Finding the Value for Your Antique Furniture

July 19, 2021

Value of Wooden Buffet Table?I would like to know how much this is worth, wood buffet table in a very good condition. I had have it for more than 25 years . Thanks for your help.


The sides of the buffet table opening.
The front doors of the buffet left open.


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Furniture sales are regional supply and demand based. Not sure where Judy is, but that is sad that this would end up in a donation pile. I want to shop there!!

Where I am in Pittsburgh, in some markets you could fetch $300-$500 for your piece--if you were in the right part of town (we have some areas where people want to recreate their 1920s-1940 homes with period piece) and used the right words to advertise--which are art deco and sideboard and the wood type--which looks like oak.


This is unusual piece and looks well maintained.

Start high and take best offer. No matter where you are in the country (if you are in the US) you will fetch a higher value for the item if you sell it through a vintage store or antique shop, but you will split the profits with the store.

Post back how your sale goes!! This is a lovely piece!

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June 20, 2020

Can anyone help me identify these antique chairs? They are said to be 18th century?

An antique chair.
An antique chair.
The carved top of an antique chair.
The back of an antique chair.
The carved top of an antique chair.
The underside of an antique chair.
The front of an antique chair.
Two antique chairs.
Two antique chairs.
Two antique chairs.
The sagging underside of an antique chair.
The sagging underside of an antique chair.
The back of an antique chair.
The carved top of an antique chair.
The back of an antique chair.
The damaged seat of an antique chair.
The back and seat of a damaged antique chair.


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I believe you are going to have to find some site that has more members who are into this type of furniture.
There are a lot of forums with members who have varied knowledge of vintage and antiques so try posting your question on several of these and any others you can find as you may gain little bits of information from each one that you can put together.


You'll have to pick out the best pictures as this is too many for most sites unless you have link that can be checked. Post some pictures because many will not go to a link to view.

You can also try for a free appraisal as these sometimes give good information.


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June 21, 20202 found this helpful
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Neat pieces! My best suggestion is to have a reputable antique dealer look at them in person.

It is very challenging from pictures.

Everything I can see leads me to believe they are from the 1920s-1940s (or they could be old chairs that were redone in that era).


Everything about the chair that is visible looks machine made or machine assembled--nails, wood frieze, brass tacks and from the 1900s on.

Also, while velvet/velveteen was around for hundreds of years, it did not become common in every day, mass produced furniture until around the 1920s. Again--the chairs could be old and redone in this or a later era.

Someone needs to really look at the chair construction and things under the meshy stuff on the bottom and see how they are assembled.

If they are 18th century, they do look redone. I am not sure how that would impact the value. Values are regional also so without knowing more about your market and the supply and demand of furniture in your town, setting a value will be challenging.

Whomever looks at them for you can give you the values for your location.

They are really lovely!! Post back what you learn!

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December 30, 2020

I have two twin beds from my mother-in-law's house and am trying to find out more info about them like age, type of wood, and value. I also need to have custom size mattresses for them if anyone in the Chicago area knows somewhere local.

Thank you in advance!

A wooden bed frame with a headboard.
Marking on the inside of a wooden bedframe.
The inside of a wooden twin bedframe.


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December 30, 20200 found this helpful
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This looks like a 1950s Conant Ball piece, although they are usually marked with the CB logo. Is it a 3\4 size...not a twin or full? Sometimes out can use a dorm mattress to fit it. Is there a logo? If not it could be an homage piece.


If it is a Conant, in most markets these are a hard sell because of the unusual size. If they sell they fetch $50-$100. If it is not marked, the value will be about half.

They are sturdy and will last a lifetime! Thanks for sharing.


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December 31, 20200 found this helpful
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I believe you should ask your mother-in-law about these beds; where were they bought; store, city, state? What year were they purchased? Would this be possible? Maybe another relative?

I'm not sure that we can identify this twin bed set as it appears there are no markings to associate with a brand name and it really looks like the carving - VII - was made by someone that had nothing to do with the brand of furniture.


The features that puzzle me:
1.) The bed rails are much thicker than normal production beds and the metal pieces that hold the springs & mattress are something new to me.
2.) The foot-board is very unusual as it appears to have a hanger on the inside that will hold a bed skirt and does not match the head-board in any way.

As examples; these twin beds are what is the 'normal' head board and foot board:

I do not like using WorthPoint postings as they do not state if item was sold or give a price if sold but the sellers do sometimes have good information about their items:
Their bed has a paper tag with a name:
Van Stee Corporation
I thought perhaps these were made by that company but could not find good information.

