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Man Cutting Up Pine Tree

Selling Mature Pine TreesIf you have large pines trees that need to be removed, it may be possible to sell the timber if you have enough of them or a desirable variety of tree. Selling mature pine trees from your property can help clear some land and make some money.


Three vintage appliances in white.

Buying Second Hand AppliancesThis is a page about buying second hand appliances. One way to save money on expensive home appliances is to shop for second hand ones in good repair.


Blue Cross Blue Shield vs. Medicare

Blue Cross Blue Shield vs. MedicareThis is a page about getting additional health insurance coverage. If you need medical coverage the choice between Blue Cross Blue Shield and Medicare can be a tough one.


Silver Bracelets

How Much is .925 Silver Worth?Sterling silver is a silver alloy containing 92.5% silver and 7.5% of another metal, usually copper. Sterling silver is commonly used for making fine jewelry. This is a page about how much is .925 silver worth?.


using a computer

Health Sciences Institute ReviewsThis is a page about Health Sciences Institute reviews. Health Sciences Institute is a members only website that focuses on modern underground medicine.


Terra Cotta Pots

Saving Money on Terra Cotta PotsThis is a page about saving money on terra cotta pots. Terra cotta flower pots are popular for gardening and craft projects. Shopping around can often help get a better price.



Trophy in Hands

Selling TrophiesThis is a page about selling trophies. If you have boxes and closet shelves devoted to old trophies, you may be considering selling them.


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Using King Size Comforter on Queen BedWe bought a king size quilt because queens are never big enough. How can I "hem" up the sides and still have it look nice?


Blue Bow

Finding an EZ Bow Maker Instruction ManualThis page is about finding an EZ Bow Maker instruction manual. Sometimes we need some help locating replacement instructions.


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Putting a Diamond in a Different RingHow much would it cost to have my diamond put in a new wedding band set? I know of course that I would have to pay for the new wedding set but does anyone know how much a jeweler would charge to take my diamond out of my old ring and put it in the new one?


Close-up of orange chainsaw cutting down a tree

Finding Someone to Clear Trees for FreeWhen needing to remove trees from your property, understanding your legal rights and responsibilities is important. This is a page about finding someone to clear trees.


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How Much Solution to Use in Bissell Spotbot Pet Machine?I recently purchased a Bissell Spotbot Pet machine, but the directions do not tell me how much solution to use. When I called, the lady seemed a bit uncertain in her answers. Anyone out there have one of the machines, and can you tell me how much and which kind of solution you use for dog urine stains?


messy bed with white comforter

Keeping a Comforter on the BedThis is a page about keeping a comforter on the bed. Depending on the size of the bed and the material a blanket is made of, a comforter can slip off the bed. There are a few creative ways to keep it in place.


Antique Table

Finding the Value for Your Antique FurnitureThis is a page about finding the value for your antique furniture. Sometimes antique furniture can be worth more than you realize. Check the value of your old furniture before selling or donating these potentially valuable items.


Baking Powder With Wooden Spoon

Uses for Expired Baking PowderAfter its expiration date baking powder may not work as leavening in your recipe. It can however, be used in place of baking soda in many cases. This is a page about uses for expired baking powder.


a large collection of DVDs

DVD Clubs That Don't Require a Credit CardThis is a page about DVD clubs that don't require a credit card. Consumers who do not have a credit card are often at a disadvantage in many shopping situations.


Bottle of hair conditioner.

Alternate Uses for Hair ConditionerThis is a page about alternative uses for hair conditioner. Many of us end up with bottles of left over hair conditioner. Rather than throw it away consider other uses for it.


A hand pouring coffee into a cup.

Who Makes Walmart's "Great Value" Coffee?Most generic store brands are produced by a common manufacturer and relabeled for sale as the store brand. This is a page about who makes Walmart's "Great Value" coffee?.


Woman Grocery Shopping

Who Makes Store Brands?This is a page about "Who makes store brands?". Many name-brand manufacturers also make store brands for retailers such as Walmart and Sears where they may be sold at a lower price. Depending on the product, it may be specced differently, for example using cheaper parts.


