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Advertise Yard Sales on Craigslist

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While it's kinda late for this year, keep this in mind for your next yard sale - you can advertise your sale for free on Craigslist ! There's a whole category, "Garage Sale"; under 'For Sale', and that's what it's for ! Describe what we'll find - toys, clothes, tools, etc. - and your address, and the times of your sale. You can even add pictures if you have a photo host or website. You don't even have to join their site to add your listing.

Many folks check both their local papers and for yard sale listings - so get yours out there, where us thrifty types can find you, for free.



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By Dorrie Jones [16]12/16/2008

Don't ya sometimes hate those 'early birds' ? I try to never be one m'self, but it's kind of nice that they think so much of your sale, they want first swoop at the goodies !

Thanks for the feedback, friends !

By michaela [1]12/16/2008

I listed my yard sale and had a great turnout, the only downfall was that I listed to open at 8 a.m. and when I walked out the door at 7 a.m. to finish setting up there were 3 cars there waiting..........I hadn't even had my coffee yet.....aggghhhhhh!!

By Kelly Penny [4]12/16/2008

I use craiglist and have found some really great deals!! we bought a tractor and a pair of 4 wheelers.. it is a great website..

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