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Man Cutting Up Pine Tree

Selling Mature Pine Trees?If you have large pines trees that need to be removed, it may be possible to sell the timber if you have enough of them or a desirable variety of tree. Selling mature pine trees from your property can help clear some land and make some money.


Terra Cotta Pots

Saving Money on Terra Cotta PotsThis is a page about saving money on terra cotta pots. Terra cotta flower pots are popular for gardening and craft projects. Shopping around can often help get a better price.


Several white mobile homes in storage.

Storing a Mobile Home?If you don't have room to park your mobile home on your own property, it may be necessary to rent from a storage facility or other space rental location. This is a page about storing a mobile home.


A man using a tablet to shop.

Bill Me Later, Same as Cash, and Payment Plan SitesSome websites have payment plans for purchasing large ticket items. This is a page about looking for bill me later, same as cash and payment plan sites.


Silver Bracelets

How Much is .925 Silver Worth?Sterling silver is a silver alloy containing 92.5% silver and 7.5% of another metal, usually copper. Sterling silver is commonly used for making fine jewelry. This is a page about how much is .925 silver worth?.


old dictionary

Value of a Webster's Encyclopedic Dictionary 1891?Old dictionaries are often not worth much because so many were printed. However, if your dictionary is a rare printing it may have some value to a collector. This is a page about value of a Webster's encyclopedic dictionary 1891.


Close-up of orange chainsaw cutting down a tree

Finding Someone to Clear Trees for Free?When needing to remove trees from your property, understanding your legal rights and responsibilities is important. This is a page about finding someone to clear trees.


Antique Table

Finding the Value for Your Antique FurnitureThis is a page about finding the value for your antique furniture. Sometimes antique furniture can be worth more than you realize. Check the value of your old furniture before selling or donating these potentially valuable items.


Blue Cross Blue Shield vs. Medicare

Blue Cross Blue Shield vs. MedicareThis is a page about getting additional health insurance coverage. If you need medical coverage the choice between Blue Cross Blue Shield and Medicare can be a tough one.


A woman ordering from a catalog.

Ordering an LTD Catalog?This is a page about ordering an LTD catalog. LTD Commodities is a merchandising company that allows the customer to buy now and pay later.


Baking Powder With Wooden Spoon

Uses for Expired Baking Powder?After its expiration date baking powder may not work as leavening in your recipe. It can however, be used in place of baking soda in many cases. This is a page about uses for expired baking powder.


Three vintage appliances in white.

Buying Second Hand AppliancesThis is a page about buying second hand appliances. One way to save money on expensive home appliances is to shop for second hand ones in good repair.



using a computer

Health Sciences Institute Reviews?This is a page about Health Sciences Institute reviews. Health Sciences Institute is a members only website that focuses on modern underground medicine.


messy bed with white comforter

Keeping a Comforter on the Bed?This is a page about keeping a comforter on the bed. Depending on the size of the bed and the material a blanket is made of, a comforter can slip off the bed. There are a few creative ways to keep it in place.


Trophy in Hands

Selling Trophies?This is a page about selling trophies. If you have boxes and closet shelves devoted to old trophies, you may be considering selling them.


Bottle of hair conditioner.

Alternate Uses for Hair ConditionerThis is a page about alternative uses for hair conditioner. Many of us end up with bottles of left over hair conditioner. Rather than throw it away consider other uses for it.


Woman Grocery Shopping

Who Makes Store Brands?This is a page about "Who makes store brands?". Many name-brand manufacturers also make store brands for retailers such as Walmart and Sears where they may be sold at a lower price. Depending on the product, it may be specced differently, for example using cheaper parts.


A line of red encyclopedias.

Selling Old EncyclopediasUnfortunately old sets of encyclopedias typically don't have much value, they have become dated. Some crafters might be interested for using them to make altered books or for decoupage projects. This is a page about selling old encyclopedias.



Is it OK to Put a Refrigerator in the Garage?Many homeowners successfully keep a second fridge in the garage for overflow food, soda, produce, and more. This is a page about, "Is it OK to put a refrigerator in the garage?".


