Finding the Value of Conant Ball Furniture?

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The Conant Ball furniture company was known for its Colonial furniture reproductions, cane seat furniture, and pieces designed by Russel Wright an American industrial furniture designer. This a page about finding the value of Conant Ball furniture.


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Please help me find the value of this table and the year it was made. It's in great shape and has been taken good care of. There is only 1 spot.


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People are asking $400 all the way to $2000 for tables like this. Now keep in mind the asking price is not the true value of this table. The only time you can find out how much the table is actually worth is when one is sold.


Currently I am not finding this exact table that has sold online. The value of this table is also determined by the area where you live. In some areas the table will sell for a lot higher price than in other areas. Also considering the table has a mark on it will lower the overall value of the item.

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Your table is modern--not an antique. Not sure the year. Conant furniture was made to be timeless so sometimes it is hard to tell the exact dates if you were not the original owner and have the purchase receipt.

It does have unusual feet which are a style maybe 1950s ish. I am still trying to figure that out as today is the first I have ever seen those kind of feet on a Conant--I know now they exist--because I found this set (see link below) that seem to match--but they are different--this brand's table legs and lines were typically very sleek and streamlined--and these are a bit chunky and odd for the Conant brand--no offense on that comment--just not his usual style....which has me intrigued!


Is it signed?

I think I found your exact table? With a full set of chairs, this set 2016 for $314:

If this is your table then you may fetch $100 or less or if you just have the table (and in today's market). Furniture sales are regional so the actual value you can get for it will be very dependent on where you located and the supply and demand and the fact that yours has some damage to it. Sadly even a little damage to furniture lends to the devaluing.

I will continue to research and see if I can learn any more about this particular leg style as it relates to Conant. Many of this brand's pieces are quite valuable and that this set is not makes me want to dig deeper as to why!

If I learn more I will post back!! Thanks for sharing!

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I have a bedroom set in very good condition that my parents owned and each piece is stamped with Conant Ball Furniture Makers. They owned it for possibly 30-40 years or longer.


We are planning to start selling their estate and I would like an idea on how much this might be worth. It has a dresser, queen headboard, two night stands, and an armoire.

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May 16, 2020

When is this piece from? Is it a Russell Wright piece and how much is it worth? I got it at an estate sale.


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Gorgeous piece! Did you get it for $64? I see one sold on the East coast for that amount. I don't believe it is a Wright because his were signed 98% of the time. The auction house should have confirmed the provenance before selling. If the one I saw is this one, the mark was just the standard Conant.


I have seen these hutches sell on various sites and locations before Covid for $100-500. Furniture sales are regional and now in a Covid market values are plummetting since people have limited income and are unemployed.

$64 is the value in the place of the auction because that was the sold price. Sold price equals current market value.

If you are trying to flip it, you may want to wait until the market starts to correct.

It is in nice shape!! Post back with an update!!

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Beautiful cabinet.
It's a shame that china cabinet's popularity depends upon someone having china to display and since china is no longer a 'desirable' item it follows that china cabinets will not be high on everyone's 'wanted' list.


The majority of the larger china cabinets take up more room than apartments and modern homes have available and a 'dining' room is almost non-existent in today's homes as some of the most popular types of homes are 'tiny' houses as people seek to downsize into smaller and smaller areas.

This does not mean that cabinets like this are not selling but it does mean the type of buyers looking at these will be very low so it may take even longer to find a serious buyer.

I do see that some people are describing these cabinets as a 'breakfront' but yours is a true china cabinet. Does it really matter - no - but if you decide to sell then I would recommend listing it as a china cabinet but also have breakfront in the description mainly because people searching may not know the different and just look under one category.
Here is a description of the difference:

"A china cabinet is a storage closet either separate from, or built into, a wall while breakfront is any piece of furniture that has a central section that projects farther forward than the other sections."

Here is a link to an excellent listing that has everything you need to know about how to list a cabinet like yours for sale. This listing covers everything - all you have to do is change the wording to fit your cabinet - measurements, etc. and add your pictures.