A person holding a yellow plastic tablecloth in their hands.

Removing Wrinkles from a Plastic TableclothPlastic tablecloths typically have a lot of unsightly wrinkles when taken out of the package. A bit of heat in the dryer is one way to get rid of them. This is a page about removing wrinkles from a plastic tablecloth.


A woman ordering from a catalog.

Ordering an LTD CatalogThis is a page about ordering an LTD catalog. LTD Commodities is a merchandising company that allows the customer to buy now and pay later.



Box of Mule Team Brand Borax

Uses for BoraxBorax is often used for cleaning jobs, but it has a number of other uses around your home. This is a page about uses for borax.


Man on Bath Mats

Using Bath MatsThis is a page about using bath mats. Bathmats are common in most households as a stepout mat for the bath or shower, although they can be put to other uses as well.


A line of red encyclopedias.

Selling Old EncyclopediasUnfortunately old sets of encyclopedias typically don't have much value, they have become dated. Some crafters might be interested for using them to make altered books or for decoupage projects. This is a page about selling old encyclopedias.



Is it OK to Put a Refrigerator in the Garage?Many homeowners successfully keep a second fridge in the garage for overflow food, soda, produce, and more. This is a page about, "Is it OK to put a refrigerator in the garage?".


Baby Wipes

Rehydrating Baby WipesThis is a page about rehydrating baby wipes. Over time baby wipes can dry out in their packaging.


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Can a Crock Pot Liner Be Used in the Oven?Can I use the ceramic liner from a slow cooker in the oven?


A man using a tablet to shop.

Bill Me Later, Same as Cash, and Payment Plan SitesSome websites have payment plans for purchasing large ticket items. This is a page about looking for bill me later, same as cash and payment plan sites.


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Name Brand vs. Store Brand VitaminsI need some advice on whether it is better to buy vitamins and supplements from a health food store instead of a chain store. Are the ones at the health food store really better or is that a gimmick? Are name brands like Solaray and Mega Foods better than store brands like Nature's Bounty?


Coffee Cup

Buying Kroger's Brand CoffeeThis is a page about buying Kroger's brand coffee. Kroger coffee is a store brand available at the grocery store of the same name.


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Junk Mail from Globe Life InsuranceI made the mistake of writing to Globe Life and Accident insurance Co. to find quotes on their product. I decided against using their product and canceled mailings. But I am getting mail from them about every two weeks.


White Polyester Tablecloth

Removing Wrinkles from a Polyester TableclothThis is a page about removing wrinkles from a polyester tablecloth. When wrinkles get set into permanent press fabric it can be a challenge to remove.


Locating an Ex-husband

Locating an Ex-husbandThis page is about locating an ex-husband. Sometimes you must locate someone who has been a part of your life.


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Keeping Light Bulbs From Vibrating LooseOur outdoor light fixture bulbs become loose with vibrations from opening and closing the door. Is it safe to put something around the bulb's threads so the bulbs will not become loose?


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Eliminating Static in Fleece BlanketLast year I purchased a poly blend microfleece blanket. While it is soft and very warm, I have a major problem, static. This blanket develops so much static that whenever I move in bed or shift the covers, sparks fly to the point that I have wondered if there is a chance of fire!


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Low Suds Dishwashing DetergentWhat brand of dishwashing detergent is low suds?



pottery wheel

Finding the Value of Ceramic Molds and...This is a page about finding the value of ceramics making equipment. Knowing the value of craft supplies and equipment is helpful whether you are getting ready to buy them used or planning to sell items you no longer use.


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How Can I Make Permanent Lines on a Whiteboard?I am a hockey coach looking to make a fun way for my players to learn the game (positioning, rules, etc). I have made a to-scale Nok-hockey "rink" out of "thrifty whiteboard" from Home Depot and pre-primed 1x3 (looks pretty realistic, if I do say so myself!).


