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Repairing Chips on a Linoleum Floor

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I have several nicks and chips in my linoleum floor. Is there a way to repair or cover them and make them less noticeable?

Gail from PA


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By Carol in PA (Guest Post)10/22/2006

If you have a small piece that was saved when the linoleum was installed, you can cut out a square and replace it with the newer piece. This works best on linoleums that have squares in the pattern.

I understand you can do this with carpet as well.

Good luck

By pam munro [447]10/11/2006

If it's linoleum tile and the cracks are on the edges - you can fill them in with colored grout - I have even applied colored nail polish in a matching shade....

By fordluv (Guest Post)10/10/2006

how about using some wax crayon in the same color. I used some rusty orange on my laminate by just rubbing it over till it filled the hole. I then took a cloth and gently rubbed the crayon marks that didnt fill the hole. Looks perfect and has lasted several monthes without redoing. Cant see why it wouldnt work on tiles or lino as well.

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