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Table Favors for Church 'Mother and Child' Banquet

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Does anyone have any ideas for a church's 'Mother and Child' banquet table favors? Mothers can bring sons, too, so the favors need to fit both sexes and all ages. We'd like something that is eye-catching and economical that our committee can make. I'd love to get some ideas from you! Thank you.

Lois from PA



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By Lois (Guest Post)03/12/2008

Thanks, Hannah. I love the idea! And won't the kids love it?

By Hannah (Guest Post)03/12/2008

How about a "vase" made out of a small bottle of soap bubbles, the kind children blow in the backyard? You could tuck a silk flower in behind it and maybe cover with netting or inexpensive material gathered and secured with a piece of ribbon, shouldn't cost too much and you could tuck a placecard in if you are doing seatings like that.


By Lois (Guest Post)03/12/2008

Thanks for the wonderful idea for the table centerpieces! That will be considered when our committee meets. It sure would be less costly than flowers, probably even silk ones!

By Carol Stover (Guest Post)03/11/2008

How about those neat suckers, the long suckers and even round suckers. Put in some molding clay in the center of the table, leave a number under someone's plate to win it.

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