Cat Litter

Alternative Uses for Cat LitterThis is a page about alternative uses for cat litter. Cat litter has a number of other uses than just filling the kitty box.


Tea Tree Oil

Uses for Tea Tree OilThis is a page about uses for tea tree oil. Tea tree oil has a long history of being used for medicinal purposes. New applications are being found.


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Calling 911 on a Land Line Without Home Phone ServiceI don't have a home phone line, I just use my cell phone. I was told in case of an emergency I can take a home phone and plug it into a non working phone jack to call 911. Is this true?


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What is the Breed of Dog In Beneful Ads?What breed of dog is used for the Beneful ads?


Close sign.

Is LeeWards Craft Store Still in Business?Unfortunately, the answer is no, LeeWards Creative Crafts is no longer in business. LeeWards was founded in Illinois in the 1940s. It was purchased in 1994 by Michael's and immediately ceased operations. It is deeply missed by many former customers who still treasure crafts made from their popular kits.


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Substitute for Cast Iron SkilletsWhat is a substitute for cast iron skillets? They are just too heavy and hard to keep seasoned for everyday use.


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Is It Safe to Use a Le Creuset Pan with a Chip in the Enamel?I have a Le Creuset cast iron pan with an enamel finish on the inside. I've had the pan for more than 10 years and use it a lot. I've just discovered a chip inside the pan at the bottom. It seems like the enamel has chipped off and the black cast iron is showing.


Dog on Green Carpet

Best Carpet for Pet OwnersThis is a page about best carpet for pet owners. Pets can wreak havoc on your carpet. Choosing a type better suited to a home with pets can help reduce the damage.


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Uses for Spirit of SaltsI am looking for uses for spirit of salts.


Uses for Bandanas

Uses for BandanasThis is a page about uses for bandanas. Bright and colorful bandanas are often inexpensive to buy and very versatile in their possible uses.


Digital Converter Box

Using a Digital Converter BoxThis is a page about using a digital converter box. To watch digital programming on your analog TV you will need to hook it up to a converter box.


package with a featherbed topper

Using A Featherbed TopperThis is a page about using a featherbed topper. Adding a feather bed topper to your bed can make it much more comfortable. Feather bed toppers not only make the bed softer but help regulate your body temperature in warm and cool conditions.


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Looking For Mailing Address For Animal PlanetI have a crazy request. I would like to get the address for Animal Planet to send a card to someone that was on one of their shows. I have just been all over their site and can't find a real address. I did fill out an email but doubt they will contact me. Can anyone help?


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How Do You Use a Convection Oven?Hi I am looking for how to info on convection/microwave ovens. The manual is great for instructing on how to set the temps and times but is useless for everything else.


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Can Black Mold Have Skunk Type Smell?We've found black mold inside the drywall, and in the carpet in our house. We've never smelled a musty, typical moldy smell. We've had a strong, skunk type smell. Does this occur with mold?


Magazines fanned out against a white background

Subscribing to Kraft's Food and Family...The Kraft Food and Family magazine contains many delicious recipes, for all occasions, along with time and money saving ideas. This is a page about subscribing to Kraft's Food and Family magazine.


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What Could Cause a Phone to Ring Once Every Night?My phone rings every night, just one ring. The call does not register on caller id. Verizon has checked it out, as well as, my security system company. I have no fax machine, so what can be causing this to happen? This has been going on for the past 3 months.


Bottle of white glue.

Thinning Elmer's Glue That Has Gotten ThickSince Elmer's is water based, it can typically be used to thin this glue. This is a page about thinning Elmer's glue that has gotten thick.


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What is a Food Safe Finish for Painting Laminate Countertops?What is a food safe finish to use for painting countertops?


Fire Pit on a Wood Deck

Using a Fire Pit on a Wood DeckThis is a page about using a fire pit on a wood deck. Most manufacturers recommend that you do not use a fire pit on a wood deck.


