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Salt and Water Stains on Sheepskin Boots

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How do you remove salt and water stains from UGG sheepskin winter boots?

Leslie from Hailey, ID



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By Ashley B. (Guest Post)02/01/2009

I have a pair of bear paw shoes. I have the light colored ones and I have a couple of dirt stains. I used an old toothbrush with soap on it, and it made it worse.

By kay (Guest Post)01/31/2009

A shoe salesman told me to use vinegar and water solution to remove salt. It seems logical.

By Ann (Guest Post)01/13/2009

Someone told me to dab milk on the stain with your finger and then rub in with a towel, let dry overnight and you are good to go.

By Mr. G. (Guest Post)01/12/2009

I recently purchased a pair of Ugg boots for my daughter. I used Ugg's suede protector before allowing her to wear them. (I followed the directions exactly.) Yet when she wore them out in the snow, they got very bad salt stains.

I next purchased Ugg cleaner and conditioner in an effort to remove the stains. However, this also removed the color.

I don't think I would ever buy another pair of Ugg boots. They look terrible. I'm going to try to dye them. But all of this seems a bit much given that the boots are only three weeks old.

By Galso09/24/2008

Probably best to use Uggs Cleaner and Conditioner. To prevent it from happening you can use Ugg Water and Stain Repellant. You can find both, together with instructions for use on this site about Uggs:

By Sarah (Guest Post)05/05/2008

The lady at the boutique where I bought my boots told she uses baby wipes for salt stains!

By Cheryl [7]10/20/2006

I found a leather cleaning kit in the shoe dept. that had a rubber like eraser and a brush that works great for this type of problem. I'm sorry I don't remember which store I purchased it from, as it was a good while ago. Maybe a search on the internet for a leather shoe cleaning kit will help.
Good luck!


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