don't stand a chance. Put in window cause light also draws them in along with the smell, the wine smell seems the most potent, apple cider works well too.

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March 23, 20110 found this helpful

While the window is open these flies are so small that they can get through the screen. I watched them do it. so I'm changing out my screens to a smaller mesh.

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July 6, 20100 found this helpful

My wife and I are being inundated by flies. They are actually much smaller, like fruit flies. We cannot get rid of them and have no idea where they are coming from. This has been going on for about two weeks now.

We first discovered them in our trash can in the garage. There were hundreds of them! The trash has since been picked up and the can cleaned and disinfected and there is no sign of bugs there. However, now we are finding them in our kitchen and our upstairs bathroom. I have dumped Clorox down every drain in the house several times and spent an entire day cleaning everything. I've cleaned all our drains, the garbage disposal, inspected the fridge, oven, microwave, pantry, everywhere, yet, still cannot figure out where they are coming from.


We kill them as we see them, probably twenty to thirty a day, yet their numbers do not diminish. Please help, they are making us crazy!



Small Flies Are Driving Us Crazy

Try putting small dishes of vinegar out around the house. It works for us every summer!

Good Luck! Rebekah (08/09/2005)

By Madelynnsmama

Small Flies Are Driving Us Crazy

Thanks. It seems to be working, however, partially. Since I posted this I have pulled out both the oven and fridge, disassembled the garbage disposal, and disconnected the dishwasher drain, and still, nothing. At this point, I don't even care if they go away, I just want to know where they are coming from! (08/09/2005)

By dsennis5215

Small Flies Are Driving Us Crazy

Do you have houseplants? Could be fungus gnats. (08/09/2005)

Small Flies Are Driving Us Crazy

The vinegar is good. Try adding a few drops of dish detergent to it so they can't fly out of the vinegar. (08/10/2005)

By Ann

Small Flies Are Driving Us Crazy

Reading this is like having flashbacks. I had the same situation. But I knew they had come from some fruit that I had brought into the house. I know this sounds strange, but trust me, it worked. Put two saucers filled with unused coffee grounds on each end of your kitchen. They like to eat it but it kills them. It took about 4 days before they were totally gone. (08/13/2005)

By Donna

Small Flies Are Driving Us Crazy

Bleach down every drain is good, that's where they're coming from. Every other day pour boiling water down all the drains, including any floor drains. Within 2 weeks they will all be gone. (08/14/2005)

Small Flies Are Driving Us Crazy

I have killed fruit flies by spraying with hairspray diluted with alcohol. It seems to make the wings stick together, and it's non-toxic for the kitchen. (05/19/2006)

By pamphyila

Small Flies Are Driving Us Crazy

Take some OJ concentrate, set it in a shallow dish (undiluted), and let it melt on the kitchen counter. They will swarm towards it. Then just spray them with hair spray a few times a day. I get rid of fruit-flies-from-nowhere in a day or two this way. (06/30/2007)

By TheyGrewAgain

Small Flies Are Driving Us Crazy

We are having the same problem! The only thing that seems to be helping is fly paper! Non-toxic and no-smell, 4 for like $1.25 at the supermarket. (07/18/2007)

By Natalie

Small Flies Are Driving Us Crazy

I have one small inexpensive answer. Wine! Any wine. Just put like a cup out on a plate/bowl and let them feed. They'll drink, get drunk and drown. Trust me, this works! Just like snails on a cup of beer outside. (10/21/2009)

By rhondaemery

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