Magazines fanned out against a white background

Subscribing to Kraft's Food and Family...The Kraft Food and Family magazine contains many delicious recipes, for all occasions, along with time and money saving ideas. This is a page about subscribing to Kraft's Food and Family magazine.


A hand pouring coffee into a cup.

Who Makes Walmart's "Great Value" Coffee?Most generic store brands are produced by a common manufacturer and relabeled for sale as the store brand. This is a page about who makes Walmart's "Great Value" coffee?.


Blue Bow

Finding an EZ Bow Maker Instruction ManualThis page is about finding an EZ Bow Maker instruction manual. Sometimes we need some help locating replacement instructions.


a large collection of DVDs

DVD Clubs That Don't Require a Credit Card?This is a page about DVD clubs that don't require a credit card. Consumers who do not have a credit card are often at a disadvantage in many shopping situations.


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Junk Mail from Globe Life Insurance?I made the mistake of writing to Globe Life and Accident insurance Co. to find quotes on their product. I decided against using their product and canceled mailings. But I am getting mail from them about every two weeks.


pottery wheel

Finding the Value of Ceramic Molds and...This is a page about finding the value of ceramics making equipment. Knowing the value of craft supplies and equipment is helpful whether you are getting ready to buy them used or planning to sell items you no longer use.


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What is the Breed of Dog In Beneful Ads?What breed of dog is used for the Beneful ads?


Locating an Ex-husband

Locating an Ex-husbandThis page is about locating an ex-husband. Sometimes you must locate someone who has been a part of your life.



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Using Awesome to Clean the Carpet?How much Awesome cleaner should I use to clean carpets?


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Is It Safe to Use a Le Creuset Pan with a Chip in the Enamel?I have a Le Creuset cast iron pan with an enamel finish on the inside. I've had the pan for more than 10 years and use it a lot. I've just discovered a chip inside the pan at the bottom. It seems like the enamel has chipped off and the black cast iron is showing.


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Substitute Teacher Business Cards?I need a catchy phrase. I am a substitute teacher and have business cards to leave with teachers. I need some word or short phrase, space is limited and the format of the card is weird. The last phrase I used was "Ready to Be Here For You" and I am sick of it. Any suggestions?


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Size of Gas Tank in Full Sized Van?I am making a savings plan for our end of the home-school year field trip. I am guessing a full sized van takes $100 to fill up. I am not sure, maybe more or maybe less.


Red bowl full of baking soda

The Difference Between Baking Soda and...Don't get these similar sounding products confused. While baking soda can be used for cleaning, don't add washing soda to your cookie recipe. This is a page about the difference between baking soda and washing soda.


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How Do I Return A MagicJack?Our magicJack does not work with our PC. We need a refund. How do we go about getting one?


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Allergic Reaction to Polyester Blanket from Walmart?I bought a $5.00 100%polyester blanket from Walmart to cut up and use for a lining as I normally use batting, but this was thicker. I had itchy burning eyes, runny nose, my head arms face and hands were itchy. I took a allergy pill and that didn't help.


Close sign.

Is LeeWards Craft Store Still in Business?Unfortunately, the answer is no, LeeWards Creative Crafts is no longer in business. LeeWards was founded in Illinois in the 1940s. It was purchased in 1994 by Michael's and immediately ceased operations. It is deeply missed by many former customers who still treasure crafts made from their popular kits.


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Getting Samples for an Interior Design Project?I'm majoring in Interior Design and need some materials for a project I'm doing. I am looking for free samples of textiles, samples of wood flooring, shading, and fabrics. Does anyone know how I can get samples? Thanks guys!


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Making Glasses Less Shiny?I just got new glasses and the lenses are extremely shiny. Yes, you're right, I didn't pay extra for anti-reflective coating. The lenses are high-index plastic. Any ideas for making them less shiny?


VHS Tapes

Transferring VHS to DVDThis is a page about transferring VHS to DVD. The age of the VHS tape is over and although the DVD may follow the same path, you probably still want to convert those old tapes to the newer format.


