Fixing a Push Button Toilet


The push button on my lavatory cistern won't "push", ie. nothing happens when you push it. It's as if the mechanism inside has become decoupled and I need to get inside the cistern to do this. How do you get inside?

By Alistair from Whitstable, Kent, UK


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By Leigh 18 63 12/06/2010

Can you remove the tank cover? Every toilet I have ever seen has a removable top.

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This has been bugging me for a while. I'm sure the answer is laughably simple, but I just don't see it. I have a problem with the cistern on the toilet, it is easy to fix, if I can just lift the lid off the cistern. Before you laugh, it isn't as easy as all that as it is one of those with the flush button in the middle of the lid, and when I try to lift the lid, the button mechanism stays attached and won't lift. I'm afraid of pulling too hard and breaking something. Where is the screw to loosen the lid or did the installer glue the whole thing in place as a long term practical joke?


RE: Fixing a Push Button Toilet

Try placing your finger firmly on the toilet's flush button and without pressing twist it to see if it will loosen. When I worked at Home Depot that's how many of the display models came apart. Or try the manufacturer's website, often they have either email or a question and answer page. (05/21/2005)

By bunnyboo

RE: Fixing a Push Button Toilet

If it has two push buttons then press one button and try to take the second button off because they have been just slid in. Once the buttons are off you will be able to see the screw underneath the button and that's the answer to your question. (10/01/2007)

By Richard

RE: Fixing a Push Button Toilet

My toilet broke when I was on the way to bed and, thanks to you, it was fixed before my cocoa had gone cold. I love the internet. (10/30/2007)

By Mat from Stourbridge

RE: Fixing a Push Button Toilet

Thank you! I had tried unscrewing the metal ring at first, but that clearly wasn't right for this mechanism. So, I searched around and came up with these notes. I lifted one of the buttons out and that was it! I unscrewed a central screw and lifted out the metal dish. This revealed all the flush mechanism inside. Near the bottom of the central 'pillar' was a dish-shaped plate. I gave this a little prod with a screwdriver and it dropped down into place from where it had been stuck. (12/08/2007)

By stalkeyedfly

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