You can look at the sold listings on eBay and see that cabinets are still selling but if you look closely you will see that very few are large cabinets; most are smaller and all can be used as other furniture - such as book cases or combinations for other displays.
You will also notice that most of them are listed as 'pick up only' so that means they cannot be counted as any type of 'value' except in that city/area.

eBay and Etsy have a lot of traffic but these sites are not very easy for new sellers to use and can 'trappings' that can be costly so if you do plan to sell your cabinet I would suggest sites like Facebook Marketplace, Craigslist, USA4Sale Nationwide or just your area and any of the other sites that allow you to list as 'local pick up only'.

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My father recently passed and we are trying to sell/find new homes for much of his furniture. We have a Conant Ball solid oak dining room table and have no idea of it's value. Makers mark says Conant Ball Furniture Makers and several numbers. There is no mention of the designer. 68"x38"x21¾". 2 leaves that extend it to 92".

I would appreciate any help. Thanks!


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On Chairish they are listing 2 different model dining tables with a drop leaf that are a bit different than yours. One table is going for 1695 dollars and the other one is going for 1995 dollars. This should give you a good idea about how much the table is worth.

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Lovely piece, is going for as high as $2000 on ebay,, and online sales. You would have to find the right way to market it in your area. If local arrange for them to pick up and save money. Also try auction/bid with a minimum price and stage it well!

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December 2, 2019

I have a Conant Ball solid wood couch, with red cushions and pillows. It is very heavy. I would appreciate any information. Piece# 3376


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The Conant ball furniture goes for quite a bit of money. The designer is Russel Wright and many people think this is the most beautiful furniture ever. You are more than likely looking at around $2000 to $3000 for this piece. If you want to learn more you can post it on this site and ask them about it. They have experts there that can give you the real price this is worth.

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Conant Ball pieces can be quite valuable and I have never seen one like yours with that amazing cathedral style back and those heavy arms.

I peg this piece from the late 1960s or laterpossibly as late as the 1970s by my estimation, based on the note that there is Urethene in the content. From my research, I have learned that Urethene (wasnt marketed until around 1967). I am trying to remember when the need to spell out country of origin came and I can't lay my fingers on my regs and Google is not cooperating for me this morning. Somehow 1972 sticks in my brain, but that may have been something for toys, not furniture. Anyhow...the Urethene gives a good starting point for dating your piece--it has to be AFTER Urethene was marketed.

Be careful when doing your research as I have found that there are re-sellers that use spam words to get attention on their ads, when it is not true.

In this case, you will see Conant Ball and designer Russel Wright listed together to get attention to the piece. Russel Wright was a very prolific furniture designer (also designed dishes and other house hold items) and he did design for Conant Ball early in his career.

I do not think this is a Wright piece for the following reasonshis style was primarily art deco and some mid century modern and this is neither style. It is more early American in style.

Also, by most accounts he left Conant in the 1950s and this piece is much older. Also, his pieces were primarily marked with a wood burn that said designed by Russel Wrightwhich if your piece had that would be on the underside some where (so be sure to check)--I could be totally wrong about what I am seeing here--which is the danger of trying to assess something just from a few photos.

That all said, the Conant brand is still sought after on its on in most places in the US and some other countries. You also have in your favor that this an unusual piece with that interesting back on the piece (not regular old boring slats).

What is not in its favor is that is a dark wood and a bulky piece. What is still hot right now is the mid-century modern (MCM) lines (think 1950s/1960s Danish furniture that was the pre-courser of Ikea). Sadly some people (AKA furniture shoppers) may call your couch/sofa brown furniture (which is not popular at the moment).

Since you have this mix of great name and not so popular style, it is important to get this piece into the right market and that is probably not something you can do on your own, unless you have a higher end resale shop to help or are an experienced seller who is able to get the piece into an auction.

My best suggestion is to have a professional (resale shop or vintage or antique shopalthough your piece is not an antiquesome take vintage) sell the piece for you either in a shop or in a real auction (NOT EBAY) setting where the right eyes can see it.

As to value, that is going to be market based. I was not able to find any ASKING OR SOLD examples, to get you a general current market value. The dealer you take it to can help you value it for your market. My hope is you are in a high demand, low supply area which will command a higher price.

The piece that Ana saw at $3,200 on Chairish is a MCM piece which is why it has such a high asking priceif you look at that piece, you can clearly see the difference lines between a MCM piece and yours. Both have their appeal and totally different audiences.