(Noise Putty)

Rejuvenating Flarp (Noise Putty)?Over time Flarp can lose moisture and dry out. The result is that it loses its ability to make noise. Adding water can help restore it. This is a page about rejuvenating Flarp (noise putty).


Determining the Value of Silver Jewelry

Determining the Value of Silver JewelryThis is a page about determining the value of silver jewelry. The value of most jewelry is determined by the value of the metal it is made out of. The value of silver is ever changing and is based on its weight and purity.


Sealed Envelope

Opening a Sealed EnvelopeThis is a page about opening a sealed envelope. You have just licked the envelope and attached a stamp only to realize that you forgot to include something.


Reading Glasses

Should I Buy Prescription Reading Glasses or Drugstore Reading Glasses?Depending on your vision needs, you may be able to save some money, at least for a while, by purchasing reading glasses from a drugstore. This is a page about, "Should I buy prescription reading glasses or drugstore reading glasses?".



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Low Suds Dishwashing Detergent?What brand of dishwashing detergent is low suds?


Thirstystone Coasters Have Stopped Absorbing Condensate

Thirstystone Coasters Have Stopped Absorbing Condensate?Made from sandstone, these coasters are naturally absorbent. Over time the pores of the stone can become clogged. A quick wash with warm water and a bit of dish soap should return them to their original absorbent selves. This is a page about Thirstystone coasters have stopped absorbing condensate.


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Do Pantyhose Have a Shelf Life?Do pantyhose have a shelf life if it is unopened?


A person holding a yellow plastic tablecloth in their hands.

Removing Wrinkles from a Plastic TableclothPlastic tablecloths typically have a lot of unsightly wrinkles when taken out of the package. A bit of heat in the dryer is one way to get rid of them. This is a page about removing wrinkles from a plastic tablecloth.


Box of Mule Team Brand Borax

Uses for BoraxBorax is often used for cleaning jobs, but it has a number of other uses around your home. This is a page about uses for borax.


small bottle of alum

Uses for AlumThis is a page about uses for alum. Alum is not just for cooking or canning, there are a surprising number of other uses for this food additive.


Plastic Spoon

Uses for Plastic SpoonsThis is a page about uses for plastic spoons. Plastic spoons are useful tools, not only for their obvious use in eating, but they can also be used in crafts and to make delicious chocolate spoons.


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Using Vick's In Steam Inhaler?I just purchased the Walgreen's cough and cold steam inhaler. It says use water only and do NOT add any medications (vicks),etc. I really want to add Vicks though! What do you think will happen? It is a plug in device that has a 1/4 cup size base for the water, that heats to steam.


A glass of club soda.

What is the UK Equivalent to Club Soda?Club soda is bottled carbonated water. Products may have different names in varying countries or even be unavailable making it confusing or difficult to replicate recipes. This is a page about, "What is the UK equivalent to club soda?".


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Will Heat Damage Baby Wipes?Is it safe to leave baby wipes in a car even if it gets hot outside?


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Stainless Steel Vs. Black Cooktop?I have to make a decision on what color cooktop, with sealed burners, to buy. I know stainless steel scratches and looks old before it's time. I'm leaning toward black (thinking it's easier to clean and will keep it's appearance), then I heard black leaves spots/blotches, this after cleaning.


Baby Wipes

Rehydrating Baby Wipes?This is a page about rehydrating baby wipes. Over time baby wipes can dry out in their packaging.


Elmer's Glue Bottle

Alternative Uses for Elmer's GlueThis page contains alternative uses for Elmer's glue. A handy paper and wood glue that can be useful for other personal and household applications.


A person dispensing lotion from a bottle.

Alternative Uses for LotionHand and body lotion can be used for a number of other things, such as removing a too tight ring, styling your hair, or as shaving cream. Read on for more uses for lotion.


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What Could Cause a Phone to Ring Once Every Night?My phone rings every night, just one ring. The call does not register on caller id. Verizon has checked it out, as well as, my security system company. I have no fax machine, so what can be causing this to happen? This has been going on for the past 3 months.


