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Solutions for Slippery Vinyl Tile

The floor in our new townhouse has some slippery spots. Two people have already fallen and we were hoping to use this space as a rec. room, so we need to stop the slipping! I've tried cleaning it with soap and then with vinegar, but it's still incredibly slippery. The floor is vinyl tile. Does anyone know how to make my floor less slippery?

Trix from Toronto


Recent Answers

By Daniel Pardel02/15/2008

Try using SKID SAFE Water Based Sealer/Finish with ND Aggregate TM which I have successfully used on my hardwood floors,vinyl kitchen tiles concrete driveway, and painted garage floors, and in my ceramic tile bathroom.
These materials were very slippery wet before I used these amazing products, and now they are not slippery either WET nor DRY !

I have used them for over 8 years ! See, the manufacturer/creator since 1986.

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