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Ink on Leather Car Upholstery

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How do I remove black ball point pen from a leather car seat?

Thank you.

By Charlene from Columbus, OH


Recent Answers

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By cc01/04/2011

I just had this problem ten minutes ago, hairspray worked, rubbing alcohol and wd40 did not. Acetone is suppost to do the trick.

By PRETTY TEASHA KING [8]01/06/2010

WD-40 works good.

By Jan Glier [1]01/04/2010

Use WD-40 it will take it right out

By Susan Sanders-Kinzel [9]07/12/2005

I would like to know how to remove ink from leather upholstrey. My friends daughter has drawn all over the backseat of her vehicle (smiley faces, etc...) with an ink pen. Thanking you in advance.



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Question: Removing Ink from Leather Car Seat

A used printer ink cartage leaked through a plastic bag, it was stored in, onto the leather car seat. I have not touched the spot yet. It is the size of a quarter. It is on my front gray leather seat.

By Donna W

Most Recent Answer

By coville123 [320]02/14/2012

Try hair spray, if not try a permanent marker the same colour as your leather go over it with marker.


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Archive: Ink on Leather Car Upholstery

I have a 2000 GMC Jimmy and the seats are a beige leather, they have some dark blue ink pen on them from my 3 year old. The car is my sister's and is fairly new to them and I am in desperate need of advice. I tried a little soap and water and then I tried a little rubbing alcohol, but it is not looking good for me. Help.


RE: Ink on Leather Car Upholstery

I have had success using methylated spirits and a cloth on most surfaces, just not sure how it would go on a large area. Can it be tested in a less obvious area? (03/04/2005)

By AussieLuci

RE: Ink on Leather Car Upholstery

Have you tried hairspray or isopropyl alcohol? Both have worked very well for me in the past. (03/05/2005)

By Dana

RE: Ink on Leather Car Upholstery

Anti-bacterial hand gel works very well on ink stains. I've used it with great success on all kinds of stains including permanent marker. It works great without harming any surface I've used it on. (03/05/2005)

By jeangnome46

RE: Ink on Leather Car Upholstery

If the ink is not a marker, spray hair spray on an area that won't show first to be sure it won't ruin your upholstry. The cheaper the better. Dab with hot water and soap after a few minutes of sitting untouched. You may need to do this several times to remove all of the ink. Markers will come out with a product from a janitorial supply company designed for the project. Each store caries different products. Happy ink be gone. (03/07/2005)

By Julie

RE: Ink on Leather Car Upholstery

Aftershave works well. Personally, I used a generic brand with great success, and I've heard Adida's brand works well also. It got the black permanent marker off of our leather couch. (04/17/2005)

By Greg

RE: Ink on Leather Car Upholstery

Aftershave, may work on a glazed finish leather, but not on a porous leather. Also, it can remove the colour if not applied carefully.

Leather is expensive and needs a professional kit when it comes to ink removal. Try this one: (09/24/2005)

By ben123

RE: Ink on Creme colored Leather Sofa

We tried almost every household product we could find. Do not use nail polish remover though. It takes out the stain, but takes out the dye with it. We actually ended up having great success with Cutter's Insect Repellent. We sprayed it on and left it there for about 2 seconds and then wiped it off immediately. Do not spray and wait. It will lighten the leather slightly, but if you spray and wipe off after 2 seconds you should be fine. (02/29/2008)

By Jennifer

RE: Ink on Leather Car Upholstery

I just tried antibacterial gel on my car armrest and it didn't do much. I then tried the hairspray and it worked, but be very careful and leave it on for two seconds then blot off clean area with the antibacterial gel. I did not try removing the whole thing it is very faint. I just did not want to risk the hairspray damaging the leather. (03/26/2008)

By e

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