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Anyone out there remember about that exercise machine that you stood on that had a belt you wrapped around your hips and when you powered on the machine it shook and your body shook too? Think Jack LaLane. What was the name of that exercise machine? As soon as I find out I will go to ebay or craig's list to see if I can buy one. Thank you for any help you can pass along.

Alma from San Diego, CA

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By edieparks (Guest Post) 05/22/2007

I looked it up for you.
"vibrating belts".

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By Memere (Guest Post) 05/23/2007

I know the machine you are referring to, but I would not recommend one. All that heavy duty vibrating really does shake up your insides in ways you are not meant to be shaken. At the time I had an IUD and the doctors suspect that using that machine on a regular basis added greatly to the fact that the IUD perforated my cervix. So if you do get one, please use with caution

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By Margie Minard (Guest Post) 05/23/2007

Before you spend money on one of those, make sure you check with your doctor. I seem to remember that they were VERY bad for your kidneys!!

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By (Guest Post) 05/23/2007

I also remember that!!! I was a kid but I remember it made me itch after using it. What purpose did it really serve? You really think it will shake your fat away?

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By sandy 77 431 05/23/2007

someone and i dont know who came out several years ago stating they really dont do anything that is helpful. i would suggesst a treadmill or exersize bike instead.

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By Lynda (Guest Post) 05/27/2007

I have one and always thought it was a "Belt Reducer". It can be dangerous for anyone who might have clots in the arteries/veins because it's powerful and can shake them loose causing a stroke. So, I'd recommend it only for the younger adults to age 30.
I had a Thrombosis in my calf at age 27, and there was no other explanation for it. I had full body Phlebitis, and had to take blood thinners for five months but had no stroke, luckily.

They are actually from the 40's and 50's, and should cost used about $50, if in good condition. They seem to last forever and the older belts have leather ends that detach from the main unit. I'm looking for a "Barrel Roller" exerciser. Anyone have one for sale or know of anyone who does? I just missed one at a garage sale a few years ago, but the buyer wouldn't part with it because she was really
big. I was able to massage one of my breasts which was smaller than the other, with the barel roller and it grew to the correct size, much to my surprise. : )

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By Beckie Bonnell (Guest Post) 09/25/2007

I am actually looking for one of the rollers from back then. Anybody remember those? I am very interested. You use to use them on your thighs and butt.

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By Pamela (Guest Post) 10/04/2007

I'm looking for the old electric wooden roller machine, too--NOT the belt vibrating one. Has anyone had luck locating one?

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By Lorie (Guest Post) 01/22/2008

Does anyone know how/where I could find the history of those 1960's Exercise Machines. The ones that Sears sold and I think were popular in Vic Tanny's in their day. You put the belt around your waist and it shook you all up to lose weight, or so they said.

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By Jean Perry (Guest Post) 03/23/2008

Has anyone had any luck finding the wooden roller exercise machine from the sixties? I would love to find one.

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By JB (Guest Post) 08/31/2008

Oh for the Love of God! Ha. My Grandmother has both of those! The Belt one and the wooden Roller thing. I just got off of the one with the belt around the hips and I turned around and had it on my tummy......I ran into the house and started throwing up! I wasn't on it but a min and it had pulled all my stretch marks and made them bubble up and my lower tummy still hurts an hour later! That thing is the Devil! LOL. Ya, She has both of them though.

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By Bobby T (Guest Post) 10/28/2008

Hey now! That's what I want to know! Where can I find one of those Sears-Roebuck belt rubbers? We had one back in the 50's/60's, picked one up for free in the 70's and bought one for 20-25 bucks at a flea market in 2000. It still runs, just doesn't rub. Living in Rochester, Mn, allways lookin'! Peace, B MOMD313 AT msn.com

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By Alan (Guest Post) 11/03/2008

Sears Excercise Belt Machine

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By Devin 1 01/27/2009

Yes, i found this guy on youtube who is using one. It must be his mothers?

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By Yasmin 05/18/2009

I am the proud owner of both the belt type "butt-shaker" & wooden roller exercise machine. The belt machine is not in great shape but does actually work pretty well (last time I tried it - which has been quite a while ago). The wooden roller machine is in great shape. Had never had any desire to sell either, let alone both, but am now going to if anyone here is interested. I have no idea how much so will have to check around about that but you are welcome to make offers. While I may have good taste in exercise machines I apparently have HORRIBLE taste in men & am selling off stuff I have been holding on to to get the money to move :) Thanks. email to yazemail AT gmail.com

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By kelli 10/28/2009

I am looking for a wooden roller. Does anyone have one for sale?

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By bob 1 03/03/2010

I have one of the belt machines it was bought by my Mom back in the 60's. It is for sale.
my e-mail is treborknights AT aol.com

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By KATRINA 05/08/2010

i have a wooden roller machine, gentrykatrina AT gmail.com

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By Kukutu 1 2 08/27/2010

I'm looking for a wooden roller machine. We used to use them at Elaine Powers and they felt really nice on the legs. Anybody have one they want to part with?

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By Mary 1 09/08/2010

I am looking for a 1960 wooden roller exercise machine. If you would like to sell yours please let me know. Mdielman at columbus dot rr dot com.

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By Loni k. 10/16/2011

I have an electric wooden roller my grandma bought from sears in the 1960s. It still works perfectly. If anyone is interested, please make me an offer. We are in LA County.

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By KLSB 01/02/2012

I have always wanted that wooden roller machine we all used at Elaine Powers workouts years ago...

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By Steve M. 07/02/2013

I have one of these machines in great condition and still works. Email if interested $250.00. srmay AT bellsouth.net

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By laceysuanna 09/12/2013

I have one of these and I can't find the history on them. I inherited the machine and would sell it. Let me know if you are still interested in buying on. And BTW, Mine is called the Lifestyler Sears Belt Massager. That is all Ive been able to find in my research.

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