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Recipe Substitute For Cocoa

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My husband gets migraines when he eats chocolate. What could a person use to replace cocoa in recipes -eg. - I have a brownie recipe. Should the cocoa be replaced with flour or something else. Thanks

Gloria from Saskatchewan



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By judygf (Guest Post)11/26/2008

I want to make some fudge but want to use cocoa instead of choco chips that is called for. What is the substitution ratio or ?

Thanks, judy

By Louise B. [4]05/06/2008

If you use brown sugar with the carob powder you will find that the taste is excellent. In fact, I found that brownies with carob and brown sugar (or chocolate cake or anything) were nicer than regular ones made with cocoa and white sugar. Carob choco chips are not quite as good, but the powder for baking is terrific.

By Lisa (Guest Post)05/01/2008

I agree about the carob powder. My Mom gets migraines from chocolate and I bake her things with carob all the time. It's doesn't taste EXACTLY like chocolate, but it sure is tasty all the same.

Good luck!

Lisa from Indiana

By Cindy05/01/2008

Some brownie recipes can be made without the chocolate, but sugar has to be adjusted. The cocoa requires more sugar so just add less. There are a lot of fudge recipes that way. Also you might try using peanut butter in recipes.

By ELIZABETH [1]05/01/2008

Have you tried white chocolate?

By ChloeA [10]05/01/2008

It won't really taste like chocolate without the chocolate, but blondies--brownies without the chocolate--are delicious. I don't have a recipe handy but there should be plenty of choices online.

By Carol Monson (Guest Post)05/01/2008

Try using powderd Carob from the health food store. Or you can get it in chunks like chocolate. However, it isn't chocolate in any way and tastes almost just like it. My husband can't use chocolate and he says he can't tell the difference when I make brownies out of Carob.

By SL Edens [1]05/01/2008

Many people who are unable to eat chocolate use carob (powder). It doesn't taste exactly like chocolate but it's a very good substitute. I haven't bought any in years but I think you can get it in health food stores. My Mom used to use it all the time. I hope this helps. My daughter-in-law gets migraines from chocolate, too.

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