Adding UV Coating to Glasses

Adding UV Coating to GlassesThis is a page about adding UV coating to glasses. The UV coating on eyeglasses helps protect your eyes from potential damage from the sun's ultraviolet rays.


vinegar and baking soda

Uses for VinegarThis is a page about uses for vinegar. In addition to use as a salad dressing and pickling base, vinegar has numerous uses in cleaning, cooking, gardening, and home remedies to name a few.


Cutie Mobility ScooterI am considering buying a Cutie mobility scooter from Walgreens. It is made by Shoprider. Has anyone had any experience with this company or this scooter?


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Getting Samples for an Interior Design ProjectI'm majoring in Interior Design and need some materials for a project I'm doing. I am looking for free samples of textiles, samples of wood flooring, shading, and fabrics. Does anyone know how I can get samples? Thanks guys!


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Jokes for Assisted Living FacilityI belong to a church group that go to an assisted living facility every Friday and need access to some clean jokes to help us entertain. We usually have a talk about the Bible, a little singing and then some "jokes" or stories to lift their spirits. I would love some suggestions as to where to locate this sort of item, even books or whatever. Thanks to all and God Bless us all.


Using Reusable Kuerig Pods

Using Reusable Kuerig PodsThis is a page about using reusable Kuerig pods. Using a Kuerig coffee maker is a convenient way to make a single serving of your favorite coffee, but the small brewing cups are an expensive way to buy coffee.


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Can I Connect a Microwave to a Surge Protector?Does connecting a microwave to a surge protector damage it in any way?


Saving Money on Toilet Paper

Saving Money on Toilet PaperThis is a page about saving money on toilet paper. Toilet paper is a household staple that we use everyday; so how can we save money on toilet paper?


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Making a King Sheet into a QueenHow can I decrease a king fitted sheet to a queen?


lost package

Post Office Lost a PackageThis is a page about post office lost a package. Sometimes a package or letter sent via the post office doesn't reach its destination. When this happens, there are some steps you can take to try and get help tracking it down.


Getting Coupons in the Mail

Getting Coupons in the MailFind the best way to get coupons for products you want by US mail. This page is about getting coupon in the mail.


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Why Can't You Use Krazy Glue for Artificial Nails?Why does the wrapper for instant Krazy glue say "not to attach artificial nails"? Thank you.


A wooden bowl on a white background.

Eating Out of Teak Wood BowlsWooden bowls are used for serving certain types of foods, typically not liquids. This is a page about eating out of teak wood bowls.


Determining the Value of Silver Jewelry

Determining the Value of Silver JewelryThis is a page about determining the value of silver jewelry. The value of most jewelry is determined by the value of the metal it is made out of. The value of silver is ever changing and is based on its weight and purity.


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Discount Satellite TV and Internet for Senior CitizensI live in rural Missouri and I have not had TV since it went digital and I am on dial-up internet. Is there any satellite TV available out there that has a discount for senior citizens? I cannot afford what is out there.


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Best Type of Water for a Steam IronWhat type of water are you supposed to use in an iron, spring or distilled?


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Running a Refrigerator OutsideHow much does it cost to run an older refrigerator outside? It's a 15 year old standard sized side-by-side. It stays outside all year round in Florida. I am trying to get a ballpark figure without doing any math.


A glass of club soda.

What is the UK Equivalent to Club Soda?Club soda is bottled carbonated water. Products may have different names in varying countries or even be unavailable making it confusing or difficult to replicate recipes. This is a page about, "What is the UK equivalent to club soda?".


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Manual for Welbilt (ABM3300) Bread MachineWhere can I get a manual for my Welbilt ABM3300 bread machine?


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Can You Play Harmonica With Dentures?I'm an avid harmonica player but I may be required to get dentures. I'm worried that having dentures may impede my harmonica playing. Do any of you have any experience playing harmonica with dentures? If so, do the dentures diminish your skills in any way?


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Rubber Ducks Not Floating UprightI purchased some small, but cute, rubber ducks for a Winter Carnival Duck Pond. I now find the ducks will not float upright but fall over to one side. Does anyone have any ideas on how to weight them or another way of doing them without water?