The other thing with that high price is it as an ASKING price, not the SOLD price. I have found on many sites (especially Chairish) they super inflate their prices and then have these sales so they can get what they really want for a piece because people love to get a bargain at 50-60-70 percent off.

Please post back how your sale goes!

Thanks for sharing this neat piece!

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June 15, 2020

I have 4 of these chairs that I would like to sale. These are Windsor style with bow back and decorative back splat. All in good condition with wear consistent with age and use. How much do you think I could get for the set of 4?

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I would like to find the value of a Conant Ball maple desk -52.


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I have found a desk very similar to the one you are trying to sell. The person is asking $449 for the desk. Keep in mind this is the asking price and not the true value of the item. You will need to find one that has been sold recently to find out how much they are really worth. I can not find one.

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The value of your desk will depend a great deal on what kind of furniture is popular in your area as this type of furniture is very heavy and would cost several hundred dollars to ship. Condition of your desk looks like it has some issues also.
This type desk would probably not bring $100 within 2 or 300 miles of where I live as everyone is downsizing and getting rid of all of their 'chunky' pieces. So many people move every year or so and tend to leave half of their furniture behind.
That just means your potential buyers may be scarce no matter where you live. Someone may would like it for an office but would most likely want it in excellent condition.
The only desks that I found that had sold over several years are mostly the 'Danish' (plain) style and usually smaller in size.

If you plan to sell, I would recommend you list it on local venues like Facebook Marketplace, Craigslist, Letgo, Offerup, and any other site that will let you place your ad in your area and list it as pick up only.
You will need several good pictures as well as a true description but you can start your asking price high ($4 or 500) and just reduce it if no one shows an interest.
You can also list it on several sites at the same time.

This is an interesting article and you can also ask your question on this site and maybe receive some information (be sure to state where you live).

A desk 'similar' to yours sold for $12 in 2018. This is just an example of what can happen with an auction. This desk is in pretty bad condition but I really doubt the owners thought they would only receive $12 for their desk.

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January 29, 2020

I have 4 chairs here and I saw an online price with them going for $3,000-$5,000. Are they really worth that much and where would I sell them? Thanks so much.


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Online the site Istdibs is really expensive and people sell these for a very high price. If you take a closer look you do not see many of their items sold. You can also look on Chairish for the prices they are selling the items for. Again we are looking at a very large price for these chairs. Just like you have indicated. On Esty there is one chair listed for $469. I think if it was me I would sell them locally at an auction house. This way you get a fair price fort he chairs and you don't need to worry about shipping. Other than this you can contact the two companies I have listed here and see if they are interested in them or try your luck on eBay or Esty to sell them yourself.

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This is a complicated question. In some markets they are worth that much. Conant Ball chairs, especially if they can be directly attributed to Richard Wright are quite collectible and valuable in some markets. Furniture markets are regional so without knowing where you are it will be hard to say if you can get that much for them.

I am not sure your chairs are all original as I have never seen that ornate back a different color than the rest of the chair, so if that is paint, it may devalue the pieces.

My best suggestion is to find a reputable auction house in your town and get them to look at them and tell you what they would fetch in your market.

Better even, is to get 3 opinions from auction houses (or if you don't have those in your town, a really good antique dealer) and take the one that gets you the best value. These will need to be sold on consignment or auction to realize the best profits. It is rare if not impossible that someone off the street would pay you as a person a large amount...while they would pay in a "professional or retail or auction setting".

You don't say where you are located. That may helps some to figure out a good auction house. I am not taking eBay, I am talking a real, in person, with a caller auction house.

Please post back with more info. Thanks for sharing!

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May 27, 2020

How much can I sell this set of 6 dining chairs made by Conant Ball Furniture Maker for? The chairs are in good condition.

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May 24, 2020

I bought this lovely rocking chair from an antique shop in Greenfield last summer and brought it to Finland. What is the age and value of this chair? The chair and sticker have the number 1779 1/2 6.

Thank you!

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June 7, 2020

Can you tell me anything about these chairs? One chair is a rocker and one chair is a standard leg chair. I have included a photo of the mark on the bottom.

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