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Stainless Steel Vs. Plastic Trash Cans?Do you prefer a stainless steel trash can or plastic? I purchased a stainless steel trash can ($60) and I love it. However, I find it hard to clean the inside of the can around the lid between the crevices. I have the kind that you step on and the lid rise.


Closeup of apps on an iPhone.

What Determines the Cost of a Mobile App?This is a page about what determines the cost of a mobile app. Have you ever wondered why some mobile apps costs less than a $1, but others are much more expensive. Here is some information about how mobile app prices are determined.


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Eyeglass Lens Have a Milky Discoloration?I have had my eye glasses for 3 years now, that I wear all day They have gotten a whitish milky look on the bottom and top sections that does not come off (on both lenses). It's like it is in the glass or something.


Corn Starch

Uses for Corn StarchThis is a page about uses for corn starch. Corn starch is not just for use in cooking, there are many ways you can use it around the house.


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Name Brand vs. Store Brand Vitamins?I need some advice on whether it is better to buy vitamins and supplements from a health food store instead of a chain store. Are the ones at the health food store really better or is that a gimmick? Are name brands like Solaray and Mega Foods better than store brands like Nature's Bounty?


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Can a Crock Pot Liner Be Used in the Oven?Can I use the ceramic liner from a slow cooker in the oven?


Dishwashing liquid being squeezed onto a sponge.

Uses for Dawn Dish DetergentThis is a page about using Dawn dish detergent. Dawn dish soap is recommended for a wide variety of tasks in addition to cleaning dishes.


Butcher Paper Rolls

Uses for Butcher PaperThis is a page about uses for butcher paper. Butcher paper is not just for wrapping meat, there are many other ways you can use this versatile product.


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Preventing a Garbage Disposal from Rusting Through? I just had a garbage disposal that rusted through. It's not a top-of-the-line disposal, but I think we had it replaced about 5 years ago. That seems awfully quick to me, but it was definitely rusted through.


A pine branch on a white background.

Uses for Pine NeedlesFrom crafts to household uses, pine needles can be very useful. This is a page about uses for pine needles.


Getting Coupons in the Mail

Getting Coupons in the Mail?Find the best way to get coupons for products you want by US mail. This page is about getting coupon in the mail.


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Rubber Ducks Not Floating Upright?I purchased some small, but cute, rubber ducks for a Winter Carnival Duck Pond. I now find the ducks will not float upright but fall over to one side. Does anyone have any ideas on how to weight them or another way of doing them without water?


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Turning Bar Soap Into Powder?I tried making clothes detergent using a bar of Ivory soap, Borax and washing soda. The recipe said to put pieces of the bar soap into a food processor and process until I get a powder. I never got a powder just tiny balls. How do I get the powder consistency?


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Air Coming from Microwave?I recently purchased a second-hand microwave. It's a good one and in good condition, but if I'm near it when it's in use I can feel air coming from it. Does this mean the seal is no good and should I not use it? Thanks.


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Why Can't You Use Krazy Glue for Artificial Nails?Why does the wrapper for instant Krazy glue say "not to attach artificial nails"? Thank you.


A woman squeezing lemon juice into her hand.

Uses for Lemon JuiceLemon juice has more uses than just for cooking. It is also great for cleaning and even lightening your hair. This is a page about uses for lemon juice.


A wooden bowl on a white background.

Eating Out of Teak Wood Bowls?Wooden bowls are used for serving certain types of foods, typically not liquids. This is a page about eating out of teak wood bowls.


Container of Meat Tenderizer on counter

Uses for Meat TenderizerThis is a page about uses for meat tenderizer. Meat tenderizer has long been used for alternative purposes such as removing stains or treating bug bites.


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Can I Remove the Photochromic Treatment from My Glasses?I got glasses from the optician after doing an eye test. They then offered to make my lenses photochromic. I decided to add on that extra feature so it could turn into, kind of like sunglasses in the outdoors. Now that I'm using it I don't really like it and want to know if I can get rid of it or I have to keep it.


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Why Is Laundry Detergent so Expensive?I was wanting to know if laundry detergent is expensive where you live?


An unmade bed with blankets slipping off the end.