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Using a 1950's Sunbeam Mix Master MixerI bought a 1950's Sunbeam Mix Master mixer at a thrift shop. It has a juicer attachment set (which includes a bowl with a center hole and a funnel hole, a ceramic juicer cone with a slotted metal rod in the center, and a metal double-pronged clamp-on device). But it seems that the handle of the mixer is in the way of the place you need to hook the juicer up (a hole on the left side next to the handle ).


Red bowl full of baking soda

The Difference Between Baking Soda and...Don't get these similar sounding products confused. While baking soda can be used for cleaning, don't add washing soda to your cookie recipe. This is a page about the difference between baking soda and washing soda.


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Using Awesome to Clean the CarpetHow much Awesome cleaner should I use to clean carpets?


Dishwashing liquid being squeezed onto a sponge.

Uses for Dawn Dish DetergentThis is a page about using Dawn dish detergent. Dawn dish soap is recommended for a wide variety of tasks in addition to cleaning dishes.


A bottle of peppermint oil surrounded by fresh mint.

Uses for Peppermint OilPeppermint oil has a variety of uses from mouse control to making a cooling spray for your skin. This page will link you to other pages on this site so that you can investigate such uses for peppermint oil.


Microwave Says "Child" On Display

Microwave Says 'Child' on DisplayMany brands of microwave ovens have a built in child lock that is activated if the start button is pushed several times. This is a page about microwave says "child" on display.


Two kids standing in the rain wearing colorful rain boots.

Making Fabric Water RepellentThis is a page about making fabric water repellent. You can not always find water repellent fabric for craft projects or you may want to treat a piece of clothing. Perhaps the fabric or garment you have chosen can be treated and made water repellent.


Four different candlesticks with white taper candles.

Making Candles Fit into Candle HoldersIf your candle is too large to fit in the candle holder, you can shave it down to make the end smaller. This is a page about making candles fit into candle holders.


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Can You Mix Lysol with Rubbing Alcohol?Can you mix Lysol with rubbing alcohol?


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Manual and Cutters for Sunbeam Pie Maker #4808I was given a Sunbeam Pie Maker (makes 2 pies). The model number is 4808. However, I didn't get the manual for it. Also, I discovered that there might be pastry cutters that are supposed to come with it but I didn't get those either. So I guess I have two questions.


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Allergic Reaction to Polyester Blanket from WalmartI bought a $5.00 100%polyester blanket from Walmart to cut up and use for a lining as I normally use batting, but this was thicker. I had itchy burning eyes, runny nose, my head arms face and hands were itchy. I took a allergy pill and that didn't help.


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Economical Dishwasher DetergentWhich is the most economical dishwasher detergent?


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Does Rain-X Really Work?Does Rain-X really help you see clearer when its raining?


Shaving Cream In Hand

Other Uses for Shaving CreamIn addition to its intended use, shaving cream also has cleaning and craft uses as well. This is a page about other uses for shaving cream.


Latex Gloves

Uses for Latex GlovesThis is a page about uses for latex gloves. Latex gloves have many uses around your home.


Coca Cola

Uses for Coca ColaThis is a page about uses for Coca Cola. Cola drinks can be used for cooking and cleaning.


Woman Looking at Expiration Date of Deli Meat

When Expiration Dates MatterMany times the expiration date on certain products is more of an indication of diminishing potency levels than an actual discard date. This is often true of over the counter medications and products. The date is more true for products that can be contaminated once opened. This is a page about when expiration dates matter.


Water Softener

Buying a Water SoftenerThis is a page about buying a water softener. Hard water contains higher levels of minerals and generally requires you to use more cleaning product, as they do not work as well in hard water. A water softener is one way to improve your water supply.


Plastic Container

Alternatives to Cascade Plastic BoosterThis is a page about alternatives to Cascade plastic booster. This product is especially designed to remove stains from plastic, but can be quite expensive.