All of this leads me to believe the head-board and foot-board may be authentic and made by some 'unknown company (maybe even Conant Ball) but the rails and foot-board seem to have been custom made and fitted to the side and foot-board.
It's also possible the beds were cut down at the same time and may be some unknown size or they may be 3/4 size.
Considering the depth of the side rails and the depth of the metal holders it appears these were set up to use springs and mattress as these look like regular hardware. It may be possible to fit a flat spring that holds a mattress but it 'appears' that just a mattress would be setting too deep in the frame.

I do not know how anyone could give you a true value when something has been 'custom' made but you may just wish to decide on a price for yourself and post it with pick up only and see how it goes.

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May 24, 2021

Can anyone tell me about this dresser please.

An old wooden dresser.


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This chest is fairly similar to yours and it sold for $90 @ auction:

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November 21, 2020

I am trying to determine what time period this furniture is from plus the type and value. The three piece set includes two chairs and a couch. I have a picture (the first picture) of one of the chairs as shown.

The other two pictures show the detail on the arm, leg, top, and back of the couch. The chairs have the same detail. The fourth picture is of an upholstery tag found on the couch.

A carved wooden chair with fabric cushions.
The arm and leg of an old wooden armchair.
The back of a couch.
A label on the back of furniture.


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Unfortunately the photos are very dark and do not give a good view of the pieces so there is not much I can offer. If you are able to do a full facing photo in good light, front, back, and underside, I may be able to offer more.

The upholstery appears to be a common pattern from the 1950s and 1960s but if it was redone that does not tell you much.

I am not sure if this company on the tag is still listed. The data on it is inconsistent--but I would start there and see what they can tell you:

1207 Sunset Dr
Thomasville, Georgia 31792-6356

(229) 226-1281

Post back with what you learn or additional photos! Thanks for sharing!


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The pictures are not good enough to really identify your furniture but it looks like it was from early 40's-50's (maybe older but dark finish that was only popular for short periods of time - almost 'Gothic').
I feel sure the Southern Manor Furniture Co did not make this furniture but probably only reupholstered it.
There only seems to be one person at the company address but you and still ask about your pieces. It seems there may still be some stores in operation.

From online sales it appears this is the type of furniture the company made:

if you can take a few good pictures you might try asking your question on these sites:

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November 9, 2021

Looking to determine value on antique buffet. Possibly 1950s. By Union Furniture, Jamestown NY. Photos of hardware included. Two side cabinets, one with 2 top drawers.

Has some scratches but is very solid piece. Cherry or mahogany? Thank you

A wooden buffet with drawers and cabinets.
The side detail of the buffet.
A marking on the buffet.
A label on the wooden buffet.
The metal drawer hardware.
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September 27, 2018

I have had this dresser in my garage for years. I finally pulled it out to clean it up and I was just wondering what it was worth? The maker was Sligh furniture company.

Value of an Old Dresser - old dresser with ornate floral medallion on center of two drawers
Value of an Old Dresser
Value of an Old Dresser
Value of an Old Dresser
Value of an Old Dresser


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September 27, 20181 found this helpful
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What a pretty piece! Solid construction with the dovetail drawers! They do not make things like this furniture is crappy and poorly made!

This piece is unique and very interesting. There is a similar piece on eBay with an asking price in the high $600s.

I recommend watching this auction to see what it sells for and that will give you today's market value for your piece. I NEVER use asking price to value things in today's market--only SOLD prices tell you what someone is willing to pay.

Usually I tell people only to find exact matches to get value. In the really old pieces, like I think yours is, it is very hard to find an exact can usually only find very close similar items and that gives you a ballpark range.

The downside to these type of pieces is today people like the crappy furniture that is being sold and are not always willing to pay for the good stuff.

I just sold off a very unique, very expensive in its day bedroom set that was over 100 years old, handmade, a true custom set....and all we got for it was the low $200s because people today want cheap disposable furniture. I don't get it!

You may do best to take this piece to several reputable antique dealers and get bids from them. I think this piece is worth being in the right market to get the best value for it!

Let me know what you learn and how well you do with the sale!! Thanks!!

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August 16, 2019

Was wondering what this would be worth. I am wanting more info on this piece.

Value of an Antique Buffet - antique buffet made from multiple woods
Value of an Antique Buffet
Value of an Antique Buffet


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This is a good quality piece with the dovetailed drawers. Look for markings inside the drawer, behind and underneath. That will help.