Keeping Blankets from Sliding on the Bed?Certain blankets tend to slip and slide around more on your bed. One way to help reduce the movement is to pin the blanket to other linens on the bed, such as the sheet or a comforter. This is a page about keeping blankets from sliding on the bed.


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Will RIT Dye Transfer? I have white wicker furniture on my sun porch. I recovered all of my cushions on this furniture and it has been bleached by the sun. I would like to dye the cushion covers (I have washed them several times).


White Polyester Tablecloth

Removing Wrinkles from a Polyester Tablecloth?This is a page about removing wrinkles from a polyester tablecloth. When wrinkles get set into permanent press fabric it can be a challenge to remove.


Washing hands with Bar Soap

Making Bar Soap Last LongerThis is a page about making bar soap last longer. Bar soap can melt in the soap dish or shower.


A set of white bedsheets, folded.

New Sheets Are Making My Skin Burn?Skin reactions to new sheets can result from several things. You may be allergic to the actual type of fabric, especially some synthetics, or the sizing used to finish the fabric. This is a page about new sheets making my skin burn.


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Using a Wen 909 Allsaw?My husband recently came home with a Wen Allsaw 909. It looks really well made and it's in great shape, but I don't know how to use it or what blades to use in it or what exactly it does.


Value of a 1904 Webster's international Dictionary

Value of a 1904 Webster's International Dictionary?Some old rare printings of dictionaries can be valuable. This is a page about value of a 1904 Webster's international dictionary.


Plastic Container

Alternatives to Cascade Plastic BoosterThis is a page about alternatives to Cascade plastic booster. This product is especially designed to remove stains from plastic, but can be quite expensive.


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Food Sticks on Foreman Grill?I have the large grilling machine. Everything sticks to the non-stick surface. You can't even take it apart, like the size below this one; it is so fast to clean. What happen to this one?


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Oiling Hair Clippers?Does anyone have a thrifty idea for oiling your hair clippers used for cutting hair? I don't really want to buy that tiny tube of oil if I can help it. I've already tried vegetable oil and olive oil on two occasions, only to have the blades gum up.


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Storing Large Wind Chimes in Winter?My husband bought me 8 foot wind chimes from the Amish country while on vacation this year. I love them and enjoy both the visual and acoustic sound they give. But as winter draws near with the snow and ice being a daily concern for 3 months, should I store them away for winter or just leave outside?


Dog on Green Carpet

Best Carpet for Pet Owners?This is a page about best carpet for pet owners. Pets can wreak havoc on your carpet. Choosing a type better suited to a home with pets can help reduce the damage.


Liquid Starch

What is Liquid Starch?Clothing starch comes in a few forms, such as spray, powder, and a premixed liquid. This is a page about, "What is liquid starch?".


Fire Pit on a Wood Deck

Using a Fire Pit on a Wood Deck?This is a page about using a fire pit on a wood deck. Most manufacturers recommend that you do not use a fire pit on a wood deck.


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Using a 1950's Sunbeam Mix Master Mixer?I bought a 1950's Sunbeam Mix Master mixer at a thrift shop. It has a juicer attachment set (which includes a bowl with a center hole and a funnel hole, a ceramic juicer cone with a slotted metal rod in the center, and a metal double-pronged clamp-on device). But it seems that the handle of the mixer is in the way of the place you need to hook the juicer up (a hole on the left side next to the handle ).


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Ingredients in Crawler Caller?Does anyone know anything about a product called, "Crawler Caller"? My friend has some he got a few years ago and it really works well. He can't get it anymore and would like some more. Do you know what it is made of?


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Can You Mix Lysol with Rubbing Alcohol?Can you mix Lysol with rubbing alcohol?


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Does Microfiber Absorb Pet Odors?I am thinking about buying a couch made with microfiber. My only concern is my dogs. They are couch sitters. I currently have leather and can wipe the dander off. Will microfiber absorb pet smells?


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Can Black Mold Have Skunk Type Smell?We've found black mold inside the drywall, and in the carpet in our house. We've never smelled a musty, typical moldy smell. We've had a strong, skunk type smell. Does this occur with mold?