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Determining Fee for Making Couch Cushion CoversI am sewing new cushion covers for a rather large couch. There are 16 cushions. This question is for any professional sewers out there. How much should I charge per cushion? A few are rather large. I am making all the piping and replacing all the zippers as well.


A woman lighting a candle.

Lighting CandlesLighting candles takes some care to keep from burning your fingers. This is a page about lighting candles.


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Copper Bottomed Pans on a Glass Stove TopWill I be able to use my copper-bottomed Revere Ware on my new glasstop stove?



Adjusting the Temperature in a RefrigeratorThis is a page about adjusting the temperature in a refrigerator. Your refrigerator has a control that allows you to increase or decrease the temperature for proper cooling.


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Reading Glasses

Should I Buy Prescription Reading Glasses or Drugstore Reading Glasses?Depending on your vision needs, you may be able to save some money, at least for a while, by purchasing reading glasses from a drugstore. This is a page about, "Should I buy prescription reading glasses or drugstore reading glasses?".


A man holding a dollar.

Shopping at Dollar StoresLove them or hate them, dollar stores attract a lot of consumers with their low prices. This is a page about shopping at dollar stores.


Glass Top Stove with a pot and a lid.

Cookware for a Glass Top StoveAny cookware with a smooth, flat bottom is OK to use on your glass top stove. This is a page about cookware for a glass top stove.


A file cabinet with manila folders and papers filed neatly.

Getting the Most of WarrantiesNearly everything that is manufactured has some sort of warranty, although the length can vary greatly. Sellers can also offer extended warranties and credit card purchases may have additional protection as well. But these do you no good if you cannot utilize them before they expire. Here are some tips for making sure you get your money's worth from new purchases.



An expiration date stamped on the top of a food can.

Checking Expiration DatesBe sure to check expiration dates before purchasing all food or even gift cards as some do expire.


Two U.S. Dollar bills on a white background.

Dollar Bill for MeasuringKeep in mind that all US paper currency is approximately 6.25 inches long. This bit of information can come in quite handy if you need to take a quick measurement when out shopping or simply are not near a tape measure or ruler.


A collection of alkaline batteries.

Saving Money on BatteriesBatteries are used in a wide range of household items. They can be somewhat expensive depending on the number of remotes, toys, etc. you own and the frequency of use. This page offers a range of suggestions for saving money on batteries.


Using Epoxy on Stone - stone with white mesh backing

Using Epoxy on StoneEpoxy is used to adhere mesh on stone tiles, to give a surface for the mortar to attach to. Sometimes, there can be issues which are addressed here.


A collection of different types of light bulbs.

Saving Money On Light BulbsAs the preferred type of light bulb has been changing over the last several years the types of bulbs available has shifted. The newer LED bulbs are not only longer lasting their cost has dropped. Finding the right bulb for your fixture and how it is used is one way to save money on light bulbs.


Identifying Pieces of Broken Plastic - piece of black plastic

Identifying Pieces of Broken PlasticIt can be maddening trying to identify mystery bits of broken plastic found in your home. Here are some suggestions for trying to locate the source.


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Painting a New Aluminum MailboxWhat kind of paint would I use to paint a new aluminum mailbox?


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What Does "Released from Jail on a 911 Call" Mean?What does "released from jail on a 911 call" mean? I received this message from Vinelink about an offender that was arrested for stalking my family member.


Finding Someone to Remove Trees for the Lumber

Finding Someone to Remove Trees for the LumberI am looking for a tree service to clear/remove the trees (mostly pine) from my property. Payment would be the trees.


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Uses for Skin So SoftWhat are the uses for Skin So Soft?


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Removing the Address from Express Scripts Mailer BagsPrescriptions from Express Scripts come in mailer bags with the address stamped on them. How do I destroy that address information before I throw away the bag? Shredding by machine doesn't work, alcohol and nail polish remover don't either. Melting them on a burner on top of the stove makes a mess (and toxic fumes).


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Alternative Uses for Hand LotionWhat can I use hand lotion for?


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