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July 14, 2021

I acquired this chair recently, and the only thing I know about it, is that is used to have a tag that said, "Handcrafted in the Philippines." I'd love even a ballpark range of its value. It looks well made and is in excellent condition.

A vintage chair with a woven seat back.
Rope holding the crossbeam in place.
A close up of the legs of the chair.
The woven back of the chair.
The woven back of the chair.
The woven back of the chair.

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December 11, 2020

I got two queen mahogany beds a couple weeks ago. The guy I got them from said they were from 1800s. I can't find too much info on it, please help?

A wooden head and footboard with posts.
A black headboard with posts.
The carved posts on a mahogany bed.


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December 17, 20200 found this helpful
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For the pineapple, you can start high at $1000 and take whatever someone offers, which could be as low as $25.

For the other, I would need to see more, but it if is an 1980s set, they have little value in most places. You could start at $200 and take best offer, which could be as low as $10.

I am basing my values for my location in south western PA.

If you want an accurate starting gauge for your town, call or send photos to a few local consignment stores and see how much they would value them for if they were in their shop. That is retail. You can expect to get less than retail if you are selling them on your own.

Furniture values are one of the most variable commodities out there. In some cities an item can sell for a lot of money because they are in high demand and low supply. In other places, they are high supply and low demand and you find them for free on trash pick up day.

A general rule is start high and take what someone offers.

Post back how your sales go!

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October 26, 2020

How much is this pie cupboard from the 1800s worth with a missing door?

Value of an Antique Pie Cupboard? - cupboard with a missing door


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First off there are some people who love the older look and are buying up this type of furniture to put in their homes. I knew some people in the US when I was there working that had an old farm-style home and in their home, they had a lot of this type of furniture. I am not sure where you are living but to try and sell this online is almost impossible because of the shipping cost to send it off to a person. If I were you I would actually speak to an antique furniture shop in your area and get their opinion on this item. I know a good cabinet maker could easily make a new door for this cupboard so it would match the one that it has. If you just want to try and sell this locally you can try and list this on Craigslist in your area. I would list this just like you have done here and explain that one of the doors is missing. I would start off by asking around $200 for this piece and go from there. I am not sure what furniture sales in your area are but the price you ask for this piece is determined by the area you live in. If there are a lot of people in your area that buy up older pieces of furniture like this then you can start off with a higher asking price. If not start off with $200 and see what a person will offer you.


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October 27, 20200 found this helpful
Best Answer

First: where did the 1800's date come from? Do you have personal knowledge of this age or what are you basing this date on?
I do not believe the missing door will be the biggest problem with the value of this cupboard as it appears to have considerable damage to most of the wood, especially the complete bottom of the cabinet, including the bottom doors.
It does appear your cabinet has a pull-out board in the top cabinet?
When showing pictures it is always best to show several including doors opened and closed as well as the sides and back.
It appears this cabinet may have been exposed to bad weather conditions as the bottom seems to be from excessive water damage. Also, one bottom door appears to be warped and a hinge is bad?
Please remember, we are only seeing one picture and no one can really tell the true overall condition of your cabinet.

I'll have to be honest with my personal opinion and hope that my remarks do not offend you as they are only meant to be constructive. I do not expect that other members will agree with what I state but hopefully you will consider all suggestions and make your own decisions.

As to the top doors: I don't see these as the biggest problem because if the cabinet was in good condition a buyer may just replace both door or have a duplicate one made. Some people may even just remove both doors and have shelving only.

I believe your cupboard may actual be called a Hutch but the names/styles are used so loosely that you may see it called other names/styles. I do know it is not a Hoosier cupboard.

I have owned several of the Hoosier cupboards and researched different style cupboards over the years and I can say that I have never seen a cabinet in this condition placed up for sale on an online market site. There may have been some listed that I have not seen but my personal opinion would be that you list this on a site like Craigslist or USA4Sale and have local pick only.
This way you may find someone who is looking for something to refurbish and your cabinet would suit that category just right.

As to value? Who really knows as I feel sure it would be difficult to kind a sold cabinet in the same style/condition as yours.
This just means the field is open and you can start your price high with best offer considered and see where it goes.
Maybe a starting price of $150 and leave it listed for a couple of months to see if you receive any 'offers' and if not, then lower the price and wait again.
You will need several pictures and a good description as noted above.

This cabinet has tremendous make-over possibilities so I hope someone finds it that loves this type of refurbishing as some of this style/type cabinets sell in the thousands.
This, of course, means a professional job which does cost money and a lot of time and patience.


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