A bottle of peppermint oil surrounded by fresh mint.

Uses for Peppermint OilPeppermint oil has a variety of uses from mouse control to making a cooling spray for your skin. This page will link you to other pages on this site so that you can investigate such uses for peppermint oil.


Using Reusable Kuerig Pods

Using Reusable Kuerig PodsThis is a page about using reusable Kuerig pods. Using a Kuerig coffee maker is a convenient way to make a single serving of your favorite coffee, but the small brewing cups are an expensive way to buy coffee.


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Determining Fee for Making Couch Cushion Covers?I am sewing new cushion covers for a rather large couch. There are 16 cushions. This question is for any professional sewers out there. How much should I charge per cushion? A few are rather large. I am making all the piping and replacing all the zippers as well.


Man Delivering a Fragile Package

Tips for Shipping PackagesThis is a page about tips for shipping packages. Many of us ship packages throughout the year but the holidays can be especially busy for shipping. Save time and money, and ensure your parcel gets there on time and in one piece by planning ahead and packaging it properly.


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Wall Paint Smells Like Pickles?I purchased a gallon of Clark and Kensington paint and primer in one from Ace Hardware. The color my daughter picked out is lemon grass. Since day one of painting it has a very pronounced smell similar to pickles. I know it's green paint, but really. Is there a chemical reaction going on with the mixes to prepare it.


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Is a Self Cleaning Oven Worth the Extra Cost?I need to buy a new stove. I live alone and seldom use a "big" oven, I use my toaster oven. Is it worth the extra $100 to buy a self-cleaning oven?


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Keeping Track of Screws When Assembling a Treadmill - closeup of button head machine screws on blue painter's tape

Keeping Track of Screws When Assembling a TreadmillOrdering a treadmill in the middle of a pandemic has its own challenges. Just having to wait a month for delivery was the first. Add to that the delivery restrictions that were in place. There was no option to have it delivered to the house or to pay to have someone assemble it.


A file cabinet with manila folders and papers filed neatly.

Getting the Most of WarrantiesNearly everything that is manufactured has some sort of warranty, although the length can vary greatly. Sellers can also offer extended warranties and credit card purchases may have additional protection as well. But these do you no good if you cannot utilize them before they expire. Here are some tips for making sure you get your money's worth from new purchases.


Glass Top Stove with a pot and a lid.

Cookware for a Glass Top StoveAny cookware with a smooth, flat bottom is OK to use on your glass top stove. This is a page about cookware for a glass top stove.


A man holding a dollar.

Shopping at Dollar StoresLove them or hate them, dollar stores attract a lot of consumers with their low prices. This is a page about shopping at dollar stores.


Woman Looking at Expiration Date of Deli Meat

When Expiration Dates MatterMany times the expiration date on certain products is more of an indication of diminishing potency levels than an actual discard date. This is often true of over the counter medications and products. The date is more true for products that can be contaminated once opened. This is a page about when expiration dates matter.



An old camper covered with a tarp.

Renovating a Camper?I need someone to renovate my 1964 Serró Scotty camper.


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Using a Doll Bought On eBay?If I buy a doll on eBay, is it mine or tied to the maker? I would like to use them for a project I am working on.


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Manual For Vogue Sewing Machine?Where can I get a sewing machine manual for a Vogue Stitch UltraMatic Super Deluxe sewing machine, model number 752 116 0. Please help if you have one.


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Cast Iron Skillet Has 3 Notches on Bottom?I have a cast iron 10" skillet that has 3 notches on the bottom. Having an electric range all my life I never noticed the notches. Now that I bought a gas range I see the notches fit the grates perfectly. My other pans all seem to be slippery on the bottoms.


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Comforter Falls Off When Using Satin Sheets?Every time we use satin sheets, it never fails, the comforter always falls off the bed. How can we keep this from happening?


What Is this Pampered Chef Item Used For? - what appears to be a folding clip of some sort

What Is this Pampered Chef Item Used For?I found this item in a box and don't know what it is or what it is used for. Does anyone know?


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