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Appraisal For Antique Fiddle

Where do I go to get a free appraisal on an antique fiddle? I've tried many places and nothing. Somebody help!

James from Bankston, Alabama


Recent Answers

By (Guest Post)09/10/2008

The value in violins/fiddles is somewhat based on the maker, but unless you have a very, very famous maker, the value is mainly in the quality of sound the instrument produces. If you don't play, you might start by taking it to the school orchestra teacher. He/She can tell you if the instrument is playable. If it is, he/she can recomment a local repair shop who will tell you honestly what you have and if any repairs should be made. Also, NEVER refinish a violin. Part of the sound quality comes from the finish.

By (Guest Post)09/07/2008

Have you tried going to an auction house that specialises is musical instruments?
I might be worth a shot.

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